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Shavasana Pose of Yoga Meditation

Query: Is Shavasana pose of yoga... best method of meditation yoga?

Vijay Kumar:
Your next query relates to Shavasana pose of yoga! For achieving God... for realizing God... for realizing self... for gaining enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)... Shavasana pose of yoga is the best form of yoga meditation! Lying in the death pose... we simply need to concentrate on who breathes... who is it that requires fresh air devoid of which it becomes inert (not dead)!

Once the soul atman manifests the human form... it requires air for breathing... to keep the body live! In absence of pure air... the body would simply die and decay! Our soul atman is immortal in nature... it just cannot die! It is indestructible by nature. The moment it manifests a body... it requires fresh air to breathe to keep going!

In the Shavasana pose of yoga when we concentrate on God Almighty... we would sooner or later realize that it is not our bodily self that inhales pure air. It is the vital soul atman manifesting the body residing within our heart that requires pure air for the heart to keep pumping! In absence of fresh air... all hearts would just collapse!

Neti (not this, not this) the sure shot method for obtaining God... the method preached and advocated by Maharishi Ramana is best practiced in the Shavasana pose of yoga. Whenever I had time in the morning hours, during office working hours... any time of the day... I would simply lie on the sofa or on reclining chair and practice the path of Neti in Shavasana pose of yoga!

Negating everything else in the Cosmos other than God Almighty is the surest path of reaching God at the earliest. In Neti we negate the presence of everything that we consider is not God Almighty. Lastly what remains is God Almighty himself. Other than the path of Neti... one need not indulge in any other form of meditation.

Every form of yoga meditation leads one towards purity of self. The first and foremost of all is traveling the path of absolute truthfulness in all affairs of life. This is the most difficult part as public dealings sometimes are not built on faith and truthfulness. Some element of untruthfulness is necessitated in business dealings.

The prime reason why serious seekers of spirituality always fail in business! For practicing truthfulness... no form of yoga meditation is necessary. We simply need to maintain our calm and remain truthful to god all the time. Praying to God to give us absolute purity of thought is the sacred mantra... the same mantra for which sages in earlier times charged Rs. one lakh (almost $1 million of today).

Practicing truthfulness is not easy as said. In all affairs of life I found following the path of truthfulness being the most difficult ever. In dealings with our wife, a child... truthfulness plays a vital role as many members of the family may not consider it wise to remain truthful all the time. Public dealings are never made on the scales of truthfulness alone.

The best part of yoga meditation is... it can be conducted any moment of time and at any place. There were instances when conducting business even if I got five minutes of time... I would simply rest on the reclining chair in the Shavasana pose of yoga thinking of god all the time. Praying to God in sincerity and asking for his forgiveness for bad deeds committed unknowingly or unknowingly is the second sacred mantra which is essentially required to be chanted.

In whatever stage of life we may be... the depletion of our stored resources on the spiritual pursuit of life occur only when we indulge in sexual relationships and bad thinking... the negative thinking! Maintaining a sexual relationship retards our awakening of the Kundalini as we are not able to practice celibacy voluntarily.

The quota of energy... the vital cosmic energy given to every man and woman month by month requires storing. More the sexual indulgences... faster the depletion of the stored spiritual energy. If we are on a karmic scale of 66 then excess sexual indulgences may lead us to number 65. What if we desire scaling number 67!

We definitely need to store the vital sexual energy by transmuting the sexual energy through more creative channels. The transmutation of sexual energy is the foremost of all vital acts in the spiritual pursuit of life. Most human beings never indulge in preserving this vital quota of energy given to human beings month after month.

An indulgence in sex for the sake of pleasure is absolutely prohibited on the spiritual scale. One or two sexual indulgences at the most in a month are permissible! One sexual indulgence per month is recommended. We must make sure that full satisfaction in the lone act is received so that inhibition for more stops at its roots.

Furthermore indulgence in negative thinking retards our spiritual journey! More the accumulation of negative thoughts... more the impurity within the body! The ultimate purpose of yoga meditation is reducing the impurities dross within... not increasing it! Every single negative thought increases the impurities within every human being... why indulge and retard the spiritual journey of life!

Untruthfulness results in our gaining negative points on the karmic scale. Untruthfulness increases impurities within the body. Maintaining purity on the spiritual path is of utmost importance! We simply need invoke positive thoughts all the time. However demeaning the circumstance is... We have to maintain our cool at all times!

All types of bestial thoughts... thoughts of negative nature result in delay of our spiritual pursuit! Extra martial thinking mars all prospects of spiritual pursuit! We simply cannot indulge in unrestricted sex! Sex was primarily meant for progeny... reproduction of the species and not for open enjoyment! Open indulgence in sex reduces us to the level of animals.

Those who truly decipher the gist of life as expressed in the various sacred scriptures of all religions of the world realize the ultimate truth... it is not sex alone that is most pleasurable form of enjoyment... enjoying the warmth of the sun, the seaside sunny beaches, uninhabited trails of the forest, the breezy moonlight, the beautiful landscapes and mountainside... the uninhibited orgasms of the unknown... how deeply mankind has truly ventured into the domains of God!

Life is not lived in the trivialities of life... always remember we have one life to live... live it at its best under the present circumstances! How many times I had to eat hell for breakfast... how many contemplations of suicide... I have simply lost account. I continued my journey... my spiritual pursuit undauntedly come whatever may!

Life under no circumstances is easy-going. The road to the house of God is full of sufferings all along. That is how one prepares self for the kingdom of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism)... a point of no return! No sooner an enlightened one takes salvation (moksha)... we gain entry into the kingdom of God... the abode of God (not kingdom of heaven)!

The principle of suffering is best understood by the following example... if we need prepare a rod of metal... initially the blacksmith beats it... then heats it and finally immerses the half shaped rod into a bucket of water. Again he picks the rod... beats it... heats it and again immerses into a bucket of cold water... slowly the rod shapes up!

In the world of human beings... it is sufferings that pave way for human beings to travel the path of enlightenment. Purity can never be gained without sufferings. The period when the rod is beaten and heated it is the time for sufferings... the moment the shaped rod is immersed in cold water... it is time for experiencing happiness!

This process of suffering and happiness must always be explained in detail to our near and dear ones. This is how the journey of life was willed by God Almighty. If there were only sufferings in the world... in absence of happiness none would have complained! If there was only happiness in the world... life would have become absolutely dull... what value living a monotonous life!

The value of life... the happiness in life means something only when we encounter sufferings in life. Similarly sufferings mean anything only when we desire happiness in life. Both sufferings and happiness are two sides of the same coin. In a nutshell... following the Shavasana pose of yoga one directly reaches the kingdom of God! We only need the bulldog determination of Winston Churchill to succeed.

May God bless all!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Shavasana Pose of Yoga explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on meditation can be found at Meditation Techniques ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

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