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Query: Lying in a shavasana pose of yoga, after concentrating my breathing (3-5) for a few cycle my body relaxes. My breath slows by itself unknowingly. Before I proceed with negating (not this), I have already unknowingly fallen asleep. I still cannot grasp correct method of breathing... I always fall asleep. Please advice.

Vijay Kumar:
Excellent... wonderful... you have already crossed the first stage of Shavasana pose of Yoga. I have found many people who even after taking drugs are unable to sleep. They need sleeping pills for the same. Yoga or no Yoga... falling asleep unaware of the surroundings is the best form of Yoga that can ever be practiced! Why?

Only when the body sleeps... goes to rest... our soul atman becomes active! In the initial stages of Shavasana pose of Yoga... it would not be days or weeks... it may be many months that you fall asleep unknowingly. While practicing Shavasana pose of Yoga falling asleep unknowingly is clearing the first hurdle!

Slowing of the breathing process does not happen of its own... it comes gradually as we proceed further on the path of Neti (not this, not this). This is what was required of the Shavasana pose of Yoga... the slowing down of the breath! Voluntarily... most human beings can never achieve this feat!

As our breathing process stabilizes... slow but steady... we tend to peep within! Slowly we become aware of a body surrounding the real self of us! If we minutely observe while lying in the Shavasana pose of Yoga... we find we are a conscious body... something that does not belong to the body!

If we continue observing further... lying in the dead pose... we would realize that this conscious self requires pure oxygen to breathe! It is at this stage we try to control our breath in a phased manner! Lower the intake of breath... higher we elevate on the spiritual path. Shavasana pose of Yoga is not simply lying dead... it is all about realizing the inner self of us!

When I was nearing the stage of self realization... my heart beat reduced to 29. I was quite comfortable at this heart beat. I simply felt my age had reduced abnormally and I felt as young as a two year old kid! I still reduced my beats to 26. The moment I did that... the voice of my soul atman prompted me to stop. I felt something was terribly wrong!

I could feel the happening all over the body. My body was shaking badly. What was it that my soul atman wanted to convey? Sooner I realized that through the breathing process human beings could increase the life span. The average life span of a human being in Hinduism and as per the sacred scriptures is considered hundred.

If we reduce the heart beat to 24... The life of a human being would proportionally increase to 300. This is the maximum life span a human being can ever achieve in life. Those who claim having seen people live for more than 300 years... Live in a cocoon of their making! They simply believe in miracles... they do not want to realize the absolute truth of life!

My soul atman wanted to convey to me that the moment I reduced heart beat from 26 to 24... I would drop dead! At 24, Yama... the God of death snatches life away! I slowly came back to a heart beat of 30. Live in the cosmic domain is simply unbelievable. Those who want to increase their life span to enjoy the materialistic riches die young.

Those who truly increase their life span by practicing yoga meditation... do not want to live longer! Having realized God in 1993... I wanted to leave my body and attain salvation (moksha) forever. My daughters were young... they simply did not permit me for the same. Having reached the Mount Everest of spiritual pursuit... retaining the body becomes extremely painful!

While practicing Neti (not this, not this) in the Shavasana pose of Yoga... if we fall asleep unknowingly... it indicates we are on the right path! It is only when the body sleeps... our inner self awakens! Only after we fall asleep do our inner eyes open. Lying absolutely still in the dead pose... we slowly become aware of the absolute truth, the truth of our inner self... soul atman within!

Following the path of absolute truthfulness... practicing celibacy voluntarily... following the path of Neti in the Shavasana pose of Yoga... one need not ever fear anything! The path to enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) is long... the prime reason why God ordained a journey of 12.4 million years in the human form to reach the stage of enlightenment!

Every human being has a total of 1.1 million manifestations to reach the stage of enlightenment and salvation. They need practicing patience, persistence and perseverance at every stage of life... leaving no chance for excuses! Life in the cosmic domain is not what we normally perceive it to be.

While nearing the stage of self realization I had no inkling whatever that I was nearing my goal... the 8.4 millionth manifestation! I simply felt it may be many hundreds, thousands or millions of years before I reach the stage of enlightenment! One thing was certain... I was a true soldier of God... never swaying from the rightful path... come whatever may!

No form of materialistic charm could sway me from the path of God realization. I had to see and meet God within this life (come whatever may)... remained my motto always and ever! God Almighty never failed me at any stage of life. I had no guru to guide me in my spiritual journey. I was simply left alone on the uncharted path of spirituality!

I had my own quota of fears and sorrows! At times I became so desperate that committing suicide seemed the best path to me! Every now and then the voice of my soul atman prompted otherwise. I realized my folly intermittently! Tackling life head-on became my forte. In spite of my having realized God in 1993, I eat hell for breakfast every now and then.

I still have miles to go before leaving the mortal frame. I have been assigned certain important tasks by God Almighty before taking salvation and gaining entry into the kingdom of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism). One thing is certain... I shall never ever ditch God Almighty. I am but a humble servant of God almighty... engaging in tasks assigned to me!

It is almost 14 years since I realized God... still, the system of God Almighty continues playing hide and seek with me. Probably the time is not yet ripe for me to act. Another 4-5 years to go and I shall reach the peak of my physical manifest life! Let us wait and watch!

May God bless all!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Shavasana Pose Yoga explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on savasana can be found at Meditation Techniques ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: Lying in a shavasana pose of yoga, after concentrate my breathing (3-5) for a few cycle my body relax. My breath slows down by itself unknowingly. Before I proceed with negating (not this), I've already unknowingly falling asleep. I still cannot grasp the correct method of performing. As the number of times I tried till now, I always fall asleep. Please advice.

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