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Benefits of Celibacy Self-Realization

Query: Benefits of Celibacy Self-Realization... Transmutation of Semen!

Vijay Kumar:
Benefits of celibacy on path of self realization are immense... one cannot do without! Celibacy (termed Brahmacharya Vrata by many) as detailed in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism does not mean abstention from sexual indulgence alone! Celibacy as per Bhagavad Gita is stopping the flow of negative thoughts to our brain in totality!

The physical aspect of celibacy... abstention from sexual indulgence hardly constitutes 10% of total job! 90% celibacy is always practiced mentally! Stopping the flow of negative thoughts to our brain in totality is what absolute celibacy is all about! Cleansing of thought process is achieved through path of absolute celibacy!

Most human beings world over confused celibacy with Brahmacharya Vrata alone! It is an absolute fact of life that practice of physical celibacy is necessitated on spiritual path but it is not end of the matter! Abstention from sexual indulgence alone does not result in full awakening of Kundalini Shakti... the coiled Serpentine energy lying dormant in base of spine.

The moment one reduced the flow of negative thoughts to our brain in totality... one finally succeeded in full awakening of kundalini shakti! Full awakening of kundalini energy resulted in opening of Sahasra Pushpa (thousand petaled Lotus) in our brain that exists behind our forehead! One immediately gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)... termed self realization!

Celibacy and self-realization are intimately connected! For gaining self realization... for reaching stage of enlightenment... practice of absolute celibacy is the biggest hurdle! In a world full of sensual environment... abstention from sexual indulgence demands highest level of patience, persistence and perseverance that could ever be practiced by human beings!

Practising celibacy mantra human beings finally established absolute control over sexual inhibitions! Practice of celibacy mantra demands our treating woman folk world over as our mother, sister or daughter... there is never a fourth relationship! Practice of celibacy mantra is an absolute necessity if we desire reaching stage of self realization in present life time!

Many people in West considered sexual indulgence as a prerequisite for full awakening of Kundalini Shakti! If cosmic energy stored within a human being developed leak... how could we reach enlightenment (termed self realization) in present life time? Practice of absolute celibacy demands transmuting sexual energies towards the only goal of life!

Every month God Almighty ordained a particular quota of energy provided to every man and woman world over! Some whiled it away through pure physical channels... others transmuted it towards the only goal of life! Transmuting power of semen... transmuting sexual energy... ordinary mortals like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana finally gained enlightenment... self realization in their lifetime!

Practising Brahmacharya Vrata... abstaining from sexual indulgence must always be voluntary! On path of pure spirituality nothing can be enforced upon an individual!

As stated in Bhagavad Gita spiritual practice... path of pure spirituality is the domain of men... not women... prime reason why in entire history of mankind only two ladies till date gained enlightenment... the famous philosopher saint Gargi and Maitreyi... the second dutiful wife of sage Jnanavalakya... composer and compiler of most voluminous Upanishad... Brihadarankya Upanishad!

Practising celibacy is difficult but not impossible! Practice of absolute celibacy becomes possible for an ardent seeker of spirituality... one who exhibits willpower demonstrated by Swami Vivekananda... the famous disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa... one who gained enlightenment... self realization in his lifetime!

For a married person... for one in Grihastha ashram practice of absolute celibacy demands our sexual indulgence limited to a maximum of two per month (one is preferable)! On path of pure celibacy there are no shortcuts! One single lapse and we need repeating whole process of celibacy all over again!

Sage Vishwamitra... a highly renowned sage of his era on sighting a maiden woman taking bath in forlorn circumstances in deep dense jungles (forests) fell from grace... he had to repeat the practice of celibacy all over again! On path of pure spirituality there is no place for anger. It was anger that resulted in Sage Vishwamitra practising celibacy all over again!

Anger reduces potency of our semen to almost zero! It is by controlling anger... spiritual stalwarts like Swami Vivekananda reached higher stages of spiritual pursuit! Swami Vivekananda was never after reaching God in present life time. Goal of life for Swami Vivekananda was serving community to its best! Had Swami Vivekananda desired enlightenment in his lifetime... he could have easily done so under guidance of god realized master... Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa!

Reaching higher stages of self realization... practising celibacy seems simple to many but only an ardent seeker of spirituality finally succeeds in crossing all barriers of ephemeral life... gaining enlightenment at the end of journey!

No matter what... one could not gain enlightenment... reach stage of self realization in absence of practice of absolute celibacy! Practice of celibacy is a prerequisite for travelling spiritual path diligently and with utmost sincerity!

Something that is ordained by God Almighty to be attained in 1.1 million manifestations in human form... achieving same in a lifespan of 70 to 80 years is nothing short of a miracle! Only a person who demonstrates willpower exhibited by Swami Vivekananda could practice Brahmacharya Vrata with sincerity and finally reach stage of self realization... enlightenment!

Celibacy can be practiced by any human being... even those not pursuing spirituality as their goal of life! Practitioners of celibacy experienced phenomenal bouts of physical strength and unlimited mental capabilities! If we truly desired understanding wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism... our practising absolute celibacy seriously and sincerely is the only way out!

Practising celibacy is retaining all our cosmic energies in Toto and furthermore redirecting... Transmuting them towards the only goal of life!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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