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Celibacy and self-realization are intimately connected! For gaining self realization... for reaching stage of enlightenment... practice of absolute celibacy is the biggest hurdle! In a world full of sensual environment... abstention from sexual indulgence demands highest level of patience, persistence and perseverance that could ever be practiced by human beings!


Any form of yoga that leads one towards practice of Brahmacharya Vrata is termed Brahmacharya yoga... the art of practising celibacy in totality! Absolute celibacy is truly practiced by one who by hit and trial finally succeeds in transmuting semen towards more creative uses that led one towards the ultimate goal of life!

Brahmacharya kya hai - What is Celibacy (Video by Vijay Kumar)

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  • Benefits of Celibacy Self-Realization
    Benefits of celibacy on path of self realization are immense... one cannot do without! Celibacy (termed Brahmacharya Vrata by many) as detailed in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism does not mean abstention from sexual indulgence alone!
  • Celibacy and Health Voluntary Celibacy
    Celibacy and health are interrelated... directly connected! If we truly desire maintaining perfect health then practising voluntary celibacy is of great help. The act of celibacy is equally applicable to both men and women. Male celibacy definitely helped men in maintaining perfect health... so is the case with female celibacy!
  • Practicing Celibacy
    Practicing celibacy... transmuting semen... abstaining from sexual indulgence is what celibacy is defined as in various dictionaries and encyclopedias available on Internet! But the deep hidden inner meaning of celibacy as detailed in Hinduism

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