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World War Three Theory

Query: World War Three theory... predictions predicting scenario!

Vijay Kumar:
What is it that disturbs you... the looming World War Three situations... the hope of Nostradamus Predictions coming true or how your destiny would shape in the coming future!

Whatever be the result of World War Three (most likely to happen the day USA decides to confront Iran arbitrarily and Unilaterally)... None would remain unscathed during and after world War three. Direct or indirect each one of us living on Mother Earth would be affected. However if Irans' involvement in terrorist activities is confirmed, USA or any country has every right to secure its sovereign integrity and adopt corrective measures so that people world-wide do not suffer.

If USA attacks Iran unilaterally against the established norms of society (even though its direct involvement in terrorism world wide is ruled out) then it would be prudent on part of Iran to counter such motives. If a country decides to go nuclear now or in future... is it not the birth right of every civilized nation of the world to take its decisions! USA or the allies are least supposed to meddle in the affairs of other nations.

The Big Brother USA is feeling the heat. It wants to jeopardize the economy of most nations of the world. Who does not want to improve its economy... but doing it at the expense of others is wrong! USA is doing exactly that. Hoping to establish our house on the ruins of our neighbors' is wishful thinking.

USA was successful in destabilizing erstwhile USSR. Afghanistan lies in ruins... Taliban is not completely destroyed! Iraq is totally ruined... it would take decades to build it back. To bask in the glory of profit earned while Kuwait was burning... USA definitely earned laurels for itself (good or bad). To think of policing the whole world in the present democratic age is not to be... no civilised nation would ever accept it.

USA has since long practiced unethical means at every forum across the world. This probably led USA to believe that it can bully any nation of the world. USA is wrong. Its efforts to curtail the doings of nations further will never succeed. God Almighty always takes care of such situations.

As Canada would not be directly involved in World War Three... there is nothing much to fear about. What one needs to take care is how your government deals with the situation. If it merely acts as a slave to the US government... the situation can be critical. Only those countries who ally themselves with the US would suffer the brunt of World War Three.

As per Nostradamus... World War Three would be fought between Christianity and Islam Dharma. Both religions are fanatic in nature. Both shall drown in the history of world as practitioners of brutality in the name of God. For practicing dictatorship one need not seek permission of the other.

Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan usurped the power. So did the Burmese rulers. The uninhibited rapport Pakistan and its ruler Pervez Musharraf enjoys with USA resulted in terrorists world-wide making Pakistan their home base. The superpower number one of the world is not prone to reason. In every act of theirs they want to dictate.

Now time has come for followers of Dharma (uprightness) to make merry. It shall be the beginning of "the end of followers of unethical practices". Such an onslaught is permitted by God Almighty. The long lost Dharma shall regain its footing. This can neither be achieved by the Antichrist or a true representative of Jesus Christ.

Such an event can only be managed by Bhagwan Kalki... an Avatar of the present era (God Almighty manifest in human form). Such a one is much above the level of man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed.

As a citizen of any country... one must never fear the impending danger ahead... the looming shadow of world War three! To fear the unknown... and remaining hidden in the countryside is not the issue. If one is truthful to self, go ahead in life and do that suits us best. It is our karma that decides the fate. If the sweet small inner voice of your soul atman coming from within your heart indicates that you must leave for the countryside... do just that!

Never avoid listening to this sweet small inner voice of your soul atman. This voice of your soul atman never leads towards the wrong path. It is when one is dictated by this sweet small inner voice of the soul atman within that we see the likes of Albert Einstein and Bill Gates taking charge. We have nothing to fear in life. Bhagwan Kalki... the Avatar would also be a fearless person.

Become a part of the cleansing process that shall accompany World War Three. Face life head-on! Whatever be the condition of your health... do thy best in the circumstances. The highest form of manifest life on Mother Earth... Human being was never born meek!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of World War Three Theory explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on world war 3 can be found at World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

 Full text of query: I am living in Canada. I am wandering, in the approaching event, if I should try to get out in the country or remain in the city? I am presently working to complete a bachelor degree despite a poor health condition (post-traumatic stress syndrome). What would you consider to be a good strategy, in order to qualify myself, in what will be taking place once the great « cleaning » is over ?

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