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World War 3 and India

Query: My question regarding world war 3 and it is what will happen to India in ww3. What does it mean by the end of the world will occur in 2012?

Vijay Kumar:
In the coming world war 3 India will more or less remain aloof... a silent spectator watching the whole scenario! But is it possible for a sovereign country like India... the biggest democratic setup of the world to remain untouched in the coming world war 3! No, it is simply not possible... participate or not participate... everyone... every single individual in the whole world would be affected directly or indirectly by world war 3!

The fiercest war of the present era fought between Christianity and Islamic Dharma would result in 1200 million people vanishing in world war three! Nostradamus has predicted the coming of this war... so have Bible and Quran! The two fanatical societies... the followers of Christianity and Islamic Dharma would entangle themselves in a real bloody war... something out of the civilized world!

Many philosophers and astrologers have indicated that in the coming world war three... no country would just remain a spectator! All would be affected! India with a population above 1000 million would witness death of about 10 million people... most of which results from natural calamities that trigger in the aftermath of world war three!

Sea waves rising above 1000 feet would become the order of the day! Unprecedented global warming resulting in rise of water level of seas and oceans by about 10 to 12 feet, coastal belts world over getting washed away! Life would witness absolute chaos world over! With no reprieve in sight... by the time world war three ends... mankind would have learnt its lessons!

The significance of life lay not in bullying the weaker but forgiving one! It has become difficult to differentiate human beings from animals! India primarily being a spiritual society... a religious country would suffer less! Maximum destruction in world war three would be observed in and around New Delhi and all the regions connecting Pakistan... the most trusted ally of United States of America... the so-called superpower number one!

The world having learnt its lessons in the aftermath of world war three... the supremacy of India... the spiritual power of the world would be recognized world over! Most countries would accept India as superpower number one! The power of India lay not in exercising but forgiving one! The power of practicing patience, persistence and perseverance at its extreme... India would finally win the faith of people of the world!

Around 2012 is expected world war three which some people term as a period of reconnaissance... a complete upheaval of the society! Beyond 2014 lay the dawn of the new era... the golden period... the Satyuga! The march from the Kali Yuga to the Satyuga shall be made possible by India alone! It is not within the powers of any other country to exercise such limits of resilience in the face of extremities of life!

The values of life lay not in the materialistic possessions but the spiritual standards of life! Pure spirituality is the inner strength of Indian society! Inherently all human beings travel the spiritual path... though unknowingly! Truthfully... we are spiritual beings... a soul atman on its cosmic journey that has manifested the human form to work out its karma... remove the dross impurities within!

For all practical purposes 2012 is not the end of the world! Yes... if the death of 1200 million people world over announces a new meaning of life... it is end of the world for some! The death of so many people world over would change the complete scenario. Mankind would realize its folly! Whatever has been done cannot be undone! We all reap the fruits of our karma!

2014 and beyond would witness a new meaning of lifeā€¦ A life full of spirituality and human love! A feeling of absolute brotherhood would be witnessed world over! The restraint mankind would exercise in killing animals would directly result in people becoming vegetarians' world over! The substance of life lay in killing as per necessity and not for enjoyment!

Foremost of all things, all human beings who practice patience, persistence and perseverance at its extreme... the power of forgiveness would ultimately realize that glitter of gold and diamonds was a temporal phase of life! As rightly said by Swami Vivekananda... in the English setup it is the tailor who makes a gentleman... in India it is our culture and spirituality that shapes a man or a woman!

Realizing the truth of doctrine of karma and the presence of a soul atman within would be the biggest gift to mankind in the aftermath of world war three! Having realized the absolute truth of life that it is not human beings who are the master and controller of the system but our soul atman within that has manifested the body to work out its karma... most human beings on Mother Earth would prefer traveling the spiritual path... materialistic possessions only being a means to live a richer life!

Gaining enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha) would become the goal of many!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of World War 3 and India explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on nostradamus india can be found at World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

Full text of query: I have 2 question regarding world war 3 and it is that what will happen to india in ww3. my second question is what does it mean by the end of the world that will occur in 2012?

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