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Query: I feel that a religious war is around the corner...I am uncertain as to the future upon of beginning world war 3, how long would it last?Moreover, there must be events that lead to a war and looking at the present situation it doesn't seem to be that severe unless something drastic happens.

Vijay Kumar:
World war 3 was round the corner but as per present scenario and based on residual balance of mass karma of entire humanity, world war 3 occurring in 2012 seems a total remote possibility. To bell the cat was the problem. To handle might of United States of America was not easy even for terrorists... rogue countries like China. It would be few more years to go before world war 3 actually precipitates. World was 3 is in making for long but the precipitation is entirely based upon mass karma performed by total mankind!

India has never been a country of attackers. Neither were we successful in containing the onslaught of Islamic barbarians from west! British ruled over us for almost 200 years. We always acted cowards in the face of attacks from west. Before India gained independence in 1947, it was a conglomerate of above 600 princely states spread all over erstwhile Bharatvarsha (now India)! It was only under the able administratorship of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel that India United and became a republic. Before 1947, India was always a loser.

In the entire history of Hinduism... it was only in times of Chanakya that India (erstwhile Bharatvarsha) won! In coming times people would witness coming of Bhagavan Kalki... Kalki avatar (God manifest in human form)... a messiah, savior of present era! Such would be the spiritual standing of this one-man army that he would develop a dedicated following exceeding 2000 million people worldwide. It is only in times of Kalki avatar India would regain its lost superpower status! In coming times India would become a power to reckon with!

Followers of both Christianity and Islamic Dharma are born sworn enemies. In coming world war 3, both are expected to fight each other! India would not be directly involved in world war 3 but it would support democratic powers that be. Even countries like Russia would support democratic establishments like United States of America. Truthfully speaking... they had no other alternative! World war 3 would announce end of present era. The aftermath of world war three would witness start of Satyuga (golden period)! Spirituality would flow freely in coming times!

If something happened in 2012, it could only be precipitated by three countries of world namely Iran, Pakistan or China! Precipitating world war 3 means almost annihilating mankind. Such would be the fury of this war that above 1200 million people are expected to die. To precipitate a war of such magnitude was not easy. Even countries like Iran, Pakistan or China would think many times before indulging in activities that led to collapse of world order! There is no doubt that in coming times India would become superpower number one of world.

It is only under guidance of Kalki avatar India could become superpower number one!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of World War 3 explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on mass karma can be found at World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 8 November 2012 (121024)

Full text of query: I read many of your articles regarding the coming war and found it very intriguing, keep up the good work! I personally have lots of frustration with what christians, muslims, maoist, communist, capitalist, etc have been doing to the world esp in India. The last 2+years I have been having this uneasy feeling and fear that something evil/bad looms over the horizon, the world as you have said is at ghor kaliyug and people can no longer tolerate this seemingly endless tyranny and torture. I feel that a religious war is around the corner and that the followers of Eastern religions esp Hindus and Buddhists are going to retaliate for all that has been inflicted on us the last 1000yrs by muslims and christians.

The Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra tantra predicted a coming war where they will annihilate christians while Nostradamus predicted that Hindus will annihilate muslims. I don't think it would be 2012 that would predict its beginning rather 2013 onwards. However, I am uncertain as to the future upon the of beginning world war 3, how long would it last and more insights as to India's rise as a super-power both economically and spiritually by 2020. Moreover, there must be events that lead to a war and looking at the present situation it doesn't seem to be that severe unless something drastic happens, I apologise for my speculative nature.

Would you care to enlighten me on these issues? I apologise if you already mentioned it on your website and I may have overlooked it. 

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