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World War 3 Germany WW3 influence Europe

Query: How would world war 3 affect Germany and Europe at large?

Vijay Kumar:
As the complete destiny of mankind is directly governed by irrefutable laws of karma... in the coming world war 3... None world over could escape wrath of nature! Most European countries along with United States of America would directly bear brunt of Muslim onslaught. Some countries like Denmark shall have 40% population wiped off!

Germany too would suffer badly. Why? Whatever was indulged by Hitler in World War II would boomerang on Germany in coming years! 10 to 20% population of Germany would be wiped out in coming world war 3! The inscrutable laws of karma would take care of that! Some of the Muslim countries would find almost 70% population wiped out in coming world war 3!

Such would be the chaos world over that life would practically become hell for all! Countries ruled by fundamentalist powers would be most hit! Christian countries that made fun of established norms of civilized society would be badly hit! Live-in relationships... out of marriage births do not fare well with God Almighty! All shall suffer in the end.

Wicked man-made laws would bite dust in coming world war 3! Unless we followed established norms of society... vengeance of nature would be with total fury! With passage of time human beings have tried to rule nature. In the name of scientific and medical experimentation... we have disturbed delicate balance of nature... crossing limits at times!

As per laws of karma... only those shall sustain life that had minimum balance of negative karma in their kitty! In coming world war 3 scales would tilt in favor of those who had a positive balance of karma in their kitty! Those who topped list of positive karma would finally lead mankind in aftermath of world war 3!

Survival of the fittest... this doctrine is directly governed by laws of karma! Those who indulged in bad karma all the time would find it hard to survive in aftermath of world war 3!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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