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World War 3 - Destiny of Mankind

Query: Is practicing War 3 Predictions... When do we predict the coming third world war!

Vijay Kumar:
With limited power of senses... you desire venturing into domain of God Almighty! You fail to understand that God Almighty ordained a long journey of 1.1 million manifestations in human form before human beings reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana in Hinduism). You have a long journey ahead before you understood ABC of spirituality that directly led to God Almighty.

Not one but hundreds of essays articles on my different websites explained precepts of karma in explicit detail. Whatever the predictions, every single event in life is based on karma performed by mass community, the entire world at large! Any given moment of time, the mass karma of entire humanity changed with time. As the karma... accordingly the manifest destiny!

Every single prediction was based on mass karma performed by entire humanity! If the karma changed... accordingly shaped the destiny of mankind! Whatever my predictions for year 1998 ~1999, 2003, 2006 and 2012... All were based on mass karma performed by entire humanity at the time of prediction! As changed that karma... accordingly shaped the predictions!

Unless a fanatic or rogue nation plunged entire community into world war 3... Nothing much was expected in 2012! Everything seemed to shift by 8 to 10 years. None world over was interested in world war 3 that would annihilate lives of above 1200 million people worldwide. A tragedy of such proportions can only be precipitated by terrorists or rogue elements in the society.

However, beyond 2012 anything could result world over! Rogue nations like China are firm in establishing their clout illegally over smaller nations. China is an opportunist country that could never be trusted by one world over. As ordained by God Almighty... China would never become superpower number one of world. It is in these precepts lay hidden workings of God Almighty!

Even though we witness anarchy world over, we are yet to experience a period of extreme tribulation... something beyond imagination of all human beings! Whatever the imagination of human beings, all would be dwarfed by events of anticipated world war 3 in coming times! Such would be the fury of world war 3 that almost 20% population world over would be wiped out!

The present mankind that is adept to living life of moderation would succumb under pressures of world war 3! It is then coming of a savior; messiah was mandated by God Almighty! As per Hinduism scriptures... people await coming of Kalki Avatar (God manifest in human form), one who finally succeeds in re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) against all odds!

People at your level neither have trust in God... nor can look forward to coming times! We can only blame those... whom we do not understand! How many people world over could imagine the might of Kalki Avatar... perhaps none! The awaited savior, messiah... Kalki Avatar would be a one-man army who based on power of Bhagavad Gita would finally succeed in annihilating... uprooting everything that was unlawful, immoral and unethical. The aftermath of world war 3 would witness start of the golden period (golden era... golden age)!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of World War 3 explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on destiny of mankind can be found at World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 20 November 2012 (090515)

Full text of query: I went through ur site and as per the site, you realized god. Most of the predictions about future that you made and claimed have to be come directly from god. How is it then that all of ur predictions came out to be false, whether it be about world war, christians, muslims, india etc. You claim that we are not supposed to be looking into past. That increases my doubts further.

I seriously doubt your realization of God ur claims. Kindly reply to my query if you are really enlightened. 

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