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Israel World War 3 Nostradamus

Query: You are wrong about 'doom' theory... In the looming ww3 Yes, Israel will suffer, but NOT defeat?

Vijay Kumar:
You are absolutely correct... Israel is not doomed to death but it shall suffer badly at the hands of tormentors! With little or no support from United states of America and other allies in coming world war 3... Israel would be badly mauled yet survive the rigors of fatal world war 3! So much so that almost 20% population of United States of America is expected to be wiped out!

The mother of all wars... the expected world war 3 would be a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma... the two fundamentalist religions in a cat and dog fight since long! When United States of America engages self in protecting its boundaries... it shall find lesser time to assist its oldest ally in the expected World War III!

The scenario of World War III would affect each and every human being on mother Earth... even inhabitants of countries not directly involved in World War III! The world war 3 has been in making for long. Terrorism world over is baring its fangs! The prime supporter of terrorism is China... the kingpin of all terrorism worldwide!

If a country like Israel suffers in World War III... all owes its existence to the ammunition supplied to terrorist organizations world over by China! Bent upon becoming richest nation of the world... China has again and again proved beyond doubt that it shall use any means... ethical or unethical to reach that status... to become the financial hub of world.

From where does the funding to Islamic nations come from... who is mass supplier of weapons of mass destruction? Who benefits maximum by supplying ammunition to both sides? The monkey attitude of China was proved in 1962 when it annexed Tibet and also in the massacre of above 10,000 people... mostly innocent students in the recent Tiananmen massacre!

Providing financial and technical support to rogue nations... China definitely has secured itself financially but in terms of world power... no nation world over trusts China as on date! All countries surrounding Israel shall fight tooth and nail in the coming world war 3 still, Israel would survive extremes it faces in coming future!

The Muslim nations have been preparing for long... they seek vengeance not only against Israel but also United States of America and its ally countries! When survival of self is at stake no matter what one becomes helpless in helping neighbors or allies! Same would be experienced by Israel in the coming world war 3!

Still, it would be in the interest of United States of America to help Israel... no matter what! Even countries like India would come to the rescue of Israel! That doom theory expressed in earlier article was prejudiced to a certain extent. The reasons are apparent... Israel must always guard itself against the hanging sword! It was only meant as a word of caution for all Israelis.

Things in Israel can never be left to chance! You give one chance to terrorists... they would blow you out! Muslims nations primarily support terrorism world over. It is in their blood. In the name of jihad... in the name of religion... they have always shed blood of innocent! Israel under no circumstance can trust even a single Muslim country.

If Israel is to survive the rigors of World War III... it has to remain trigger ready all the time! Perhaps this is what Israel has been doing for long... the prime reason why Israel is a respected country world over! To fight adharma (lawlessness) is the birthright of every country... be it a war perpetrated by another country or terrorists!

Blessed are the people of Israel who have stood all tests of time against neighboring Muslim nations. The world is expected to collapse around 2012 when basic fabric of the society breaks down. Left to fend for self individually... mankind would find it difficult to gain a firm footing. At this moment surfaces a Messiah... the awaited antichrist who shall cleanse the society of all its ills!

Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism terms this Messiah as Bhagwan Kalki, the annihilator of Kali Yuga... Dark Age... the metal age! In coming world war 3 all Muslim nations would align against all Christian nations... United States of America and its European allies! No matter what... even countries like Russia and Japan would side with United States of America... the true democratic alliance!

Even if China supports Muslim nations indirectly, China can never gain position number one in world politics. After the finish of World War III, China would become power number two... with India gaining superpower number one status! Equations would change to the extent that nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka would merge with India... the spiritual centre of the world!

We also need to remember that it is our karma on an individual level that governs our destiny and the mass karma of the nation governs the destiny of that nation! If the neighboring countries suffer a massive defeat at the hands of Israel in the coming world war 3, all would owe its existence to bulldog determination of Israelis... their indulgence in positive karma and not God!

If we travel the path of absolute truthfulness... if we follow our Dharma (the path of righteousness) God Almighty always sides us no matter what! This doctrine of righteousness flows from top! By maintaining our integrity as an individual... by caring for our nation as a collective power... Israelis are bound to defend their country to the last. Perhaps that is also the will of God!

Power does not always flow from the barrel of a gun as stated by Mao se Tung of China. Senseless killing is never supported by God Almighty. Yet, to face adharma (lawlessness) is perhaps world destiny. All shall bear the pain inflicted on humanity by weapons of mass destruction including nuclear warfare! The present era has reached its zenith!

Time is ripe for cleansing of the society. Around 1200 million people are expected to perish world over in World War III! It shall be a calamity of calamities! The proportion of war cannot simply be imagined at this stage yet, we all have to face the looming danger on mankind! Countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan have reached a point of no return!

May God bless Israel and its loyal countrymen!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Israel World War 3 explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on nostradamus can be found at : World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: You are wrong about 'doom' theory you have for Israel. If you allow me to recommend that you read chapters 38-39 of Ezequiel in the Bible, you have your answer there. Yes, Israel will suffer, but NOT defeat, Sir. Your idea stems from your own judgement, but not God's, for He will see to it that His people remain a nation, in fact it says there, that the sorrounding nations will have a massive defeat, only because He intervenes.

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