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Query: Role of Divyastras in the coming World War Three?

Vijay Kumar:
Divyastras were astras used accompanied by chanting of the right sacred mantra. It is only when the correct mantra was chanted and used correctly... did the Divyastras penetrate the goal with alarming clarity. The power of divyastras was not available to the common man... only the sages, saints and Acharyas and their favored pupils were able to handle them properly.

No Divyastras could be used without an accompanying mantra that was essential to invoke the mighty power of the cosmic system... as is the case karate, judo and different martial arts. The power exercised by Bruce Lee has no precedence... it could not be matched by any Human being of his era... his actions were even faster than the instruments used to capture his actions. Many a times the camera itself failed to record his fast actions.

He himself was capable of almost handling a full army single-handed. It is not merely the display of physical powers but when the physical powers are combined with the chanting of the mantras... the martial art itself becomes sacred. The prime reason why the martial arts are meant for security of the self and never to be used against a weaker opponent or for any commercial purpose!

The same technique was used when Divyastras were used in the earlier times... as was the mental capability of the user... so was the instrument available to him. Lord Krishna alone was capable of handling the Sudarshan chakra and none else had the power in his times to use the Sudarshan chakra. Similar was the case with Brahmastra which was also limited to a very few individuals.

In times of Lord Krishna the science had not evolved as it is today. In present times, the commander of the forces simply gives an order and the requisite instrument is fired by a very junior army man... who is trained for that purpose. For the use of a nuclear bomb... we do not expect the commander himself to carry the bomb and use it against the opponent. Today we have means to fire the instrument from a distance and experts are available for every type of job.

In the earlier times it was a culmination of the mental powers along with the art of Spiritual warfare that decided who would be the winner in the end. The invocation of mental powers is very limited today... In present times also it is not the instruments alone which play a part but it is the handling of the instrument which plays the vital role.

The same aircraft when driven by an American pilot does not give the same results as when it is driven by an Indian pilot... the Indian pilots are considered far superior than their American counterparts and it is the handling of the aircraft which makes it a more superior weapon when in the hands of an Indian pilot.

Similar was the case in times of Lord Krishna... the same Brahmastra when used by a person with lesser knowledge did not give the desired results. Invocation of the mental powers simply means that our atman the soul within becomes the guiding factor in all operations. When rightly used... these mental powers gives us so much focus that the results are disastrous for the opposing army.

It is like getting guided by a laser beam! Divyastra do not necessarily mean they were more powerful than the guided instruments of today but comparing with almost negligible presence of science in those days... these Divyastras meant doom for the opponents. Mental powers as shown in the Star Trek serial persisted in times of Lord Krishna. It was not the mere use of hypnotic powers but the actual use of mental powers that gave Lord Krishna, Arjuna, Bhishma pitamah and various other combatants the power they exercised in the battle.

It is but difficult for me to describe the mental powers used by the Spiritual masters of the yester era... but mental powers when rightly used can cause havoc! There is nothing more powerful in the universe than the mental powers... even the atomic bombs and the hydrogen bombs carry no meaning compared to the mental divine powers possessed by the likes of Lord Krishna (considered an Avatar).

I have experienced some of these mental powers soon after realizing God but to express them in words is extremely difficult... I can vouch for these powers for I know their capability! Sudarshan chakra was never used by Lord Krishna as and when he liked it... it was not meant to be... Sudarshan chakra could only be used when the pot of sin of any individual was full to the brim... one had to have zero Punya Karma in his balance to be struck down by a Sudarshan chakra! Even Lord Krishna could not have done otherwise!

The battle of Mahabharata was primarily fought with arrows and swords... it was only a few Spiritual masters of the era who were competent enough to use Divyastras.

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Astra Weapon explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on brahmastra can be found at World War Three ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: We had Divyastra-s in Satya Yuga too: Various Astra-s by which divine powers used to gain superiority over the devil powers of the external World. We found use of Divyastra-s in Treta and Dwapar as well : Like Sudashan Chakra of Lord Krishna, Brahmastra, Pashupat- Astra etc.

I wanted to know what they are ? Once it is known what they are the question may arise : Will Divyastra play any role in the coming Third World War, which will take place in Kali Yuga. In my opinion, Divyastras must be superior and more powerful than even today's nuclear bombs! Pl throw some light on these questions.

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