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My Son Committed Suicide

Query: My son committed suicide... Can I help his Soul?

Vijay Kumar:
Your son committed suicide and yet you could not assess his intentions before the heinous deed got committed? And now you desire helping the soul of your departed son.

How grossly you have misunderstood life. In every suicide committed (by a child)... parents are fully responsible. As a self realized being I can emphatically vouch that however trying the circumstances be... the parents can mould the evil intentions of the child... by facing most adverse circumstances head-on!

I have a message for every child of the land... Committing suicide is not a rescue from the prevailing circumstances... however hard the situation seems to be! Sometimes in ignorance... children understand it all wrong. Hoping for a better manifestation in next life... they enter into a silent pact with God (blank wishing never works with god)! And that shall never be. Having committed suicide... one gains negative points on scale of life and what one manifests in next life may be even worse. Why?

Who is to blame in the circumstances! Are parents solely responsible for all actions of their children? No... It is not so! But if a child commits suicide... the parents are indirectly abetting suicide for they continued to ignore the much needed attention and support the child dearly longed for. This continued ignorance leads child towards isolation and inculcates in one a feeling of desolation. And the culmination... suicide by child!

We need to understand it is not body that has taken the soul atman within. But vice versa is true. It is soul atman within the body that has manifested the body for its purification. Every soul atman passes through a maximum of 8.4 million manifestations before it reaches the stage of salvation (moksha in Hinduism).

Your son... yes, your son in present life may have been your granddad in one of your earlier manifestations. In future manifestations it is possible you may become the wife of your son. Your son was your son until the day it manifested the present body. The moment your son committed suicide... the soul atman within became free to manifest a new body... a new life altogether!

In the system of God almighty... the activities of two manifestations are never interconnected. That was not to be! If only I knew my best friend in present manifestation had killed me in the last manifestation... would it be possible to maintain the same relationship I now maintain?

A body trying to help a soul... How can that be! One a source of infinite unlimited power and the other absolutely limited by the senses and the mind. No comparison indeed! No human body can willingly help another soul. Yes, one can help the soul atman within our body by traveling the path desired by soul atman within our heart.

It is soul atman within our body which is on its cosmic journey. It has a different goal of life. And the goal is gaining original pristine pure form and going back to the house of God Almighty (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism). Ever since the whole Cosmos started with a big bang and all the souls' atmans in the cosmos scattered all over... it is only after a chain of 8.4 million manifestations these souls' atmans would regain their original pristine pure form.

One anomaly still exists... What if soul of your departed son haunts you which is always possible. In the circumstances you need to think and think seriously... what was it your son truly wanted to achieve in this life. If you can contribute towards that goal... your purpose towards your son in this life would be served.

Try fulfilling unfinished desires of your child. It is the only way of finding reprieve for your past actions. And why should you do that! For the simple reason that the soul atman of your son governed by doctrine of karma is bound to manifest again in your very family! It is very unlikely that the soul atman of your son manifests a new life in a new family. The theory of karmic bondage demands that every soul atman manifests within the same family cycle for quite a few journeys further on.

We might not recognize the new body taken by soul atman of your departed son... but system of cosmic life goes on! It is faith in Almighty God that paves way for consolation within. We may not hold self responsible for the suicide of your departed son but if we are ever forgiven by the soul atman of your departed child... it shall reflect in mysterious ways of god almighty.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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