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Query: Which Spiritual Path do I follow?.

Vijay Kumar:
Kaliyuga the metal age is the darkest hour in a cosmic life cycle... the time when the society is at its lowest ebb... it is something like passing through a phase of time when the clock ticks 5 AM... the darkest hour of the night... In Jainism this hour is known as "chattam-chatta"... the period before the start of a World war! A war that shall be a fight to the finish... everything would be practically ruined and ultimately the mankind would come to senses and realize that money is only a means to a goal and not the goal itself!

After the World war... the materialistic tendencies would completely vanish and we shall see the start of Satyuga the golden era... from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. in the morning is the time of reckoning... the period of the World war and its finish. As it is 6.15 a.m. the rays of the Sun touch the mother earth announcing the start of the golden era. Until 6 a.m. in the morning when it is still dark no one knows when the darkness would end. Slowly the Sunlight emerges and we find pure Spirituality being practiced all over.

In present times the mankind is more oriented towards practicing Bhakti yoga and conducting Yagnas and rituals. These practices do not exist in the phase of Satyuga. In Satyuga only pure Spirituality can be practiced and that is following the path of jnana yoga alone. It is only by following the path of Neti (as practiced by Maharishi Ramana) and negating everything in life shall one reach the end of the cosmic tunnel in the end... we shall come face to face with God Almighty.

In Satyuga... that is expected not later than 2012 we shall find the practice of jnana yoga at its peak for there is no place for rituals and Yagnas at all. In Satyuga there is no place for make-ups and trials. One desires proceeding on the path of spirituality by following the direct and straight path... the path of jnana yoga! For an earnest seeker of Spirituality following the path of jnana yoga is not difficult. Practicing Neti (not this, not this) one finally reaches the end of cosmic life... gains emancipation and finally salvation (moksha in Hinduism).

While following the path of Neti... we initially reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the stage when there is absolute shunya (the state of nothingness... when zero thoughts flow through the brain)... this stage is the culmination of all we call as Spirituality... having reached this stage one cannot proceed back to the Worldly life... we have reached a point of no return... having entered the domain of God... we realize the folly of continuing our life on the earthly domain.

While practicing Neti we also need to take care that we do not provide any fuel to our senses... gaining absolute control over the senses and the mind is the foremost requirement of Spirituality. This is not a simple task... as per God, Almighty Creator one is supposed to pass through a phase of 8.4 million manifestations before one takes over the control of senses and the mind and reaches the finally stage of life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation!

Yet, establishing control over the senses is not that difficult also... Ramakrishna Paramhansa did it in the present life and so did Maharishi Ramana... both realized God in their lifetimes. Having gained control of senses... it becomes easier to gain control over the power of the mind. The moment we gain control over the power of the mind... we reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Only after reaching this stage does one realize the merits of proceeding on the path of pure Spirituality.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the stage when one can have dialogues with God on one-to-one basis... it is the experience of the life one can never forget! One desires living in this frame of life forever. This is a stage experienced by Swami Vivekananda when Ramakrishna Paramhansa on the insistence of Swami Vivekananda put a foot on his shoulders... Swami Vivekananda was so mesmerized by this experience that he did not desire anything else than the vision of God all the time.

While proceeding on the path of pure Spirituality by practicing Neti... we also need to establish absolute control over our basic instincts... the desire for sex... it is at this stage that we have to practice absolute celibacy and come out of our slavish animal indulgence. As per God Almighty... sex was only meant for progeny... it was never meant for excessive indulgence and practicing wanton desires as is prevalent in the West and also being practiced now in India also.

Unless we gain absolute control over sexual desires one can never reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. It is a must to control our wanton desires if we desire to follow the path of pure Spirituality. In a Satyuga, all these wanton desires do not exist by themselves... everyone seems to live a pure life without any indulgence or fulfillment of wanton desires!

Practicing Neti and absolute celibacy makes us reach the desired goal of spiritual life... we reaches the 8.4 millionth manifestation following these two practices... what more can we desire of life and God Almighty!

Here I shall also explain how celibacy can be practiced to its desired end. Everything in the cosmic system is first generated in our thoughts and only then it gets transformed into the physical aspect of life. Unless we desire practicing sex in our thoughts... we can never indulge in practical sex. If we curtail undesirable thoughts relating to sex then only shall we be able to practice absolute celibacy.

Why celibacy plays an important role for practicing pure Spirituality shall be detailed now. Practicing celibacy is that input in our physical part of life that is indirectly controlled by God Almighty. It so happens that God gives us inherently a dose of energy every month to both males and females... unknowingly man and woman fritter it away by practicing sexual indulgence.

If I desire to go to the top of a multistory building comprising of 8.4 million steps... then there are two alternatives always available... one the path of the staircase and the other the lift to the top, the escalator! If we desire to proceed at a faster pace on the path of pure Spirituality... we must catch the lift for the staircase is the slow process... it shall take 8.4 million manifestations... the regular path to the top.

Instead, we must opt for catching the lift but there is a premium for it... we need to practice celibacy... absolute control over sexual indulgence and preserve that special energy required to catch the lift. Lift is only available to those limited few who do not let thoughts of sexual nature take them off the path of Spiritual achievements.

Sage Vashistha and Sage Vishwamitra were almost contemporaries but in the end... Sage Vishwamitra fell from grace... all his efforts to excel in the spiritual pursuits of life fell apart because of a single mistake he committed. While passing through the deep jungles (dense forests) he came upon the sight of an extremely beautiful maiden having bath under an isolated waterfall in most sensual circumstances... he lost control.

As was the case with Acharya Rajneesh... he forgot for a moment his desired goal of life... and indulged in the most un wanton desire... the desire for sex! On the contrary Sage Vashistha continued on his path by the lift and Sage Vishwamitra had to take the staircase... he deeply regretted the mistake but there was no remedy. He had to practice it all over again!

The sight of a beautiful maiden taking bath in most sensual circumstances and that too in an isolated location is not something that occurs all of a sudden. While proceeding on the path of pure Spirituality... God desists us from taking absolute control of senses and the mind. God Almighty does not desire many people at a time gaining self realization, enlightenment. It is not to be. It is only in a century or so that one or two people at the most gain emancipation and finally salvation.

The sight of the beautiful lady taking the bath is the making of God Almighty... it tries to hinder us from the path of pure Spirituality... something we call as Agni pariksha in Hinduism. There is not one but many Agni parikshas which one encounters while proceeding on the path of pure Spirituality. We have to overcome all of them to reach the final cosmic goal of life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation.

Putting in other words if there were 50 Mahaviras at a time... it would become extremely difficult for the common masses to know who is the greatest of them all... who to pray and who to neglect for one is always short of time and it is not possible for a common man to worship all 50 of them. The prime reason why at a time we come across one enlightenment soul at a time! In the complete history of Humanity we have only two sets of contemporaries who came simultaneously. Bhagwan Mahavira and Gautama Buddha came 77 years apart. And so did Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana.

In present times... one must live life as a true Karma Yogi and following the path of jnana yoga and practicing celibacy simultaneously one must proceed in life. This shall be the only path that shall be followed 2012 onwards. In Satyuga... there is no place for indulgence in wanton desires. Nor Yagnas or rituals carry any meaning. Satyuga the golden era is the time for reconciliation and living life as a human being is supposed to live. Not as in the present era when it becomes difficult to distinguish the true animal amongst the human beings and the animal life.

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 Full text of query: Question: India was a land of Spirituality. The present misrable condition of India is due to an apparant loss in Spirituality. India has to fully regain its Spiritual status in order to set itself right and also to become a guide to the rest of the World. But which approach of spiritual practice will be dominantly followed in India in the coming future or near future to regain Spirituality ?

Kindly now answer to this with reference to any Spiritual procedure you followed earlier (before realizing God) or you want to give to the World.

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