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Marriage hindrance for Spiritual Growth Free Will

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Query: Is Marriage hindrance for Spiritual Growth? Is there no Free Will?

Vijay Kumar:
True spiritual aspirants are a rare breed indeed... you are one of them! Your faith in God Almighty is not absolute... the prime reason why you fail to reach right decisions in your life.

You say... From your website, I could conclude that marriage could be a hindrance for spiritual growth. I never say... I always affirm with absolute firmness whatever I have to say! There is never a question of if and but! Marriage could not be a hindrance for spiritual growth... it is an absolute hindrance on the path of pure spirituality. Still... my advice is always adverse!

I have never advised even a single lady on mother earth not to get married! Marriage is part of physical manifest life... spirituality... our inner travel! Every single moment of life human beings live two lives! One by the physical manifest self to earn bread and butter and the other to cater for our internal requirements... the requirements of our soul atman... the spirit within!

Understanding the true crux of life is very essential in the field of pure spirituality! The human body has been undertaken by our soul atman to purify itself of all dross impurities within. In its lifetime of 8.4 million manifestations (an earthly life cycle of 96.4 million years) every soul atman finally reaches cosmic end of life when human beings gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)!

Of its own no soul atman can purify itself... similar as no seed can manifest of its own! Every seed requires manifesting self through an apt gardener who takes care of the manure... water and air much-needed by the seed to grow and bloom! In absence of a proper gardener it is very likely that the seed may rot or remain inert for long periods of time!

Every gardener before planting the seed prepares the earth... the ground by excavating it... tilling it and preparing it safe and sound by adding manure and water! Until the ground is ready... no point planting the seed as it may die premature death! Prime reason why some accidental deaths occur in the mortal world!

When parents failed to take proper care of their child... accidental premature death is never ruled out! Once the child is born... the complete responsibility rests with parents... why blame karma for our wrongdoings of mortal world! The importance of a proper gardener in field of spirituality is very crucial for spiritual growth. And from here stems the feeling of having a spiritual master as our guru... a companion in our spiritual journey of life!

Everything in the field of spirituality stems from the fact that how fixed we are in our approach towards spiritual life! Saint Gargi... the famous lady philosopher right from the start of her spiritual career was fixated on traveling the spiritual path all alone! She never married... yet, she gained enlightenment in her life time!

Gargi is one of the two ladies in the history of mankind who gained enlightenment! Reaching the stage of enlightenment is not that easy... and even more difficult as a lady! Once we decide our absolute goal of life... traveling the path is never difficult!

Ever since six years of age I was fixated on going in search of God in present life time... come whatever may! Something within me prompted me all the time to travel spiritual path. At that young age I did not understand the meaning of religion... what to say of spirituality? Understanding God was the biggest nightmare!

Who was God Almighty troubled me all the time. God Almighty did not live in idols that stood in various temples... I was absolutely clear on this point... prime reason why I did not go to a Temple, church or mosque ever in my life! My God Almighty always existed within me as my soul atman... the spirit within!

I inherently understood that if I reached my soul atman... my true inner self... the spirit within in my lifetime... I would reach God Almighty... no matter what! This surmise of mine was absolutely correct! The moment complete dross impurities within my soul atman removed... I was facing God Almighty in all its glory! I had finally reached 8.4 millionth manifestation at 37 years of age!

Such feats on spiritual path are not accomplished in day-to-day life! It is once in thousands of years... a lone spiritual traveler accomplishes such feats. It was the grace of God Almighty that I am in communion with God every second of my life. Having reached end of cosmic life... I shall but attain moksha (salvation) the moment I leave my mortal frame!

You have to express yourself truthfully and openly! You are the absolute controller and master of your inner self! The decision has to be taken by you! In the entire history of mankind... only one lady was firm enough in her decisions... not to marry and she finally succeeded in reaching the absolute goal of her life! The bulldog determination of saint Gargi is unparalleled!

It is quite possible that in her lifetime Gargi may not have reached her goal of life...! In the event people world over would call one failure! In the field of pure spirituality nothing is ever fully guaranteed by God Almighty. Not a minute before realizing God I was aware how far I was from God Almighty!

Only when God Almighty gave me a darshan (a hands-on one-to-one experience) did I realize what I had finally achieved! It took me hours to realize the absolute truth. For days I remained perplexed! I was not sure that I could reach God so easily and early! However my determination since six years of age paved way for reaching God in a short span of time.

Let me make one thing absolutely clear. Whoever becomes your partner in life... he would never be a spiritual person. Why? Similar as North Pole never merges with South Pole... a spiritual person always gets a materialistic person as partner in life! This is necessitated to carry on basic necessities of life.

If both were spiritual... who would earn bread-and-butter for the family! As the family grows... who would care for children? The necessities of children are far fletched... we cannot just put a full-stop on their requirements or wants! They are intelligent human beings developing with time. Every child needs one's own space to breathe and live freely.

Spiritual parents can never cater to all requirements of their children... the reason why one amongst the parent has to be materialistic! Materialism in itself is never a taboo... however, wanting more and more than the basic necessities of life certainly is!

When Sage Jnanavalakya... the composer and compiler of most voluminous Upanishad... Brihadarankya Upanishad came for a discourse during the times of King Janaka (father of Sita in Ramayana)... even before the start of event Sage Jnanavalakya ordered all the prize money to be taken away to the Hermitage.

The prize money was one lakh (100,000) cows and on the horns of every cow were tied five nuggets of gold! Sage Jnanavalakya was a Brahma jnani... one who had gained enlightenment in his lifetime. Even before the start of event when Sage Jnanavalakya showed great interest in prize money... there was a great uproar!

There were two major points of discomfort and argumentation! One... how could a participant order for the prize money even before winning the event?

Secondly... how could an enlightened one be after materialistic possessions such as possessing cows and the accompanying gold nuggets that totaled 10 Lakhs (1000 thousand)?

The moment the competition started... not even a single competitor was able to face the spiritual competence of Sage Jnanavalakya... one who finally won the event! More than 10,000 participants accumulated for that great religious spiritual congregation!

When Sage Jnanavalakya answered... all were mum! Sage Jnanavalakya said, the entire prize money was meant for upliftment of Hermitage that had an enlisted strength of above 3000 students! For a truly enlightened one materialistic wants carry no meaning. For an enlightened master... pearls and diamonds are but stones polished bright!

Take your time... but finally arrive at firm decisions that never change with time! In the field of pure spirituality... the path to returning back is closed! Path of spirituality is always one-sided! Once having proceeded on path of pure spirituality... chances of returning back to mortal world are absolute zero... prime reason why religious places like Haridwar and Varanasi are full of people!

Just by running away from home... we never burn our karma! Until we burnt our karma in totality, God Almighty can never be reached! Remaining in mortal world... we remain engrossed in our karma! Path of pure spirituality demands highest level of patience, persistence and perseverance that can ever be practiced by human beings!

Path of spirituality is treading razor's edge all the time! Some say... path of spirituality is full of thorns! I have experienced... path of spirituality is not full of thorns... it is made of thorns in entirety!

Throughout my life I have stuck to the sweet small inner voice of my soul atman that seemed to come from within my heart! Prompted by the voice of my soul atman I continued my journey of spiritual path! Our soul atman never prompts us on the wrong path! At no point of life I was ever to fear anything... God Almighty was always and ever with me!

Having absolute faith in God Almighty always came to my rescue! My fear vanished overnight! I know what stage I have reached in life. Yet, I have so much to accomplish that has been ordained to me by God Almighty! I have miles to go before I sleep... miles to go before I sleep!

In communion with God all the time, I am trying to accomplish the remaining works at the earliest possible! My body is a burden on me. Ever since I have become a pure soul... I want to leave the mortal frame at the earliest!

In 1993, when I asked permission from my young daughters to leave the confines of home... both were absolutely perplexed... unable to forgive me till date! For three days continuously... both of my daughters wept uncontrollably! I promised them one thing... I shall not leave the confines of home until they get fully settled in life!

I have waited full 17 years... now my both daughters having finally settled... I can carry on with the spiritual routines of life! The day before I was instructed by God Almighty to complete remaining tasks! From now on I shall have a journey of life with renewed vigor ... something that would be an eye opener for entire world community! I only hope for the best in times to come!

God bless you in reaching your goal of life!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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 Full text of query: From your website, i could conclude that marriage could be a hindrance for spiritual growth. You have said, that your marriage was destined to be in one of your articles. Is there no free will? What do i do? What if i will be destined to marry someone who does not share spiritual interests?

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