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Siddhi and Self Realization

Query: What is the particular sadhana to reach the stage of siddhi and self realization?

Vijay Kumar:
There is nothing like gaining siddhi and reaching the end of cosmic journey. On the spiritual path one has to gain rather overcome many siddhis before one becomes a Siddha Purusha... one who gains self realization and liberates self from the cycle of birth and death forever!

Be specific in your query... exactly what nature of siddhi you desire to overcome!

On the spiritual plane the main goal always is reaching the stage of Shruti Jnana... the stage when all wisdom of the cosmos comes within our reach. We may have not read Bhagavad gita or the Upanishads but the moment we reach the stage of Shruti Jnana... it is as if we had written the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads in one of our earlier manifestations.

Reaching the stage of Shruti Jnana means becoming omniscient... the knower of all! This is an experience which can never be described in words. In my 25 years of spiritual pursuit... I never went through Bhagavad Gita once... yet, the moment I realized god the contents of the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads became like ABCD to me.

Anyone... every serious seeker of Spirituality can pursue the spiritual path and reach the end of the journey... become a living Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or prophet Mohammed. We need to establish absolute control over the senses and the mind.

This is possible by following the path of Neti (not this, not this) as practiced and advocated by Maharishi Ramana. Alongside one needs to practice absolute celibacy continuously for a minimum period of 12 years! It is only then the full awakening of the Kundalini occurs. Neti is best practiced in the Shavasana pose of yoga.

Lying still like dead... concentrating on god and eradicating from within the impurities contained (by use of various mantras)... it is but possible to become enlightened within ones lifetime.

Like I said above... the path of spirituality for each and every individual is unique. Everyone has to choose his own path. One never knows what obstacle we might encounter in this spiritual pursuit of ours. As many human beings... as many spiritual paths towards God!

Through the process of Neti we need to burn our karma in totality. Unless the last trace of karma is removed... the full awakening of the Kundalini never occurs. Every individual knows of the karma performed in this life. What of the residual balance of karma which has been carried forward from the earlier manifestations... known as Prarabdha karma in Hinduism.

Having known the karma performed by us in this life... we can always absolve ourselves of the impurities owing to the present life karma by doing requisite penance. But what of the negative balance of karma we might carry from the earlier manifestations. The mantra to remove the effect of Prarabdha karma is not known to anybody.

This is the most crucial stage for even an ardent seeker of spirituality... something that we are least aware of... how to get rid of it! Slowly as we reach the higher brackets of spirituality... this absolute truth eventually unfolds before us. And it is now our journey speeds up.

The journey of spirituality is half covered the moment we decide the goal of our present life. Thereafter it is gate crashing and the grace of God that plays the pivotal role! In the routine almost 99.99% people on the path of spirituality do not have a goal of life. They simply want to reach the kingdom of God... Vaikuntha in Hinduism!

Desires and wishes carry no place in the field of spirituality. Whatever we gain on the path of spirituality is directly proportional to the karma performed by us. We gain whatever we sow... Nothing more or less! Desiring Heavens while playing the role of a mortal is the most chosen path opted by the masses.

To become a living Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed is choosing a unique path amongst a billion. And that too in a hundred years or so! In the last 150 years only two persons have gained self realization... they were Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana.

Does it mean that in the last 150 years amongst 6 billion people living on Mother Earth only two persons were able to reach the kingdom of God... yes, the truth is so! God Almighty has made the journey a long one. Right from the first manifestation as an amoeba to the last... the 8.4 millionth manifestation... it is a total journey of 96.4 million earthly years... a long journey indeed!

It definitely involves great sacrifices on the physical plane. I again repeat... mere desires and wishes do not count on the spiritual path! We have to practice patience and persistence at every level of our life on the physical plane. Only then we can overcome our weaknesses and finally gain control over the senses and the mind.

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May God bless you in your spiritual endeavor!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Siddhi and Self Realization explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on sadhana can be found at Self Realization ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

 Full text of query: I went through one question that how to get siddhi. I understood that it comes automatically. I also understand that evenif it is difficult may be one in thousand, there is nothing worng in trying to reach there. CAN YOU HELP ME? If so, will you explain what is the particular sadhana or combination of sadhanas one can do to proceed to this state. Who can teach or guide. And what is the contact address of such Guru. I would very much appreciate if you can send me a return reply.

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