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Query: Why do you openly declare that you realized god? How can India be a spiritual center - indians are now some of the most materialistic and unspiritual people on earth.US may be an open society but it sure is a civil society....with proper law and order and justice for all.

Vijay Kumar:
No doubt spirituality directly relates to democracy... still, India would remain the spiritual center of world for times to come! Why? Spirituality is ingrained into Indian psyche! None world over could understand Bhagavad Gita better than Indians. On the physical plane yes, as you say... Indians have miserably failed! No law and order situation in sight... India has become a totally uncivilized country. Prime reason why United States of America abhorred interacting with Indians!

In spite of all the strife, the present Kali Yuga, India still retains its position in the spiritual world! The awaited Kalki avatar... the savior, messiah of present times would come from India. Masses may go wrong... but a single individual can still make life worthwhile for humanity at large! During times of Lord Krishna... it was total anarchy all over! Single-handedly Lord Krishna changed the situation in Dwapar Yuga and succeeded in re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) against evil forces of adharma (lawlessness)!

We could never mix spirituality with physical phase of life! Spirituality is diving deep into the bottomless pit of jnana wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita. Spirituality is to know our true inner self... realizing our true inner self as a soul atman, the spirit within! As per Bhagavad Gita... the physical manifest self was but clothing for our soul atman, the spirit within! For an enlightened one... the whole world becomes one large family! It is in times of strife, tribulation... people like Kalki avatar manifested self to put the world back on track.

A single human being against the entire world... that is what a savior, messiah is all about! It is not only in India people are to blame. Situation of anarchy can be witnessed in most countries world over. Leave apart civilized areas in United States of America and situation is same as in India! Most countries world over are reeling from situation of strife. People are becoming materialistic day by day never wanting to realize their true inner self! As ordained by God Almighty... it is in such times a messiah, savior takes over the entire world by storm!

I extremely appreciate the way Americans lived life. I regularly visit United States of America whenever possible. Every time I happen to visit America... I can only say wow! The perfect law and order situation... civility in all phases of life are the fundamentals of American society. Americans truly lived life as human beings were intended to live by God Almighty. In most parts of world... human beings were no better than animals. In 60 years of independence if India has not improved, it is only with coming of Kalki avatar... the situation would improve drastically overnight! Indians felt pleasure in tormenting others for no reason or rhyme... but for how long?

With coming of Kalki avatar... all would be set right! Coming of Kalki avatar would mean... golden age, golden era is not far away!

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May God bless all!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Realized God explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on true inner self can be found at Self Realization ... Vijay Kumar - 21 November 2012 (080321)

Full text of query: Is it not a little brash to openly declare on the internet that you have realized God.How can India be a spiritual center - you are completely out of touch with all the evil things that go on in India in the name of democracy...there is no real democracy in India....people are afraid of police and politicians.....women are afraid for their safety....what kind of spiritual india are you talking about....indians are now some of the most materialistic and most unspiritual people on earth.

US may be an open society but it sure is a civil society....with proper law and order and justice for all. If you are God realized then you are God dont even have to respond to my email by writing ....u can simply make me understand effortlessly why India is a spiritual center.

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