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How to Attain Self Realization

Query: Merits of Self Realization. Importance of celibacy for Self Realization?

Vijay Kumar:
Before we discuss on God and the human form of life we need to understand the basics- definition of God, the meaning of self realization, the Sakaar or the Nirakaar form of God, the feminine side of God, the value of celibacy in the field of self realization and other hidden concepts which can only become clear after having digested the pearls of wisdom contained in the Bhagavad Gita.

We need to understand that God is not of the form of a human being... it can never be for the body of a human being is not the real essence of life as it is our atman the soul within that has taken the body and not vice versa. At the time of big bang (when the formation of the cosmos starts)... all atmans (souls) in the cosmos spread all over. These pure atmans (souls) as they proceed on their cosmic journey gain impurities similarly as the 99% dross contained in hundred KG of gold ore whereas it comprises of only one KG of pure gold.

These pure atmans (souls) on their cosmic journey need to purify themselves and come back to their original pristine pure form. This requires the atman soul to take a body again and again... a total of 8.4 million manifestations and an earthly journey of 96.4 million years. Now, if we can consider a grain of sand as an atman soul then the collective mound of sand is known as God Almighty. In other words the definition of God is the collective power of all purified atmans in whole cosmos at a given point of time.

The Sakaar form of God is a misnomer for it does not exist... the Sakaar form of God has been developed by the Spiritual masters of the yester era so that it becomes easier for the common masses to pray to god. Every normal Human being cannot concentrate on God without the presence of an idol or a statue. We need a symbol through which we can pray to God. The symbol can be a stone, a river or even a tree as is the case in Hinduism. In Hinduism temples we normally find idols that are symbolic of God Almighty.

Similar is the case in Jain temples! In Christianity also every church contains images of Jesus Christ and Mary in form of various statues. Believing in a Sakaar form of God... it is not only easier to pray to God but this is also the simplest path of reaching God. Every normal Human being initially starts by praying to the Sakaar form of God which also can be known as Bhakti... subsequently as a serious seeker of Spirituality rises higher on the Spiritual platform... one switches over to the Nirakaar form of God for one needs to practice jnana yoga from now on.

We definitely know for sure that every atman the soul within is pure energy... how can then it be that God has a Sakaar form. Once it becomes clear to us that the real form of God is Nirakaar in nature then it becomes easier for a practitioner of jnana yoga to proceed on the path of pure Spirituality. Seeing from the angle of a human being (the physical form of life controlled by five senses and the mind) that we try to analyze the definition of God in terms of sexuality... when God does not have form it can never be either masculine or feminine. It can never have gender.

Now about the path to self realization... Self Realization is a process by which every Human being can realize God within his lifetime. Having realized God one reaches the stage of Mahavira... it is the end of the life in itself... the physical form of life! Having gained self realization one reaches the cosmic end of life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation... the cycle of life and death ceases to exist from now on. One can only gain emancipation... in other words salvation (moksha in Hinduism).

Self-Realization is the end of the journey... the sooner Atman (soul within) leaves the body... it leaves for Baikunth... the abode of God (aka the kingdom of heaven in Christianity). Self-Realization can only be achieved by a true seeker of Spirituality who proceeds via the path of jnana yoga alone. While proceeding on the path of jnana yoga... one needs to proceed ahead following the path undertaken by Maharishi Ramana... the path of practicing Neti (not this, not this) and ultimately reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Before we reach the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi we also need to practice celibacy in totality. We need to preserve our semen for a continuous period of minimum 12 years and it is only then we can expect to gain self realization! The preservation of the semen... the transmutation of the sexual powers is a necessity as cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations is long and if we need to curtail the journey... we need to take the lift straight up... considering the building of life to contain 8.4 million steps.

Unless we take the lift straight up... we cannot curtail the journey while proceeding through the path of stairs. This is the normal path one undertakes but for the serious seekers of Spirituality who desire to realize God within his lifetime... we have no other alternative than to practice absolute celibacy.

Talking of miracles... there is no such thing as miracles in the field of Spirituality. Having gained self realization means one has reached the status of a man god... and having reached this level one need not or in other words one cannot take another body for... the purpose of taking a body is already over. For a god-realized person... it is continuous communion with God at all the time. There is no other purpose of maintaining the body after self realization. Having gained realization any one retaining the body is doing it only for the purpose of serving the mankind. Having realized God one can disseminate the pearls of wisdom to the masses for one has already reached the cosmic destination of life.

Having realized God... the senses and the mind lose their remaining... it is only after having established absolute control over the five senses and the mind that we reach the stage of the river call samadhi... never before! And once the bodily form carries no meaning for us... it is just like that all become children of God for a god-realized soul. The physical relationship like Mother, father, brother and sisters etc carry no meaning. For any self realized soul has become totally independent of any form or body.

The stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the ultimate a human being can experience... it is pure bliss (Ananda in Hinduism)... there is nothing more beyond in the cosmos to be experienced by a god realized soul. God Almighty has always been a Dhrishta (onlooker) and never interferes with the creation of his. Similar is the case of a realized atman the soul within. The moment one realizes god... one loses total interest in anything other than the pearls of wisdom contained in the Bhagavad Gita.

Why again and again I am repeating the word Bhagavad Gita is that everything knowable in whole cosmos is contained in Bhagavad Gita. Having understood the inner meaning of the shlokas contained in the Bhagavad Gita... one need not read or refer any other sacred Scripture of any religion of the World. Like milk... Bhagavad Gita is a complete food in itself. The knower of Bhagavad Gita becomes the knower of all... one realizes God!

We also need to understand that the words coming out of our mouth... from a physical body are the words of our atman the soul within... for it is not within the means of any body to produce a sound. It is only as long as there is Atman soul within the body that the body is alive... the moment a soul (Atman within) leaves the body... the body decays and dies. Once we realize that the words coming out of our mouth are the words of our atman the soul within... anything which is invoked by us is primarily followed by our atman the soul within for atman the soul within cannot exercise any other option other than whatever the Jiva (living being) bids it to do.

Aum (Omkar) is the medium of communication between our atman the soul within and God Almighty. The World Om has a very significant role to play in the cosmic system. Without the symbol Aum nothing in the Cosmos would work. In the mighty reservoir of ether... the black area of the cosmos... the symbol Aum travels at a much higher frequency than the speed of light... it is practically infinite speed at which the syllable aum travels throughout the Cosmos. Every true seeker of Spirituality understands the value attached to Aum. It is only through the medium of Aum that one Atman soul can converse with another.

Regarding the creative powers of God Almighty we need to understand that every atman the soul within is but a minuscule form of God Almighty... and most powers can also be exercised by any Atman... the soul within! It is only when atman the soul within has purified itself fully that the exercise of powers can be done. The exercise of powers by a man god must always be done for the Humanity at large else one shall lose these powers forever. So is destined by God... we cannot act otherwise!

While proceeding on the path of self realization we are offered by God many tantric powers... if we take them then we may get diverted from our ultimate goal. This happened in the case of Acharya Rajneesh (aka osho) and also in the case of Sage Vishwamitra. Both fell from grace as they tried to utilize their powers for negative ends.

Sage Vashistha and Sage Vishwamitra were almost equal in powers and Spiritual status. Most of the time Sage Vishwamitra tried to get ahead of Sage Vashistha. So was not to be for Sage Vishwamitra had anger left in him! And to reach the highest platform of spiritual life... we need to live by the quote "forget and forgive". One cannot do without it! More on Forget and Forgive here

Sage Vishwamitra because of his angry posture once lost his cool. And while proceeding through a forlorn jungle and seeing the sight of an extremely beautiful lady taking bath in most sensual surroundings could not control his self and succumbed to the forbidden act of love. He could not again regain the status equivalent of Sage Vashistha and had to convince himself for redoing everything all over again... we cannot under any circumstances stop practicing celibacy come whatever may... it is just not permitted while proceeding on the path of pure Spirituality.

Acharya Rajneesh was on the verge of reaching the highest stage of Spirituality when he fell from grace... he started advocating that free sex amongst his followers would lead to communion with God... it was never to be. He was totally in the wrong... the result... he was kicked out of United States of America and there was a stage when no country in the World was willing to accept him. It was only his motherland... the great Bharat varsha (India as we know it) accepted him as he was... and ultimately he died a very lonely death! The poor man!

We always talk of a genie in our fables. Aladdin also had a Chirag by the help of which he was able to come out of the dungeons his uncle had closed him in. And what is this genie. Is it something unnatural for genie is supposed to be the size of a superHuman? Whenever one realizes God and releases Atman from the bondage of manifesting body again and again... this freed Atman soul within us is what we call as genie. For every self realized person can directly communicate with God and everything in the cosmos is available at his tips.

Similarly as everything is available to genie whatever is ordered by the master... similarly after having realized God... the self realized person also can exercise this Spiritual powers but these powers are only meant to be exercised for the benefit of mankind and never otherwise.

For a god-realized soul... it is not two hands and two legs but four hands and four legs for our Atman... the soul within now directly guides us. In fact the genie within us has been released from captivity. Every god and goddess is always shown having four hands and four legs... the prime reason being that they are all symbolic of man gods... all those who have gained enlightenment and finally salvation (moksha in Hinduism).

Also every atman the soul within being a minuscule form of God... that part of the puzzle which always desires unification with the larger puzzle (God Almighty) whenever it gets a chance, bows before the grace of the Almighty God. As every atman soul is encapsulated in a body... this body owing to inherent traits of character bows before the image of God.

By putting a question mark on the personal life of Krisna... we fail to understand that in times of Krisna it was a practice that whenever any king ventured into any of his domains or areas under the kingdom... it was almost customary for the chieftain of the local community to present his eldest daughter to the king... this resulted in the king having a retinue of many wives. In our history of Hinduism it is a well-known fact that some kings even had 40,000 wives. It was not so that the king married legally each one of them. No, it was never so!

The prime reason why the main legally wedded wife in Hinduism is known as dharma patni (the legally wedded wife) and the other as only patni (wife). It was never that the kings had many Dharma patni's... never! Any person who has realized God is over and above the domain of Kama. The Cupid can never affect a god-realized soul. He is free forever from the clutches of practicing love or sex. Love and sex carry no meaning for a self-realized person.

Lord Krisna is the only person in the whole history of Hinduism who is considered an Avatar... a direct descendant of God Almighty! Why so? In his very young age he demonstrated such powers that normally even a self realized person could not exercise. He was much above the hold of senses and the mind. When a god realized person is far above the hold of love and sex what to talk of a living Avatar practicing love and sex. It is beyond imagination! Such things never happen in the domain of purified atmans (souls) and avatars.

In earlier times that science had not yet evolved as it is today. Moreover... the Spiritual masters of the yester era lived in deep jungles and in non reachable forlorn areas... and if one had to realize god in those times it was just not possible unless one became a Shishya of the Spiritual masters residing in secluded places. The Guru Shishya parampara prevailed in those times. One had to present himself before the Spiritual master and it was only dependent upon our desired Guru to accept us or not. On the contrary In present times one need not go to secluded places for the Spiritual masters like Rama Krisna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana (both of whom realized God within their life time) lived well within the confines of the society.

With the development of the mind... the need to go to the secluded places almost vanished. These days one can even while living in the family can realize God. I have been able to do it... I know the price I have paid... I was prepared for everything comes whatever may... I was offered powers beyond imagination but I had only one and only goal of having a darshan of God within this lifetime. And God Almighty graced me with his Darshan in the wee hours of third of August 1993. Since then it has never been looking back... the feeling of Ananda... the desire to serve the Humanity is something that can never be described in words.

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