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Query: What is God, who is a God. What is the link between god soul atman and human being?

Vijay Kumar:
Before we try understanding the relationship between God, souls' atmans and human beings... the highest manifest stage of life in the cosmic life cycle... we need to understand the meaning of God... What does soul atman mean? How do we define soul atman! Who is a human being... its relationship with soul atman and God?

When we generally refer to God... we indeed mean Almighty God... the Creator of all cosmos... all living beings! God is not the form of human beings. It is pure celestial power... the magnitude of which is beyond the capture of human beings! Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed were all man gods... enlightened beings who gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha) in their lifetime!

Gaining enlightenment and salvation is the prerogative of every individual human being that exists on Mother Earth. Come whatever may... every single individual human being would gain enlightenment at the end of the cosmic journey... the 8.4 millionth manifestation! Every human being passes through 1.1 million manifestations in the human form. Does it mean human beings have 1.1 million manifestations to reach the stage of enlightenment and finally salvation... yes, the truth is so!

God Almighty... the Creator of the Cosmos is one... man gods can be many... rather numerous! We may even have many Avatars (God manifest in human form) but only one God Almighty... the one and only one... the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God! Almighty God for all purposes does not relate to any single religion.

In all religions of the world the position of God Almighty remains the same... nomenclature remaining different! In Hinduism God Almighty is also termed as Brahma, Parmatman, Brahman, Prabhu, Bhagwan, Purusha, Allah, Khuda, Bhagavan... and what not! In Christianity people equate Jesus Christ as the son of God. How can it be? God Almighty is pure cosmic energy... it neither manifests nor assumes a form!

God Almighty always acts as a Dhrista (onlooker)... never interfering in the creation of his! As is the karma of individuals, so is their destiny! Mangoes cannot grow on a guava tree! Every human being on Mother Earth simply reaps the fruits of karma performed! In the domain of God... there is no space for miracles!

Bhagavad Gita... the most sacred Scripture of Hinduism existing on Mother Earth explicitly clarifies the definition of God. The sum total of all souls' atmans in the Cosmos at a given point of time is what we know as God Almighty. At the time of dissolution of the Cosmos... the entire Cosmos reduces to the size of half a thumb! And what is this half a thumb?

As detailed in Bhagavad Gita... the moment complete dissolution of the Cosmos occurs... all souls atmans in whatever stage of manifestation they be reach the 8.4 millionth manifestation... the last in the cosmic life cycle! Sooner all souls' atmans regain their original pure pristine form... devoid of all impurities within... the cluster of all purified souls atmans combine together to form the size of half a thumb.

This half a thumb... the cluster of purified cosmic energy... the sum total of all purified souls atmans in the Cosmos is what we know as God Almighty. This prime pure cosmic energy unable to retain itself for long in its prime state again explodes with a big bang... giving rise to a new cosmos... a new journey of life! Thus explosion of God Almighty results in creation of a new cosmos!

The concept of God Almighty exploding self is not palatable... most human beings governed by their ego within, the wanton desires and greed for materialistic riches never fathoms the depths of cosmic wisdom in its entirety. The moment human beings reach the stage of enlightenment... all becomes absolutely clear... one finally gains salvation!

Having reached the stage of enlightenment and salvation... the liberated soul atman within finally rests in the abode of God... in the kingdom of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism). Reaching Vaikuntha is the ultimate goal of life for every soul atman. A total journey of 8.4 million manifestations... that approximates 96.4 million earthly years is a long journey indeed!

To cleanse itself of the impurities within... every soul atman manifests one form after another. Initially manifesting the form of an amoeba (single cell formation)... the first manifestation in the cosmic life cycle... the soul atman further evolves into multi-cell formation, then insect life, plant life, animal life and finally the form of human beings!

Only in the human form the soul atman gets liberated finally from the cycle of birth and death... from manifesting one form after another! Gaining enlightenment and finally salvation in the human form announces the end of the journey for the soul atman within. Having reached the end of spiritual pursuit... the Mount Everest of spiritual life... one finally enters the kingdom of God!

Journey in the human form is the noblest experience for the soul atman within. The human form is achieved after crossing 7.3 million manifestations in the insect, plant and animal form! Traveling the spiritual path as a human being is the end goal of life for the soul atman within! To travel or not to travel is the sole prerogative of every individual human being.

Who knows what we shall be in the next manifestation! Why not travel the spiritual path now!

At the time of big bang when all souls atmans hurtle down the cosmic journey... they gather impurities on the way similar as rolling ball gathers moss! And thus starts the cosmic journey of the soul atman within! As human beings we all pray to God not out of fear but in praise of Lord who created the mighty Cosmos.

God exists within every human being in minuscule form as our soul atman. Our soul atman is the prime master and controller of the body. Our body is simply an instrument... programmed to carry out dictates of the soul atman within. However, to follow or not to follow the dictates of the soul atman is the sole prerogative of every human being.

The exclusive power of discrimination available to all human beings that distinguishes us from animals makes human beings unique in the whole cosmic system. We need not simply indulge in ritual worship... there is no end to that! Traveling the path of jnana yoga is the true essence of life. Enlightenment and finally salvation can only be gained traveling the path of jnana yoga... never otherwise!

In present times many think that Bhakti yoga can deliver one from all the sins committed in this or earlier lives. This is a misnomer... such things can never be! The prime governor of the cosmic system is the doctrine of karma... that carries the residual balance from one life to another. In absence of the doctrine of karma... our soul atman would ever remain sandwiched in its original state forever.

Unless we perform the requisite karma... we simply cannot atone for the sins committed in the present or previous lives. Prayers simply enhance our journey... they just cannot neutralize the negative effects of bad karma! No ritual ever can finally deliver us from the sins committed by us. We have to undergo the prescribed punishment for the same.

The moment we realize the cosmic truth that it is our soul atman on its cosmic journey to purify itself... we attempt to reduce the effects of the negative karma performed in the present or the previous lives. The moment complete dross impurities within the soul atman remove... the soul atman finally regains its prime pristine original pure form.

We need not worship our soul atman. We in fact are a living soul atman encased in a body! The voice coming out of our mouth is the voice of our soul atman that seems to reside within our heart. Those who practice absolute truthfulness in life distinctly hear the voice of our soul atman that always guides us on the right path.

Riding waves of absolute truthfulness one finally transgresses ephemeral phase of life... the physical manifest world! If we desire hearing the sweet small inner voice of our soul atman we need practice absolute truthfulness in day-to-day life. Ever since I was young I always stood ground for absolute truthfulness unmindful of the implications!

I simply wanted to see and meet God in this very life. At no stage of life was I willing to sacrifice my habit of truthfulness. Being truthful had its demerits. Slowly it dawned upon me that something within my heart keeps prompting me on the right path! The moment I realized the absolute truth... I had my soul atman alongside me.

From now on my soul was my guide in the journey of life! Whenever I tended to go wrong knowingly or unknowingly... the sweet small inner voice of my soul atman always prompted me to travel the path of Dharma (righteousness) under all circumstances! My own soul became my partner in the journey of life. It really worked wonders at every stage of life!

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May God bless all!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of God explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on soul can be found at Proof of God ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

 Full text of query: What is God, how is God, who is a God, Is it a super natural power which exist on earth , wherein we cannot feel it, see it nor atleast converse with it.

In " you are never late for good deeds", you have said that atman is god inside you and body is the temple, is that true that a single person will be having two idols , one to be seen and the other not. I have heard that atman will speak only after the death of a person, it will not raise it's voice untill then. Will it really works in a person when he is alive.

What is a mere link between God -> Human Being -> Atman??

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