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Blame it on God

Query: Blame it on god... The world has become unstable, Is this what god wants?

Vijay Kumar:
Anything gone wrong in the world... blame it on god!

Human beings not behaving like civilized people... blame it on god!

The ozone layer that protects Mother Earth from effects of ultraviolet rays has punctured... blame it on god!

The world running after material riches... blame it on god!

A human being commits suicide... blame it on god!

Poor farmers unable to cope with harsh circumstances community has imposed commit suicide... blame it on god!

The murderers and rapists roam freely in the society... blame it on god!

The society has become totally unlivable... blame it on god!

In the name of God so many undesirable things happen in temples of God... blame it on god!

The poor God.... had he known the present society in the Kali Yuga phase of life (the metal age) would blame him all the time... he might not have created manifest life! Ah! So that was not within the powers of god and society came into being!

The Creator who had all the best intentions while creating the manifest world... is he least concerned with the happenings world-wide. Why do we all blame God for any untoward happening! Is it not the easiest way to pass the buck!

Do we all really care for god Almighty... his absolutely magnificent creation! Did God ever advise us to run after materialistic riches like a mad dog! Why do we all the time keep our bestial desires ignited!

Is something really amiss with a human being! Have we truly lost our way! Overindulgence in everything undesirable... be one a child or grown-up... where is the will to end it all! We go to the temple, church or a mosque... only to satisfy our cravings!

Praying to God... even the basics of prayer are not followed by human beings! In the circumstances putting blame on god all the time... Will it bear fruitful results!

Do we really expect god to come and set things right! Is it his duty to take care of things put out of shape by human beings! Are we truly not running after the ephemeral riches of life? In our mad rush to become rich overnight... have we not transgressed the boundaries fixed by God?

How easy to blame one who can never be seen... still, we all feel his presence. God Almighty always remains hidden from those who have not yet transcended the basics of life.

Do we realize only a few years from now we shall enter the golden era phase of life (the Sat Yuga)? These shall be the golden moments of life for which mankind has waited since long! But the golden era would be preceded by a World War Three... a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam.

It is only then true values in society gain a foothold!

No matter what, the life as destined by God comes full circle. We have sufferings... we also have bliss. We have days... we also have nights! We have fire... we also have water! In the cosmos the sum total of all at any given point of time must always remain zero. That is how Cosmos and the system created by God maintains itself.

If God has plus hundred power... we also have Satan with minus hundred power. Sometimes we follow god but during the Kali Yuga phase of life we inherently follow Satan. This leads to unholy tendencies and an anarchic life.

If every human being asks whether one has been truly faithful to his own self... the answer would be plain no! All is the result of a system that cannot err! All are to be blamed for the present chaos in the society. The doctrine of mass karma confirms this.

Let us all not wait for god to make things happen! Let us do our part in the society. Every individual will have to play his own part. Only then can we hope to see a world as destined by God.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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 Full text of query: The world has become unstable now> Is this what god want?

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