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Query: Define spiritual consciousness and awareness in process of spiritual enlightenment. If i want to be more conscious and aware of my self and present moment, how do i do it?

Vijay Kumar:
Our consciousness... in essence is the real truth of life. No living being can exist without the consciousness within! Our consciousness is the soul atman residing within our heart... the controller and master of the body! It is our soul atman that is on its cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations... an earthly domain of 96.4 million years!

Spiritual enlightenment is reaching the end of the cosmic journey... the 8.4 millionth manifestation! The moment one realizes true self... that we are not a body encasing a soul but a soul atman on its cosmic journey to purify itself... to work out its karma... eradicate the impurities... the dross within... all is over for the soul atman within!

Realization of the consciousness within us... becoming aware of the presence of God Almighty in its minuscule form present within us is becoming aware of the spiritual world. Dominated by the ego within most human beings on Mother Earth do not consider our soul atman to be the end of all!

Mounted with a bloated ego, wanton desires and greed for materialistic riches... most human beings do not care for the spiritual world... the consciousness present within us! The presence of consciousness within us is taken for granted! We do not want to realize that everybody... the living human being... the living being is just a pawn in the hands of the mighty soul atman within!

Similar as metal within an ore cannot purify itself on its own and requires requisite mining processes for the same... our soul atman also requires manifesting a series of bodies to work out its karma... remove the impurities dross within!

Every soul atman initially manifests the form of an amoeba (single cell formation)... the first manifestation in the cosmic life cycle! Subsequently it evolves into multi-cell formation, then insect life, plant life, animal life and finally the form of human beings. The human stage is reached after crossing 7.3 million manifestations in the insect, plant and animal form!

The form of a human being is the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle. Only as human beings the soul atman within regain its original pure pristine form by liberating self from the cycle of birth and death forever! In the human form alone we have 1.1 million manifestations to reach the end goal of life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation!

Does it mean every human being has a total of 1.1 million manifestations to gain enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)... yes, the truth is so! Becoming aware of the consciousness within is the sole aim of cosmic life! The moment one reaches the stage of enlightenment... it is pure consciousness that finally pervades the system!

Having gained enlightenment and finally salvation (moksha)... for the liberated soul atman it is a direct journey into the kingdom of God... the abode of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism). Travel in human form is the noblest experience for the soul atman within. It becomes the duty of every human being to assist the soul atman within... the consciousness within to liberate itself from the cycle of birth and death forever.

Whether we do it now... in the present life or many manifestations henceforth is solely dependent upon every individual human being! Who knows what we shall be in the next manifestation... why not travel the spiritual path now! Always remember... we have one life to live!

To become aware of the self... the consciousness within... one needs following the path of absolute truthfulness always and ever! Remaining truthful in life is one of the most important ingredients on the spiritual path! In absence of truthfulness nothing much can be gained on the spiritual path.

Following the path of absolute truthfulness... we need to cut across the bond of karma... the residual karma from the previous manifestations! The moment the residual balance of karma becomes zero... one finally gains enlightenment and salvation. For cutting across the shackles of karma... we need to control the five senses and the mind in totality.

Establishing absolute control over the five senses and the mind is the most difficult task faced by serious seekers of spirituality. Absolute faith in God Almighty paves way for a smoother journey! Following the path of Neti (not this, not this)... the Shavasana way of yoga... One reduces the clutter... the unwanted thoughts entering our brain every moment of life!

Lesser the residual balance of karma... greater is the awareness of the spiritual consciousness within! As the impurities within the soul atman reduce... human beings rise higher on the spiritual platform... becoming more aware of the spiritual consciousness present within our heart as our soul atman!

We may or may not seriously desire gaining enlightenment in present life but traveling the spiritual path clearly enhances our focus... brings more clarity in life! Lesser the invocation of thoughts... nearer we get to the ultimate goal of life... the stage of enlightenment and finally salvation!

In whatever stage of life one may be... traveling the spiritual path brings happiness in life. It is a different matter that while living in Grihastha ashram (family life)... traveling the spiritual path is full of preconditions... the prime reason why most find it difficult to live spiritual life... the life as intended by God Almighty!

May God bless all!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Consciousness explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on spiritual awareness can be found at Mental Power ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: Could you please tell me what is consciousness and awareness in process of spiritual enlightenment. If i want to be more conscious and aware of my self and present moment, how do i do it. Could you tell me your location.

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