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Manifest Destiny

We also need to understand the basics of the cosmic system that shall make it amply
clear why at all everything was predestined. What are the circumstances that can
get us hold of our manifest destiny. If there is atoll something that can give
us control of our manifest destiny then why does not every Human being take control
of his manifest destiny?

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    Everything in life was predetermined! However human beings were imbibed with special power of discrimination that distinguished human beings from animals. Mounted with this special power of discrimination human beings exercised willpower! Exercising willpower human beings finally manifested destiny.
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    At no stage of life... life is ever predetermined! Destiny and free will always lay in control of mankind! By following path of absolute truthfulness... by hearing sweet small inner voice of my soul atman I finally manifested destiny... took absolute control of life!
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    Predestiny Predestined Manifest Destiny: Definition meaning by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993! What is manifest destiny dawn of destiny some succeed because they're destined to Destined for Excellence destined for deliverance destined to suffer

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