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Query: Something about Life after death! Can we communicate with the atmans (souls) of our near and dear ones?

Vijay Kumar:
Life after death is the most queried question on the Internet. Why?

Why the subject life after death carries so much curiosity? Is it because the death of a loved one makes the basic instinct in every human being come alive? Firstly, we desire to establish a contact with the departed soul. Secondly, there always remains a query as to what will happen to us after our death!

Shall we come back again and manifest another body or the life ends itself within this life! This query of life after death disturbs every single human being on mother earth. The prime reason that we work day and night to accumulate materialistic riches and in the end part of life everything remains behind... is absolutely disturbing. We become wise in the field of our study and in a stroke of fate all would become useless. Why?

Why do we continue slogging on without ever contemplating upon the subject of life after death? Why can not every individual human being live like JRD Tata... a Karma Yogi par excellence!

In his lifetime JRD Tata never built a house for himself... what to say of worrying for the next life! He may or may not have believed in the continuity of life after death but one thing was absolutely clear to him. And that was, "we have only got only one life to live"! He truly lived this life to its best.

JRD Tata was an exemplary in the fact that he lived like a true trustee of God. He believed that everything owned by the Tata Empire truly belonged to God. And he was only a mere trustee in the hands of God. His only duty was to act as the maintainer... a true trustee on behalf of God and see to it that whatever has been placed in his charge never dips in value.

As a true trustee JRD Tata had no worries at all. As everything belonged to God... according to JRD the worries also belonged to God. And why should he worry on behalf of God. Whether there existed life after death or not... nothing mattered to him! What mattered to him most in present life was caring for the objects placed in his custody by God Almighty.

As a true custodian of God JRD Tata lived like a true Karma Yogi. He may or may not have known or believed in the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita but practicing the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita every moment of his life was his forte. He truly lived like a king... one who had the direct blessings of God Almighty.

The present scion of the Tata Empire... Ratan Tata is almost in contradiction to the beliefs of JRD Tata. Ratan Tata feels that everything owned by the Tata Empire belongs to him. And in taking care of things as a manager... he is losing the true essence of life. The life as was truly lived by JRD Tata is completely missing in Ratan Tata.

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In the doctrine of the trustee and the onlooker relationship (God Almighty has been considered as an onlooker for he never interferes at any stage in the creation of his) one thing is explicitly clear. And the message that we are not supposed to delve into the question of life after death is very clear... for it is beyond the control of normal human beings to do so!

What our next manifestation maybe would never be told to us by God. Such a thing never exists in the system of God. Why? If I were ever to know that my best friend in present life was responsible for my death in one of my earlier manifestations... how would it affect my present relationship with my best friend! Probably I would be after his blood all the time. After all... accountability has to be there!

This is where God forbid human beings to know about their past or the future lives. It is only very accomplished sages and Saints who are sometimes able to look into the past and the future of human beings. This faculty demands that it not be misused for any commercial purposes lest the power gets withdrawn by God Almighty.

Of all the things one very pertinent question remains and that is whether the atmans (souls) of the departed beings rotate nearby the family they have already manifested into. Yes, it is not only a possibility but a confirmed fact. Why?

As per theory of karma... every individual Atman soul which is bonded to any other Atman soul is likely to manifest in the same family. The reason that it is the only way that these two atmans (souls) can work out their Karma and neutralize it for ever! This neutralization of Karma is the biggest asset of mankind. Whoever understands the philosophy is a true master of Spirituality.

The bonding Karma aka klesha in Jainism and Hinduism is the governing factor in the cosmic system of God Almighty. As long as there is the balance of klesha between two atmans (souls)... it is but not possible for these two Atmans to escape each other. They have to manifest into the same family again and again until this bonding klesha is altogether negated.

It is most likely that our dying grandfather or the grandmother may be reborn as a child of the daughter or the son in the family. Only then the continuity of life in the cosmic system of God can be maintained. However, for one to know the true identity of life in the previous life has been forbidden by God for ever.

This cannot be... every individual human being has been prohibited to look back into the past or the future to know the identity of life as it existed then or it may exist further on. We come across many instances in life when we sometimes feel so much bonded to the newly born child. We fail to understand that he or she, the newly born child was our mother or the close relative who met accidental premature death in earlier life.

Like the fragrance of a flower or the presence of God which cannot be seen by the physical senses but can always be felt... the same atman having manifested into the family can be directly experienced by those who really cared for the departed soul.

Further on if two atmans (souls) bond to each other and develop a klesha of the order that nothing can separate them then, it is most likely that the relationship would continue in the lives to come. It need not necessarily be the old relationship but the relationship as such would continue.

It is possible that a husband and wife truly attached to each other in present life after separation may rejoin as mother and son, daughter and father, mother and daughter or father and son. It can be any relationship for that matter.

Sometimes we may have observed that the grandson is deeply attached to the grandfather or the grandmother. It is only possible based on logical conclusions that the relationship has extended beyond the past manifestation. It is only the relationship of the past life which has flowered into the present life.

As we have been prohibited to look into the past or the future... we must contend with the present life and live life like a true Karma Yogi... one as lived by JRD Tata, a Karma Yogi par excellence. In following these dictates of God we are inherently following whatever is expressed in the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita put forward by Lord Krishna.

Life goes on and on and we are not supposed to get affected by the departing of souls in the family. Memories sometimes do disturb us but so is the system built by God Almighty. As we are not supposed to interfere in the affairs of his (the God Almighty)... trying not to approach Tantrics for knowing the truth of the past manifestations is the best solution.

Every atman soul manifests a body based on theory of karma. As comes the time to depart nothing... not even God Almighty would interfere! We feel bereaved but then a new hope... a new life gets generated in the process. Time is the best healer. Why? Simply because it is only with time that all matters would come to rest. Time is the best healer for all anxieties!

The seven birth relationships between a husband and wife or even promises of spending thousands of lives together is only merely a saying. Who is our husband in present life may become the wife of someone another... Maybe in the immediate next manifestation! Who knows what? Why worry of the future when we do not have powers even to control our present.

Taking control of destiny is possible only for the chosen few. JRD Tata was one of them. He lived life on his own terms. He never settled for anything less than hundred percent perfection. This man of steel will cherish the hearts of many Indians for times to come... he was one of the best examples of how life is supposed to be lived.

Never brooding into the past or the future must be our forte... this is what Lord Krishna taught us in his famous doctrine of Bhagavad Gita. We must always remember that everything belongs to God and every living Jiva nay every human being is but an instrument in the hands of God. We only have to live life as a true trustee. Only then we can live like a king.

Brooding into the issue of life after death is just prohibited by Bhagavad Gita. The wounds inflicted upon us by the sudden departure of our loved one maybe deep but time shall heal everything. Why brood into the past or the future and spoil the present! Why worry at all about life after death!

We must all live a kings life... this is what the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita teaches us all.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Life After Death explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on proof of life after death can be found at Life after Death ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: I WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THE LIFE AFTER DEATH . can we communicate with the atmans of our near and dear ones? is the relation of husband and wife long enough for seven births? do they meet again and again?


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