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Awaken Kundalini Power

Query: How do I awaken my kundalini power when marriage is part of my religion! Will the practice of this yoga together with a marriage life cause me difficulty in the body? I have also experienced the hooded serpent covering me from the back or is this in my imagination?

Vijay Kumar:
Life is not that simple as it seems to be! Gaining salvation (moksha in Hinduism) in life is reaching the stage of Prophet Mohammed. The Islamic Dharma... the sacred Quran may or may not agree but every Muslim has a right to reach the stage of prophet Mohammed... become one with God Almighty... the Allah! (I am absolutely internally convinced that no prophet... who has gained enlightenment preaches otherwise).

One does not find salvation... gaining salvation is the end goal of every living form including human beings. One starts on the cosmic journey initially as an amoeba (single cell formation)... the first manifestation in the cosmic life cycle. It further evolves into multi-cell formation... then insect life... plant life... animal life and finally the form of human beings! The form of human beings is the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle.

It is only in the human form one gains enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha). Never in the insect, plant or animal form one ever gains enlightenment and salvation! Having manifested the human form... the goal of life becomes gaining enlightenment and salvation at the earliest! In other words become a Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed in this very life!

If we do not believe that normal human beings can reach the level of Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed... no use pursuing the spiritual path of life! Full awakening of the Kundalini results in one reaching the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi... the stage when one comes in contact with God Almighty on one-to-one basis! Thereafter it is a direct path to enlightenment and salvation.

In the last about 150 years only two persons gained enlightenment amongst 6500 million people existing on Mother Earth. Gaining enlightenment is truly not that easy... yet, not unachievable! The goal of life must be absolutely clear... what we finally desire of the present manifest life! Millions of people world over indulge in meditation and Yoga... never knowing even the meaning of meditation yoga.

Awakening of the Kundalini has its merits. One gradually rises on the spiritual platform. As the impurities within our soul atman reduce... we become more awakened from within! As the complete impurities within the soul atman remove... the soul atman immediately regains its original pure pristine form. This is the stage of enlightenment and salvation for a human being.

As the awakening of the Kundalini occurs... one furthers self from family life. As we near the end of the journey... we even fail to recognize our brethren... our near and dears! Our own children including wife do not seem our own as all the children and womenfolk appear the same to us. We have practically lifted self above slavish animal indulgence... we have gained absolute purity on the spiritual path.

Unable to differentiate between whom we call our own and the rest we gain a saintly character. For us the manifest family life carries no meaning any further. Our soul atman having gained absolute purity... liberates forever from the cycle of birth and death and the liberated soul atman after gaining enlightenment and salvation finally enters the abode of God... the kingdom of God (aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism).

I am not advocating that we must do not pursue the path of Kundalini awakening. We must definitely indulge in spiritual practice as and when possible. But to think that full awakening of the Kundalini occurs while living in family life... it is the most tedious of tasks for even an accomplished spiritual seeker. To seek or not to seek and when is the sole prerogative of every individual human being! Why delay the journey for we do not know what we shall be in the next manifestation!

The essence of everything lies in our goal of life... of the present manifest life! When 11 years of age I wanted to see and meet God in this very life. By 13 years of age my desire turned into conviction! Come whatever may... I shall see and meet God in this very life! How on the spiritual path my Kundalini awakened fully absolutely unknown to me... I do not know! The moment I gained self realization... all became clear to me.

The sacred scriptures of Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, Quran, the Buddhist scriptures and the teachings of Mahavira... All have become like ABCD to me. It is as if I had written them in one of my earlier manifestations. Having reached the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi after full awakening of the Kundalini... I had realized my real self! My soul atman having purified completely... I shall but gain salvation in this very life!

The Kundalini awakening process is really frightening. The many hooded Cobra seems to surround you from all sides... No escape whatever! Slowly we come out of the grips of this hooded Cobra and the moment we realize our folly... our Kundalini has fully awakened! Our Kundalini lies hidden in our spine. By practicing absolute celibacy for a continuous period of minimum 12 years... one successfully awakens the Kundalini fully... never before!

Practicing voluntary celibacy without bindings is the essence of Kundalini awakening! In absence of absolute practice of celibacy... thinking of awakening of the Kundalini is incomprehensible! The human form is manifested after crossing 7.3 million manifestations in the insect, plant and animal life! In the human form alone we have 1.1 million manifestations to reach the stage of enlightenment and salvation.

There is no hurry if we do not desire awakening of the Kundalini in the present manifestation. But why delay? Desire or no desire... one shall finally reach the end goal of life... the stage of enlightenment and salvation! The journey is long. 1.1 million Manifestations require approximately 12.1 million earthly years... a long journey indeed! God Almighty never desired to cut short the path... it is only one or two persons in a century who truly awaken their Kundalini!

In the present life we may or may not proceed on the spiritual path but we must be certain about... the impurities within our soul atman must gradually diminish manifestation after manifestation! It is how the journey of life gets covered in the cosmic system! Faster the spiritual journey... shorter is the earthly domain! We can permanently end sufferings by gaining enlightenment and finally salvation by reaching the 8.4 millionth manifestation... the last leg in the cosmic life cycle!

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May God bless all!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Awaken Kundalini Power explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on kundalini serpent power can be found at Kundalini Awakening ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

 Full text of query: As a muslim, how do I awaken my kundalini power when marriage is part of my religion. I am married and have one child and think it is possible to awaken my kundalini or inner spiritual power as God would not place limitations on finding him.

I have practised Yoga as taught to me by Sri Swami Sivananda and have experienced a burning sensation in my abdominal area. I have since stopped and the sensation has gone away. Will the practice of this yoga together with a marriage life cause me difficulty in the body?

I have also experienced the hooded serpent covering me from the back or is this in my imagination. If I have said anything that is incorrect or offensive, please forgive me. I am truly trying to find salvation…

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