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Query: How can you help others to Think Positive when their mind is used to Negative Thinking? Sometimes people do Work Hard but they do not get any returns for many years, How do you encourage people to believe in Good Karma?

Vijay Kumar:
Unless the incumbent was willing to interact... nothing can help in the matter! No teacher can force a student to come first in class! We can all act as a guide in the journey of life! When young... very young I was fascinated by life stories of learned people! Biographies and autobiographies was my pet subject!

I read every biography or autobiography I could lay my hands upon! Books by Napoleon Hill are truly great in helping one realize the power of positive thinking! One must read books by Napoleon Hill... no matter what! Every human being who truly wants to succeed in life must read all about Napoleon Hill and what he has to say about life!

When we indulge in hard work and do not get repaid in the same terms... negative feelings takeover! We feel depressed unable to understand the logic behind such dealings of God. At times people lost their total faith in God Almighty. But is God Almighty to blame for karma indulged by us?

Until we understood the absolute crux of life that human form has been manifested by our soul atman... the spirit within... we do not get anywhere! JRD Tata... the most successful technological pioneer of India rightly said, "I was born a trustee"... everything belonged to God Almighty... I had just to take care of his belongings in the best possible manner!

Throughout his life JRD Tata took best care of everything ordained to him by God Almighty! Tata Empire grew by leaps and bounds under the able stewardship of JRD Tata... popularly called Jeh... the man of steel! JRD Tata truly was a Karma Yogi par excellence... who never considered anything his own!

At no stage of life JRD Tata ever considered the whole Tata Empire his own! In the similar fashion every single human being on mother earth must live life! As our soul atman... the spirit within is the absolute master and controller of human body... the fruits of karma performed by human beings also belonged to our soul atman... our true real inner self!

If we suffer in present life... all owes its existence to negative karma performed by us in previous manifestations! To get out of clutches of negative karma... we have to indulge in positive karma all the time! Where is the question of quitting midway! If we are born at a negative karmic index of -47, we have to indulge in positive karma and gain +47 marks!

Only then residual balance of karma from previous manifestations would negate to zero! The moment residual balance of karma from previous manifestations became zero... it shall be happiness all the way further down! As seeds of negative karma have been eliminated altogether... we shall only experience happiness all the time!

Sometimes eliminating negative karma from previous manifestations in one manifestation may be difficult but we have no other alternative! For tyrants like Hitler... it may be many manifestations before the residual balance of karma negated to zero! The soul atman of Hitler would continue to suffer in the physical manifest form for many many generations to come!

After brutally killing so many people... the soul atman of Hitler could not manifest the form of a human being again in near future! It would again and again manifest form of an animal... even insect or a plant... the lower species! Why indulge in negative karma and manifest a lower form? We must always remember human form is the highest manifest stage in cosmic life cycle!

For wise... indulgence in positive karma all the time is the only right step forward! No matter what... we have to understand the crux of karma... the definition of karma in its entirety! Karma acts as accountant general of cosmic system... keeping record of minutest action indulged by human beings. Every single thought precipitates into an act of karma!

Negative thinking scores negative points on scales of karma! We are not allowed to think negative. If we do so... we only earn negative marks! To get out of clutches of bad karma... we have to indulge in positive karma all the time... prime reason why spiritual people indulged in positive karma most of time!

The path of pure spirituality... the path of spiritual awareness is ingrained with happiness all around! But on path of pure spirituality we do not enjoy material comforts as our counterparts! Those who indulged in material comforts of life indulged in vice. For a straightforward positive thinking person... there is no place for material comforts in life!

A straightforward honest person just cannot survive in India. But for a straightforward honest person to survive in United States of America is not only possible... one can also look forward to a bright future ahead! It is an irony of fate that for an honest truthful person to survive in India is not only difficult... but a matter of life and death.

Still, as we are born in this country... we must never call quits... we must indulge in our best in the present circumstances! Rajendra Prasad the first president of an independent republic India studied all his life under a street lamp! He never bickered on petty things of life! He took all things in right stride that came his way!

It is difficult for ladies to understand the crux of karma... still, we have no other alternative! We must try to understand that some people all of a sudden win a lottery! How? Such a happening did not result from karma of present life! Nothing in cosmic system happens all of a sudden. Everything results from our karma performed in previous manifestations!

What if positive residual balance of karma from previous manifestations fructified suddenly! We are bound to win a lottery... and enjoy a windfall! Practising patience, persistence and perseverance at its best is the best solution in such times! Who knows when a small part of residual balance of positive karma precipitates in our favor? All is possible in the house of God.

God Almighty keeps testing us all the time! In India we call it Agni Pariksha! If we truly desire succeeding in every Agni Pariksha undertaken by God... we have to bear with fruits of bad karma indulged by us in previous manifestations! With passage of time... everything heals! Spirituality is the best healer of all! Spiritual healing has no other alternative!

As per Bhagavad Gita nothing belongs to us at any stage of life. When nothing belongs to us... where is the cause for worry! As ordained by God Almighty our soul atman has taken the present human form for a mere 70 to 80 years of earthly sojourn. Either we pass it laughingly or with a heavy heart criticizing God all the time!

Why betray the trust God Almighty placed in us! Journey in human form is the most pleasant experience for a soul atman! Before manifesting human form... our soul atman has already manifested 7.3 million forms in insect, plant and animal life! Still as a human being we indulged in negative thinking! The highest manifest form indulging in trivialities of life... simply unbelievable!

Only in human form our soul atman finally reaches last leg of cosmic life when human beings gained enlightenment in their 8.4 millionth manifestation! Gautama Buddha in the initial stages of spiritual pursuit was so depressed with life that he might have committed suicide! But his resolve was absolute... he had to find the absolute truth... no matter what!

Mahavira... the 24 Tirthankara of Jainism (preceptor) gained enlightenment at 42 years of age! For full 30 years Mahavira preached to mankind whatever he gained on spiritual path! On the contrary Gautama Buddha gained enlightenment in the last leg of earthly domain! He was almost 80 years of age when Gautama Buddha gained enlightenment!

By that time the body of Gautama Buddha was so frail that Gautama Buddha left his mortal frame at 81 years of age. While living in community Gautama Buddha did not gain enlightenment. He left for deep dense forests for contemplation... Neither living in isolation Gautama Buddha gained enlightenment. Finally Gautama Buddha took the middle path.

Neither living in community could one gain enlightenment nor in isolation of forests... so declared Gautama Buddha! Finally Gautama Buddha proclaimed taking middle path! All teachings of Buddhism are based on this premise! If we have the will... we always have a way out! When our willpower is absolute... God Almighty guides us all along!

We have nothing to fear ever in life! As everything belonged to God Almighty... we just needed to take care of his belongings that he entrusted to us with full faith! We cannot lose trust in God ever! In the system of God trust is always one-sided. Our faith in God Almighty must always remain firm and absolute! Only then we reap the fruits of karma in present life.

In the present earthly domain in the last about 150 years only two persons reached stage of enlightenment... Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana! Reading anything related to these spiritual stalwarts is of great help! You can relate incidents from life of these spiritual stalwarts to your partner in making! With passage of time all would even out.

Positive thinking is an art that has to be cultivated step-by-step slowly! Treading the path of tortoise is not only painful but difficult. But the end truly belongs to us! In the race between hare and tortoise... the tortoise always wins the race... no matter what! On the earthly domain it may sometimes appear that hare has won.

In the field of pure spirituality... it is honesty... sincerity... hard work that ultimately pays in the end! Accumulating material riches by indulgence in vice earns negative marks! People indulging in negative karma ultimately suffered in the end! Why follow path of deceit for pure temporary gains! The end always belongs to those who remained sincere, truthful and hard-working all along!

Born in a village... I never thought I would ever realize God in present life! However in the wee hours of third of August 1993 I finally realized God at 37 years of age! This is my last manifestation... the 8.4 millionth manifestation! Nowhere to go further... I shall but attain salvation (moksha) the moment I leave my mortal frame!

This does not mean I did not have my quota of sufferings! How many times I had to eat hell for breakfast... how many contemplations of suicide I do not remember. But my resolve to find God in this very life was absolute. I was prepared for every single suffering that was ordained to me by God Almighty! I was always after the end result... never indulging midway!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Spiritiual Consciousness explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on think positive - good karma can be found at Karma Sutra ... Vijay Kumar - 1 Sep 2010.

 Full text of query: I came across your website and found very good inoformation on Spiritiual Consciousness. I am glad that you have put out such information that can guide many of us whenever we need it. I have few questions for you if you can help.

How can you help others to think positive when their mind is used to with negative thinking? how do you make someone understand that doing right always costs money and time? Sometimes people do work hard but they do not get any returns for many years, how do you encourage them to believe in Good Karma? Please advise.

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