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Mahavira and Karma Goal of Life

Query: What do you think about Rudrakasha's and its effect on the body/soul?
You did not answer about Simandhar swami. How many vasudevas exist in a cosmic cycle? Like there are 24 tirthankaras…What do you have to say about the Nadi Jyotishyam? Where they can say your name, parents name etc by taking a thumb impression and matching a leaf to it.

Vijay Kumar:
The human body is primarily made up of above 70% water and the balance consisting of minerals and metals and other gross products. Someone who has an excess percentage of iron in the body will be more affected by planet Mars that primarily has huge deposits of iron on its surface.

Every human being in that way gets affected by the presence of minerals and metals around us. Whether Rudrakasha affects our body or not... I am not certain as I simply do not believe in the power of miracles. If putting a Rudrakasha on my body makes me feel positive... if it provides healing energy to the body... why not use it!

At any given moment of time... every human being is the sum total of ones thoughts. Everything we use in life must create positive energy. Anything negative must be shunned. If we are born at number 46, our karma must be targeted towards achieving number 47... Not 45! Indulgence in wanton desires and materialistic riches only retard the journey!

As a human being we have that special power of discrimination that distinguishes us from animals! Mounted with this power of discrimination we human beings must analyze everything in terms of positive gain only. Why enact karma that ultimately yields negative marks on the karma index.

In a short span of life of 70 to 80 years... where is the time to indulge in negative tendencies! Out of 6500 million people living on Mother Earth... how many have we met! There is more to life than what we have observed till now! Indulging in Punya karma (positive karma) all the time is the gist of life! Whenever we tend to go wrong we must hear the sweet small inner voice of our soul atman within that seems to come from within our heart.

The voice of our soul atman coming from our heart is our best guide in the journey of life. The voice of our soul atman always guides us on the right path!

Jainism primarily is recognized from the times of Mahavira... the 24 Tirthankara! The Wisdom of the ages... the cosmic Wisdom precipitated during the times of Mahavira... the 24 Tirthankara! Until 23 Tirthankara... there was none amongst the public to assimilate the teachings of the tirthankaras. The Wisdom of the tirthankaras before the advent of Mahavira was limited to the individual self.

I distinctly remember during my schooldays... a particular student amongst the elite of the society had to perform an experiment during the final exams. We were all asked to prepare water in the lab. For this we needed to generate hydrogen and oxygen and the moment both gases combined together... water was formed!

The student from the elite of the society very articulately prepared for the experiment. Everything seemed nice initially. But for some reason due to leakage in one of the tubes water was not forming. Compared to this there was a poor student... a bright one! His work looked shabby yet water trickled down minute by minute!

The external examiner graded both the boys. The one who was able to show the final result... the trickling of water got the highest marks. The other who had prepared better but failed to show the end result scored poor! It is always the ultimate result we are after. From the first Tirthankara... the Rishabhdeva to the 23 Tirthankara, Lord Parshvanatha... the Wisdom of the ages remained limited to these enlightened souls alone.

It was the might of Mahavira alone... the 24 Tirthankara that water finally precipitated trickle by trickle! It was Mahavira and Mahavira alone who precipitated the Wisdom of the Sacred Bhagavad Gita to the masses. In every mode of life... getting the end result is of consequence! Rest is all a matter of speculation!

Be it Simandhar swami or anyone else... we must simply limit self to the Wisdom expressed by Mahavira... the 24 Tirthankara of Jainism! The purpose of human journey is gaining enlightenment and salvation. We need to reach the end goal of life... we need to precipitate water in the end.

The success of the journey lay not in the number of efforts but the precipitation of water at the end of the journey! One who wins the race is one who gains enlightenment at the end of the journey! The whole life... manifestation after manifestation is limited by only one goal of life... gaining enlightenment at the end of the journey, precipitating the gases and forming water!

Furthermore, in the history of mankind there has only been one Vasudeva and he was Lord Krishna! In the entire history of mankind there has only been one Lord Krishna... the savior of mankind... an Avatar of Dwaper Yuga! If you read my article on Dharma things become explicitly clear. Even before the advent of Lord Krishna mankind existed! How?

Dharma and dharma definition

Ever since the creation of mankind, the situation of absolute chaos... adharma (lawlessness) existed only during the times of Lord Krishna. This necessitated the coming of Lord Krishna... an Avatar of the era (God manifest in human form). Before the advent of Lord Krishna Wisdom remained limited to Vedas... the spoken words... direct invocation of words from God Almighty!

All the four Vedas were voluminous documents... the Rig Veda, the Sama Veda, the Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda! By any means it was not possible for the masses to assimilate the Wisdom contained in the voluminous Vedas. The content of the Vedas... the Wisdom of the Vedas remained limited to the Brahmins of that age!

At the end of the Vedic age God Almighty considered it necessary that the cosmic Wisdom precipitates to the common masses... mankind in general! The four fruits... the four Vedas were churned together and the juice that followed was termed Vedanta... the Sacred Bhagavad Gita! In Hinduism the doctrine of Sacred Bhagavad Gita is also termed Vedanta (end of the Vedas)!

Lord Krishna was the first human being who presented to mankind for the first time the cosmic Wisdom... the Wisdom of the Vedas! No sooner this happened... human beings realized their true potential! It was in the human form alone one gains enlightenment and salvation... never otherwise! The last manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle... the form of human beings was truly the best part of life in the cosmic sojourn of our soul atman within!

On the path to gaining self realization... there are many hurdles created by God Almighty... many enchantresses wanting to seduce one at the first opportunity (I am sorry for the usage of words but to make things explicitly clear... I needed expressing truthfully). All the siddhis... all the cosmic powers that be makes one fall from grace.

In my own search for God Almighty, I do not remember how many times I was offered the best of the cosmic world. Had I accepted even one of the commercial powers, I would have never realized God in my lifetime! My goal was definite... in this very life I would realize God... I would come face-to-face with God Almighty come whatever may!

Had I left for USA in 1984 when I had the opportunity, I would have easily amassed a fortune above $2 billion till date... but that was not to be! For me every diamond is but stone polished bright. Materialistic riches... the moment death looks us in the eye are all left behind. What passes to the next manifestation is the residual balance of karma alone... nothing else!

If we have a residual balance of Punya karma in the present manifestation... the opening balance of the next manifestation definitely would be positive. If perchance we have a negative balance of karma in the present manifestation... chances are we might take birth in the house of a daily wager... a life of sheer hard work and toiling day and night!

It happened with Acharya Rajneesh (aka Osho). He mixed sex with spirituality. He was almost at number 98 in the cosmic hierarchy. As per his initial writings he should have gained enlightenment in his lifetime but failed! The essence of spirituality does not lay in sex but practicing absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation!

Sage Vishwamitra... a renowned sage of his era on the sight of a maiden woman taking bath in forlorn circumstances in the deep dense forests (jungles) lost himself! He had to again repeat the practice of celibacy for another 12 years in a go! The poor Sage Vishwamitra got seduced by an enchantress... simply unbelievable yet, a fact of life!

Bhagavad Gita... the most sacred Scripture of Hinduism existing on Mother Earth can never be understood literally. By practicing absolute truthfulness we need to read in between the lines. The sweet small inner voice of our soul atman always guides us on the right path. Following the path of Neti (not this, not this)... the Shavasana way of yoga one finally reaches the end goal of life... the stage of enlightenment and finally salvation!

May God bless you!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Mahavira and Karma explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on goal of life can be found at : Karma Sutra ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: What do you think about Rudrakasha's and it's effect on the body/soul? You did not answer about Simandhar swami. How many vasudeva's exist in a cosmic cycle? Like there are 24 tirthankara's… What do you have to say about the Nadi Jyotishyam? Where they can say your name, parents name etc by taking a thumb impression and matching a leaf to it.

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