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 Query: God and Karma... What governs life of human beings on mother earth?

Vijay Kumar:
You say... God Almighty governed life of human beings on mother earth! If it were so... where was the need for free will... that special power of discrimination which distinguishes us from animals! You believed in literal reading of sacred texts of Hinduism! The gist of sacred scriptures could not be understood literally... they demanded reading in between the lines!

The moment God Almighty exploded self with a big bang... all pure souls atmans scattered all over cosmos at unimaginable speeds! In the melee... the hurtling souls' atmans gathered impurities... similar as a rolling ball gathers moss! To cleanse self of dross impurities within... for karma to burn in totality starts cosmic life cycle of every soul atman!

In Hinduism a soul is termed atman!

God Almighty is not form of human beings! God Almighty is source of primordial cosmic energy... the combined power of all pure souls’ atmans in cosmos at a given moment of time! This magnanimous cosmic energy... the size of half a thumb unable to control itself in its prime pure state exploded with a big bang to form present cosmos in all its glory.

Wanting to understand scriptural texts literally would not get us anywhere... prime reason why most human beings on mother earth failed to travel spiritual path! Most human beings on mother earth travelled path of religion... never path of spirituality... path of unknown! People failed to understand definition of spirituality... what to talk of travelling spiritual path!

Understand meaning of karma... karma definition is essence of life! Ever since whole creation came into being... it is directly governed by inscrutable laws of karma! As we sow so shall we reap... nothing less or more... say laws of karma! We just could not expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree! In the domain of God Almighty there never are free lunches.

At the time of death of body... whatever the residual balance of karma... the closing balance... the same becomes opening balance for next manifestation! If we stood at karmic index 7.850039 at the time of death... our soul atman shall again manifest a body that had a karmic index of 7.850039 from the beginning of life!

Stated in simpler words... if a human being was destined to live 80 years of life in present earthly sojourn... and for any reason if the life was cut short... then the soul atman shall again manifest a new form for remaining balance years! If one died at 60... Then soul atman shall manifest a body that lives for 20 years and accomplishments of earlier life would be available to one from start!

The system of God is never disordered at any stage of life as assumed by ignorant scientist Stephen Hawking in his famous book, "a brief history of time". The ignorant scientist Stephen Hawking failed to understand that spirituality starts from the point where science ends. It was beyond capability of Stephen Hawking to understand precepts of spirituality! Why?

Science demands proofs that are not forthcoming in field of pure spirituality! In domain of God Almighty it is absolute faith in God Almighty that rules the roost! Unless one had absolute faith in God Almighty... nothing worthwhile could be accomplished on spiritual path! Developing absolute faith in God Almighty is extremely difficult yet, not impossible!

In times of suffering people blamed God. For a serious seeker of spirituality who had absolute faith in God Almighty... God was never to blame! God Almighty always acted as Dhrishta (onlooker) never interfering with creation of his! At every stage of life it was karma coupled with laws of evolution that governed life on mother earth!

For understanding God... for understanding what spirituality is all about... assimilating pearls of wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita was necessitated! Simply stating... God is everywhere does not mean anything... one has to understand the underlying concept! God is everywhere because all souls’ atmans at the time of big bang scattered all over cosmos.

If an individual grain of sand is an independent soul atman... the whole mound God Almighty! If an individual piece of puzzle is an independent soul atman... the completed puzzle God Almighty! The definition of God Almighty cannot be understood that easily! Our undertaking spiritual path was necessitated to realize God in this very life!

God Almighty never directly taught or preached anything! It was sages and saints of different era who invoked cosmic wisdom contained in various Vedas and Upanishads (independent treatises)! With coming of Lord Krishna... wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita got invoked! The doctrine of Bhagavad Gita was given to mankind by Lord Krishna in battle of Mahabharata!

By travelling spiritual path human beings finally negated karma to zero! Karma cleansing in totality is not that easily achieved! It is only by establishing absolute control over five senses and mind human beings finally annihilated karma to zero! Negation of karma in totality finally resulted in full awakening of Kundalini Shakti... coiled serpentine energy lying dormant in base of spine!

Apart from establishing absolute control over five senses and mind... practice of absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation was necessitated for full awakening of kundalini shakti! The moment our kundalini awakened fully... Sahasra Pushpa (thousand petaled Lotus) existing in brain behind forehead opened fully... one immediately gaining enlightenment forever!

At any given moment of time normal human beings used their brain one percent... 99% always lying dormant! Enlightened ones always used their brain hundred percent! Gaining enlightenment spelt working the brain to full capacity... one finally becomes knower of all... gains omniscience for all practical purposes!

Karma was that inherent ingredient of cosmic system... controlling which human beings finally reached stage of enlightenment (termed kaivalya in Hinduism) and salvation (moksha)! Those with a sunny disposition and good thinking always invoked positive karma... good karma all the time! Those indulging in vice... invoked negative karma... bad karma all the time!

Getting out of clutches of karma was not that simple! God Almighty ordained a long journey of 1.1 million manifestations in human form (that entailed an earthly life cycle of 12.4 million years) for human beings to reach stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)!

Truly path of spirituality entailed a long journey... much beyond comprehension of most human beings! Prime reason why human beings preferred travelling path of religion than spirituality! But path of religion... path of rituals never led to God Almighty! If we truly desire reaching god in present life... our undertaking spiritual journey was absolute must... one could never do without!

Summing it all... it is our karma that moulds our destiny! As we performed... accordingly the manifestation of results! Good karma invoked virtues... bad karma... path of vice! The onus always remained with human beings! God Almighty had given human beings a free hand in all things cosmic! To exercise free will is solely our prerogative... God never interfered in our working!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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 Full text of query: Being spiritual, what God has taught me that God is everywhere and God comes in form of Human on earth to teach and also to preach. Everything each and every small thing is handled by Him.

Now I read these lines 'We all know that God Almighty never manifests himself in human form. Neither God plays an active role in his creation' in your essay WW3 and Iran Prophecy Islam. Please put light on it.

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