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Who shall be Bhagavan Kalki

Query: Who shall be Bhagavan Kalki... the chosen one?

Vijay Kumar:
Before we indulge on the subject of Bhagavan Kalki I would like to indicate the attributes of Bhagavan Kalki which are in vogue.

Bhagavan Kalki for all practical purposes shall be the one who guides the humanity in the present chaos. Bhagavan Kalki is the chosen one... he shall possess almost the same powers as Lord Krishna.

Bhagavan Kalki is destined to save the mankind from the rigors of today. The day to day lowering of the human values, humans behaving more like a vicious animal (it is ironic that sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish man from an animal), the breaking up of relationships between the family members, between communities and on a larger scale the countries themselves has become the order of the day.

Such a one who shall be fully prepared and powered to address the ills of today head-on shall be known as Bhagavan Kalki... one who shall annihilate the ills of today and make the humanity step forward towards a new golden era... the Satyuga (the golden period).

The annihilator of the Kali Yuga (the dark age)... one who shall possess the powers of the Kali (the goddess with daemonic powers) shall be the one who shall result in perishing of about 1200 million people from the face of the world. Why?

Bhagavan Kalki shall be the one who shall make the dharma prevalent again over the numerous religions being followed world-wide. This is only possible after a world war... the third and the final nuclear war fought between Christianity and Islam (and which shall be rightly termed as a fight to the finish). Why so?

Amongst all the religions of the world... it is only that Christianity and Islam religions are fundamentalist in nature. The followers of both these religions are aggressive religionists. They do not want to see beyond their religion. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate god. The followers of Islamic dharma believe that Prophet Mohammed was the only true God.

We fail to understand that in the cosmic hierarchy... every human being has but to realize god, gain enlightenment and finally gains moksha salvation. Where is the cause for antipathy towards another? All preachers practiced and preached that Almighty God is one... paths being many. Whether we take the Christianity route or the Koranic path... it shall always lead to the same goal.

In the system of god everything is synchronized to the last. There is no chance for error. It is but possible that all human beings existing on Mother Earth can live in absolute harmony nay even animals and human beings can live in perfect harmony. We need to practice patience and compassion all the time.

Bhagavan Kalki shall be the most revered figure since the last about 3600 years. To uplift the mankind from the existing level is only possible for a person... a true incarnate of the Almighty God himself. And the true incarnation of Almighty God lands himself on Mother Earth only once every 3500 to 5000 years. Why so?

After striking a tennis ball we observe that, it takes rotations one after another and finally comes to rest. The crest of the last rotation is lower in value than the previous crest. Suppose the ball was thrown at number hundred. It is possible that this ball makes a crest at number 88 while attempting to jump back to its original position and again it takes loop only to jump back to a height of 75 and so on. And finally the ball comes to absolute rest.

In the spiritual domain also the happenings occur exactly in the same fashion. Just before the coming of Lord Krishna... the society was in a state of utmost turmoil. Someone larger-than-life was needed to uplift the society back to its position. Lord Krishna came and resulted in the start of Satyuga the golden era.

After a lapse of about 3600 years it is the turn of Bhagavan Kalki who has to do the almost impossible task... the task of making the ball rise straight up to the number hundred before being launched again. None other than an incarnate of the omnipotent one can achieve this feat. One who shall be able to bring all the countries on a common platform can only be Bhagavan Kalki... the deliverer!

What's more... this Bhagavan Kalki would have a following of about 2000 million people out of which 1000 million would have absolute blind faith in him. The balance 1000 million would believe in him (Bhagavan Kalki) in totality. There would be many more who would believe in his preaching but their ego not allowing them to accept Bhagavan Kalki as the undisputed leader!

Out of a total population of about 6000 million people existing on Mother Earth... 1200 million are expected to perish in the fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam. Amongst the balance 4800 million people it is almost 50 per cent who shall believe in the doings of Bhagavan Kalki and follow him to the end.

It is only Bhagavan Kalki who can provide a justified end to the Kali Yuga the metal age. One whose teachings and preaching would be based on the strength of his character... one who shall have an absolutely logical approach towards every problem and justice rendered. Bhagavan Kalki would never be dictatorial in character. He shall be a man from the masses, a believer in the concept of by the people, of the people, and for the people.

His judgments would balk even the most prudent wise existing on Mother Earth! He would be almost a Chanakya of the present era. Chanakya is one character in Hindu dharma that looks upon the society as one without dross. He all the time keeps a feeling alive that human being by nature is ignorant and must be forgiven by and large.

Simultaneously he also delivers goods. The Chanakya who lived in prehistoric India made 100 kings bow before him for they were not prone to reason or rhyme. At a point of time when Chanakya thought that the infighting between the Kings may result in perishing of about one million people... the way he endured justice was supreme. His actions resulted in the death of all the hundred kings in one night.

Such was his deliverance of justice. Even the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita states that to save a million lives even if hundreds deaths are committed... no injustice has been done. This act of Chanakya did not earn him Papa karma. He was the beneficiary in the end!

In times of Bhagavan Kalki the society as a whole shall get a reprieve to improve upon self and also those around. Every individual would be able to exercise his right and all shall be equal in the eyes of Bhagavan Kalki. No prejudices from any end... the mankind would flourish from the time Bhagavan Kalki has set the system right!

Bhagavan Kalki would also be termed as Yuga avatar... the starter of a Yuga (a new era).

The most heartening factor related to Bhagavan Kalki is that we shall see Bhagavan Kalki in our present times. The third and the final world war of the present era was initially expected around 1998~1999 and subsequently around 2003 but as of present it is expected around 2012. It is during this period we can expect the coming of the avatar of the era... Bhagavan Kalki!

To distinguish between the right and wrong would be the forte of Bhagavan Kalki. To punish the guilty and reward the hard-working and honest denizen of the society would be possible for Bhagavan Kalki. Might is right shall be the forgotten order. Truth and only truth shall be the order of the day.

Man or woman... everything would be governed by truthfulness. For the guilty the stature of Bhagavan Kalki would be like a bloodhound. Dharma has got to prevail at all costs. Bhagavan Kalki would make it possible come whatever may!

The society as of today awaits the coming of Bhagavan Kalki! Call him the Messiah of the masses or the downtrodden... the coming of Bhagavan Kalki would be a boon to the mankind at large!

As to whether... anyone living on Mother Earth fulfils these requirements can be termed as Bhagavan Kalki. It is not merely terming one as Bhagavan Kalki makes one Bhagavan Kalki... it is his practice that shall invoke for him the title of Bhagavan Kalki.

Truthfully speaking, anyone in whose favor our atman the soul within our heart leaps with unbound joy shall be the true Bhagavan Kalki... as to who is the true Bhagavan Kalki we need to only hear the sweet small voice coming from within our heart. It is this voice... the voice of our atman soul with shall make us distinguish the right Bhagavan Kalki from the false declarations.

Internet speaks of above 300 manifestations of Bhagavan Kalki existent as of today. Some greed for power, others drown themselves in unlimited wealth. There are many unable to satisfy even the basic queries of the masses... can such be termed as Bhagavan Kalki, the God incarnate!

Bhagavan Kalki truly shall be one like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa or a Maharishi Ramana who always lay on a cot answering to the queries of the masses. These two people never cared for themselves. It was only after having dissolved their egos (rather merged their egos in the superego of the God Almighty) that these God realized souls were able to impart the pearls of wisdom to the community.

Apart from the qualities of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa or Maharishi Ramana, Bhagavan Kalki also would have the power of Chanakya (the upholder of justice). Only then dharma would have again found its roots in the society.

When Bhagavan Kalki surfaces... one would come to know of it on its own... such would be the power of Bhagavan Kalki that the masses would flock to him like bees to a flower.

May God bless you!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"
Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on advaita. For more details on advaita visit -
advaita. Send your query - click here

Bhagavan Kalki - Bhagwan Kalki in briefAudio Hindi (71.8 MB)
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Full text of query: I have heard that this man from this website; is the incarnation of the Bhagavan Kalki, so I was wondering if this is true at all? Thank you kindly for such a wonderful and clear website. P back to who shall be bhagavan kalki

Bhagavan of the Oneness University

Query: Are you the same Vijay Kumar known as Bhagavan of the Oneness University in Chennai?

Vijay Kumar:
Even if I was one... would I ever be able to declare the same for such declarations normally lead to the community getting the wrong signal.

The query on Bhagwan Kalki in google search engine gives list of above 300 people who have declared themselves Bhagwan Kalki! How can it be so...! One who has truly become one with God Almighty need not even create an ashram (Hermitage) for the true seekers of Spirituality and God will throng to him like bees getting attracted towards a flower.

I realized God in August, 1993... That was the day when I came in one-to-one contact with God Almighty. It was a happening that was to change the happenings in the world around me. I had realized God. My journey (cosmic journey undertaken by my atman soul) had ended. At this stage I could take salvation moksha in Hinduism but that was not to be.

Even though I had realized God... some responsibilities lay bare. I had two young daughters and unless I obligated myself of these responsibilities the journey seemed not to be complete. I asked the Almighty God to assist me in this anomaly and I was granted his permission.

Sooner I shall become free of all responsibilities of family life... I shall devote myself totally for the cause of humanity at large. Only then I shall be able to truly spread message of spirit and love amongst the world community as a whole.

I know my level on the spiritual plane. Self realization and enlightenment are two different denominations for the same end. Even as Englishman calls it water, the Hindus call it Jala and followers of Islamic dharma as Pani. All three desire the same... it is only that their nomenclature is different.

I have reached a stage in life when literature does not carry any meaning for me. Whatever is contained in Bhagavad Gita or in the Scriptures of all religions of the world is like ABC to me. I may not have read any scripture or even the Bhagavad Gita for that matter but it is possible for me to invoke any Jnana wisdom existing on Mother Earth.

I need not read Bhagavad Gita for knowing whatever is contained in it. I also need not go through the Scriptures of Jainism or the Buddhist scriptures to know whatever is contained in them. Having reached the source of all wisdom through the path of Shruti Jnana I can but invoke whatever is contained in any sacred scripture existing on Mother Earth.

Having seen the sun... my interest in the light of a candle or a bulb has totally diminished. A true knower of wisdom need not refer to any written document. It is only the process of Shruti Jnana which makes everything available to a truly self realized soul. It is as if we get connected to the main transmitter from there all Jnana wisdom is being relayed to every individual Atman soul.

Bhagwan is normally referred to one who has become one with God Almighty. All man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed are called Bhagwan in their lifetime. All these souls realized God within their lifetime and attained salvation moksha in the end.

In the last 150 years only two persons have realized God. They were Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana. Both these God realized souls dispensed the wisdom to the community lying on a cot. They never cared for building an ashram or the likes of Iskcon temples built world-wide.

The true seeker of spirituality would reach the source on its own. Every bee knows where the juice of a flower would be available. To arrive at the absolute truth... one only need to refer to the documents by the master. Reading through the statements of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana one can within no time find out that they not only realized God in their lifetime but also reached the end of their cosmic journey.

It is never difficult to differentiate between truth and falsehood. The sweet small voice of our atman the soul within coming from within our heart always tells us the absolute truth. We need to hear this sweet small inner voice.

May God bless you!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"
Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on advaita. For more details on advaita visit -
advaita. Send your query - click here

Bhagavan Kalki - Bhagwan Kalki in briefAudio Hindi (71.8 MB)
(clipping takes few seconds to load initially - suitable for broadband internet connection preferably above 256 kbps)

Full text of query: I love the site. Are you the same Vijay Kumar known as Bhagavan of the Oneness University in Chennai? P back to bhagavan of the oneness university

Bhagavan Kalki and Vijay Kumar

Query: Is it true that the Bhagavan Kalki must come from India, if so, are you him?

Vijay Kumar:
Why Bhagavan Kalki would be from India only has a paradox. It is not that every spiritual master must be from India but destiny has bid so for this wonderful country we know as India.

Lord Krishna came from India. Subsequently Mahavira (the 24 Tirthankara of Jainism) who followed him also came from India. Mahavira was followed by Gautama Buddha who also belonged to India. Gautama Buddha was followed by Jesus Christ who owed his complete wisdom to the Indian universities of Nalanda and Taxila. Then came Adi Shankaracharya and finally came Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana.

The series of spiritual masters who gained enlightenment is unending. India by and large has been a source of spiritual wisdom for the masses. As the importance of a heart in a body, so is the importance of India for Mother Earth.

The body can live without all the five senses but not without a heart... similarly, humanity can survive without Christianity, Buddhist dharma, Jaina doctrines and all other sacred documents of various religions existing on Mother Earth. But... to survive without the existence of Bharat Varsha (the modern India) is out of question!

It is not a doing of one country... it is because it was disdained so by God Almighty.

There is very beautiful episode in one of the Upanishads Treatises which very clearly epitomizes this significant truth. It so happened that all the five senses at a certain point of time decided that they had enough of atman the soul within and henceforth they would not be dictated by atman the soul within.

One by one these senses left the body for a year with the hope that when it returns after a year... it expected to find the body lying in ruins. But to the surprise of all the senses... the body was hale and hearty even without these senses.

Now, it was the turn of atman the soul within to bid goodbye. The moment atman soul decided to leave the body... all the senses fell down at its feet. They bagged for mercy and compassion... they had realized the absolute truth. They had realized that the body can sustain itself without the senses but not without an atman the soul within.

Similar is the fate of India amongst all the countries existing in the world. It is true that India can sustain every onslaught and has been doing so for many centuries in the past. The patience and persistence practiced by Indians has no parallel in the whole of mankind. The Indian Army is presently considered as the best amongst all the armies in the world.

It is only the practice of patience, persistence and compassion which has truly made India what it is.

In the present Kali Yuga the metal age... the whole country is reeling under the torment perpetrated by the politicians and the bureaucrats of the country. The entire police force is just supporting these two sections of the community. Still, the common man at large is willing to suffer... there is no limit to the sufferance of these people for they have been designed accordingly by God Almighty.

As on date not only Indians but the entire mankind is waiting for the blue turbaned one who shall guide that humanity out of the present chaos. It has been interpreted by many that Nostradamus in his quatrains has expressed that the blue turbaned one would be from regions near Iraq and would be primarily of Aryan origin.

But these interpreters fail to realize that by blue turd one... Nostradamus meant about a country which is primarily surrounded by water and must be a peninsula in shape. If you look at the map of India upside down... you shall find the Indian peninsula surrounded by blue waters. This is what was interpreted by Nostradamus!

Bhagavan Kalki would be from India alone. Even Nostradamus Predictions would come true in the matter. It is a different matter that most of the regions lying in Iraq and Iran (formerly known as Persia) were a part of the Indian continent long time back.

A normal layman... a grassroots level worker would take the whole system... the whole humanity by storm as happened with Joan of Arc. And this gentleman would be given the nomination of Bhagavan Kalki by the masses.

We also need to understand that unless and until this particular low level worker is aware of the circumstances in which poverty truly lives... he can never take the challenge as would be required of him. So much power would be exercised by this one gentleman that his combined power would dwarf the power exercised and administered by most of the accomplished entrepreneurs, politicians and bureaucrats ever.

Simply stating... Bhagavan Kalki would be twice as powerful as Mahavira, almost four times as powerful as Gautama Buddha, almost eight times as powerful as Jesus Christ and about 16 times more powerful than Prophet Mohammed. There is no exaggeration in these statements.

The happenings of the future will be witnessed by the masses. We need to keep our senses tuned in and the absolute truth would flow into our heart. It is really heartening that Bhagavan Kalki would be one from the masses and shall administer justice to the masses... in the name of the masses and for the masses.

Regarding your query whether... Vijay Kumar is the awaited Bhagavan Kalki... it is for God Almighty to decide. I am a mere instrument in the hands of God. Whatever God bids me to do... I am bound by it under all circumstances. Ever since I realized God in 1993 I am doing his bidding.

Let us leave it to the Allah, the omnipotent God to take care of his children!

May God bless us all!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Bhagavan of the Oneness University explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on bhagwan kalki can be found at Kalki Avatar ... Vijay Kumar - 5 June 2010.

Full text of query: Wow, thank you kindly for the email, that explains so much and brings a lot of hope. If I may just quickly ask one last question; is it true that the Bhagavan Kalki must come from India, if so, are you him? S. back to bhagavan kalki and vijay kumar 

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