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Query: I looked over at Importance of Education section. I was against cramming things or memorizing things just for sake of getting marks. When I was studying abroad the system of education there is very different from here, there we are made to understand the concept and made to think but over here its completely different... all that matters are marks, marks and marks! What should I do?

Vijay Kumar:
What we fear most must be attempted first! Math was the only subject in which I failed in my board examinations. I never was serious about mathematics or other subjects... my goal of life were searching for God every second of life! Yet, the grace of God is bestowed on mankind in myriads of ways. I may have been a failure in studies but otherwise was very enthusiastic about life!

If someone put his hand on my head and said, Dear child... you can definitely fare well... then I took the words to heart! Maybe my attempt was not enough... but if elders thought otherwise then I must be intelligent... it was only my intelligence was not reflecting in results I got in examinations or otherwise. I had umpteen faith in God Almighty... there was never dearth of it!

Something within me kept me moving on and on! During our days board examinations were conducted in 11+... termed higher secondary! My father was doing a job in Cochin, Kerala! When the results came we all were in Cochin at that moment! I was aware that I would fail. But I had not disclosed this fact to other members of the family!

My father was worried how I would go back to Roorkee in U.P all alone to appear for the compartment! I told my father point-blank... I know where I had erred. Do not bother about the results... I shall definitely clear the compartment. I knew I will. I was put on a train to Delhi all alone. I cleared the compartment and got 55% marks!

The return journey was by flight... I had not to worry! Then I entered 12 class... the results of which would get me engineering admission in the famous University of Roorkee (now IIT, Roorkee)... the most premier institution for civil engineering studies! I was still carefree but my father was worried. I had scored too less in mathematics to clear the competition for engineering!

He inquired and then one student of third year engineering came to coach me! For one full month he tried to grasp my shortcomings and goaded me to work hard. Whatever the sayings... I still kept my so-so attitude! One day he finally said... he is quitting! He shall also report to my parents that I was not interested in studies.

I was extremely scared. Something within told me I must not let go this opportunity. I must work hard! I told point-blank this gentleman that mathematics was not my subject... nor was physics or chemistry! This engineering coach understood my problem... I had to learn from the basics! He started from the beginning... from class I!

In the meantime I took admission in a government college for 12 class! It so happened that the mathematics teacher one day called me to the blackboard and said, Vijay... you are seven boys from St. Gabriel's Academy... the best school in town. I am giving a problem... you must solve it on the black board and prove to all students that you are the cream of class!

Mr. Garg did not know that I was a failure in mathematics and had cleared the compartment! I did not mince words... I point-blank told Mr. Garg that I would not be able to solve the problem. He could not believe my words... he admonished me for letting down the name of St. Gabriel's Academy! He told me to work hard if I had to clear the engineering competition.

In the recess hours I told Mr. Garg my dilemma... he told me point blank whenever something is not clear I can come to his house for coaching! He advised me to work my best and keep up. Till date, I can hear his words admonishing me in front of whole class. I truly had let down my school... the famed St. Gabriel's Academy, Roorkee!

When I went home I took a resolve that I shall study hard and get through engineering competition! I also told my coach that from now on I shall sincerely study all as he guides me. From then on it was never looking back. Mr. Srivastava... the third year engineering student was prepared to go the extra mile with me only if I attempted hard! That I did.

I not only cleared the 12 examination with flying colors... I also entered University of Roorkee (now IIT, Roorkee) with flying colors! I had become so confident that when the engineering competition examinations were held and all the papers had been attempted excluding English paper... I told my mother I had cleared the cutoff and I shall be selected in engineering!

Next day when I returned after giving the English paper... I told my mother I had got into civil engineering... my first choice! And so I had. When I received mark sheet of competition results... I worked it all out and showed my mother that less English marks, I had cleared the cut off for admission to University of Roorkee and including English marks I had gotten into civil engineering!

My mother kept listening... not knowing what I was talking of! She was a pious religious lady who never had the chance of going to school in life except the basics! It was the grace of God... and the attempt of my father that made me what I am today. In absence of Mr. Srivastava... the admonition by Mr. Garg, I would have probably remained a failure in life. But God bid otherwise!

It was the strength of God that was guiding me all the time. Something within my heart always told me the right thing to do. I was a truthful person from the beginning... right from the age of six! I could distinctly hear the voice of my soul Atman always and ever guiding me in the journey of life every now and then!

If mathematics is the only subject you fear... carefully look at the books and take a resolve... no matter what... You shall clear mathematics with flying colors! Try searching for a good coach in your town... you may find many! I am not talking of regular coaching institutions but an independent coach who knows his subject and starts from basics if need be!

Make an attempt with all your heart... you shall definitely succeed in life! Blessings of God shall always remain with you! Never fear anything in life come whatever may! It is absolute faith in God Almighty that finally paves way for our success in life! Take advice of your elders in whom you trust. Tell your dilemma very clearly... you need to learn the basics of mathematics!

We never know who we may find in the journey of life... a true benefactor in disguise!

There is nothing wrong with your thinking or the way you reach out to life! It is only the systems that have failed in our country India. Have faith in God... and make your best attempt! Always make your best attempt in anything you do in life... you shall never have regrets later! Try the path taken by JRD Tata... a Karma Yogi par excellence!

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I have always lived life like a true Tata... as a trustee of God! Whole of my life I have worked as a true karma Yogi... a Nishakama karma yogi... never attaching self to the fruits of karma performed! And in doing so I have earned the grace of God so much so that I reached the stage of self realization in 1993 at 37 years of age! I have tried to give you all I could. Further it is your attempt... your sincerity that shall unfold the path to success of its own.

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A to Z of Importance of Education explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on system of education can be found at Importance of Education ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: I looked over at importance of education section. I always was against cramming up things or memorizing things just for the sake of getting marks. When I was studying abroad and the system of education there is very different from here, there we are made to understand the concept and made to think but over here its completely different... all that matters are marks, marks and marks!

I use to study really well beforeI came to India. But now i still do study well but not as well. Recently i failed my math test... felt very bad about it. After going through your website I have gained a lot more confidence! I have this sort of fear in maths. What should I do to overcome it?

Just as you stated in importance of education section, whatever you learnt in 4 grade/std you forgot it in 5 grade thats the same thing which is happenning to me now. WhateverI learnt in 8 std i can't remeber now. When i was in a school abroad i could remember every single thing throughout those years. Now its just the opposite!

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