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Query: Why is there an issue of consuming meat from animal that have dependent siblings? Now a days it is very difficult to find out which meat belongs to dependent siblings, for them what you suggest?

Vijay Kumar:
Have you ever watched in life young human kids getting separated from their parents! Perhaps never... but if you are an avid fan of Amitabh Bachchan... in many of his movies you must have seen why the cinestar became a angry young man! In the movie his parents were murdered in front of his eyes!

As ordained by God Almighty none world over has the right to kill parents of young siblings! This is the most horrible thing that can ever be indicated by human beings on the animal world! Killing for sake of pleasure is the most heinous of crimes in the books of God Almighty. If we can manage remaining a vegetarian... we must always do so!

Eating meat develops negative karmic thoughts... especially for one wanting to travel spiritual path! For the masses... the commoners... who cares what they eat! Their principle of life is... eat, drink and be merry... even at the cost of others! Can such people ever be expected to earn virtues Punya karma in their kitty!

Chinese eat everything you say! The prime reason why Chinese are hated world over! One nation that does not run on principles... ethics in life! Primarily Chinese do not understand the meaning of morality and ethics... rather they do not want to understand! They only want to dictate... convert nations to communism like they did in Nepal by getting the King and Queen killed overnight!

It was a strategy well planned by Chinese... to spread their tentacles into India... they converted Nepal... the only Hindu country in the world to a communist regime! The end goal of life on mother Earth is taken care of by God Almighty. If human beings fail to perform their duties... the wrath of God is merciless!

If we do not know the source of meat in present times... we must never consume it! So was ordained by our scriptures and God Almighty! We have to preserve sattvic tendencies round the year! Only then can we hope to travel the spiritual path in a better way. Eating for the sake of living is the principle of life... living for the sake of eating is living life of an animal!

Muslims are meat eaters from birth. We do not expect Muslims to have sattvic tendencies! For followers of Islamic Dharma... qualities like forgiveness do not seem to exist! Similar is the case with Chinese. Killing their own students in the Tiananmen massacre... armored tanks rolling down on innocents... what can be more barbaric, inhuman!

By and large Muslim community living in India is peaceful... they love their country. But followers of Islamic Dharma in the Middle East consider Indian Muslims as Kafir... one who has turned away from God! In fact the opposite is truth. Indian Muslims are peace loving people. It is followers of Islamic Dharma in Middle East who cane ladies... that too in public... a totally shameless act!

As per laws of Hinduism... every lady is sacrosanct. Why? Just after marriage a lady is expected to leave her house permanently and join the house of her husband! This act is extremely thought-provoking and needs many years before the lady finally settles down in the new house! What can be more torturous than a lady suffering at the hands of men?

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Consuming Meat explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on negative karmic thoughts can be found at Hinduism Beliefs ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: Why there is an issue of consuming meat from the animal that have dependent siblings? And also in certain religion like Muslim against to eat Pork, Hindus against to eat Beaf (because cow is a sacred animal), and in China people eating like any creatures now a days, is the right one?

Finally, now a days it is very difficult to find out the meat which belongs to dependent siblings, so for them what will you suggest?

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