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Materialistic Goal in Life

Query: Is it wrong to have a materialistic goal in life?

Vijay Kumar:
It is never wrong to form a materialistic goal in life but attaching self to fruits of karma performed is wrong! Sage Jnanavalakya... a Brahma jnani during the times of King Janaka (father of Sita in Ramayana) attended a holy discourse... a massive competition organized amongst spiritual pundits of that era by King Janaka for the welfare of community... the masses!

Sage Jnanavalakya is the compiler composer of the most voluminous Upanishad... Brihadaranakya Upanishad! He is also the husband of Maitreyi... a lady who became a Brahma jnani in her lifetime. In the history of mankind only two ladies till date gained enlightenment... Maitreyi and the famous philosopher saint Gargi.

The Gargi and Maitreyi colleges in New Delhi, India are reminiscent of almost unachievable feats by these two ladies of yester times. As a lady it is very difficult to gain enlightenment... the inbuilt feeling of Moha (deep emotional attachment) prohibits ladies from reaching the stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha).

The prize of that competition was one lakh cows with five priceless stones attached to each horn of every cow! No sooner the gathering of above 10,000 pundits of that era collected together... entered Sage Jnanavalakya into the scene. The competition had not yet started yet, Sage Jnanavalakya ordered his followers to take all the cows and the precious stones to the Hermitage!

The whole gathering was deeply perturbed... anguished. How could Sage Jnanavalakya order himself as the winner even before start of competition? Sage Jnanavalakya... a Brahma jnani knew very well that none world over was competent to stand against him! When people confronted him on this issue... he indulged himself in the competition and finally won!

If a Brahma jnani like Sage Jnanavalakya was after cows and the precious stones... what of a commoner... the masses! People felt disturbed... of all things how could a Brahma jnani be after material pursuits of life! Sage Jnanavalakya replied he never was after material comforts of life... the entire proceeds of the competition would be used for welfare of 3000 students in the Hermitage and also the community!

The problem lay not in material pursuits of life but how we look at it! For a rich man a few chapattis may not matter much but for someone hungry for three days... these chapattis anchored between life and death! World over particularly in India people complain about nudity. The nudity never lay in respectable ladies... the root cause always lay in the eyes of the beholder.

Look at worldly things with an open mind. The human form is the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle. Only as human beings our soul Atman finally liberated itself from cycle of birth and death forever when human beings gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha).

One must always work like JRD Tata... a true karma Yogi par excellence! In his entire lifetime JRD Tata worked as a true trustee of God! For him everything belonged to God Almighty... JRD Tata was only an instrument in the hands of God taking care of everything that belonged to God! JRD Tata always worked as a Nishakama karma Yogi... never attaching self to fruits of karma performed!

Every successful entrepreneur world over takes care of community and in return earns his profits! No entrepreneur who works with a self interest ever fully succeeds in life! The physical comforts... the materialistic comforts were meant for usage by human beings provided we do not cross limits. Remaining within limits every human being has the right to enjoy material comforts!

Let us take example of non-vegetarians. If I require one duck for my meals and if I kill three for the sake of pleasure, enjoyment... then for killing one... we are never at fault! But for killing the extra two we have become a sinner in the eyes of God... we shall be punished for the same! Everything in the system of God is justly ordered... at no stage of life God plays dice.

Treat money only as a means to an end... never an end by itself as most human beings in India do! Live life wholly on day-to-day basis as Americans do... we shall become wiser by the day!

God bless you!

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 Full text of query: Is it wrong to want materialistic things for the convenience of it.

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