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Compulsive thoughts - Practicing Forgiveness

  Query: I There is a problem that I continually face and that is of compulsive thoughts?  I want to know what it is and how I can get rid of them.

Vijay Kumar:
Compulsive thoughts emanate from past life... our residual balance of karma! One can stop inflow of these compulsive thoughts only through indulgence in nishkama karma way of life! By forgiving one and all... we can do away with karma of past lives. Forgiveness is part of spiritual life. None could travel path of pure spirituality if one was not able to forgive others for deeds performed knowingly or unknowingly. Forgiveness could not be practiced easily... prime reason why we all suffered in life! Those who had the ability to forgive others traveled spiritual journey rapidly with leaps and bounds! By forgiving others is how we paid obeisance to God Almighty.

Furthermore... unless you write in detail what compulsive thoughts you invoked most of time, how could you find a solution to your problem! Also, on path of pure spirituality... there was no place for individual indulgence. Peace in life can only be gained by working for others, never for individual self! I am always peaceful with my individual self as I work for benefit of humanity all the time. Never for once have I ever thought of individual benefit. I do not recollect working for my individual self even for once in last about 50 years. Ever since six years of age, I have lived life of absolute truth. None could sway me from path of absolute truthfulness, not even God Almighty!

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God help you in understanding the truthful meaning of yoga meditation and nishkama karma!


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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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 Full text of query: I read the Bhagvad Geeta everyday and I try to meditate in the way I can. But there is a problem that I continually face and that is of compulsive thoughts. On your website, you've written that all of us should live life rather than just passing it. I think the only thing that holds me back are the compulsive thoughts. I don't know what it is and how I can get rid of them. There are so many questions regarding meditation that I have in mind but this problem is the most painful. I just don't what to do. Please help so I can have peace in my life

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