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Query: I am so lucky to have chanced upon your website today.. Niyati (destiny) indeed helped me discover you, Gurudev.. i feel so relaxed and believe that i can talk to God directly.. I wish to learn and learn at your feet Gurudev!

I have done something wrong. What is the way to ask for forgiveness to mistakes committed knowingly?

Vijay Kumar:
When in distress people remember God... how many remember God in happier times? At a moment of time in life I may had been just as you! The difference lay only in perception. In times of distress most human beings leave things to God or chance! In my life, I made it a goal of life to see and meet God in this very life so that I could ask god all I ever wanted to!

I never waited for anyone... even elders in family to reply to my queries! Most appeared blank when confronted with lots of queries relating to god! In every house... in every community... in every state or country people keep waiting for God Almighty to set things right! If all kept waiting then who would precipitate karma was my query?

Getting no positive answers in life I started in search of God 13 years of age! I had to know abstract truths of life talked about by most but none seemed to walk! I had to know how cosmic system was run... I also wanted to know mystery behind whole cosmos... the reason why God created cosmos and life supporting planets like mother earth!

Everything related to spirituality from A to Z is available in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism yet none seems to travel the path! Most indulged superficially... the prime aim of most always remaining accumulation of materialistic riches beyond requirements! Some desired fame beyond compare... others joined the race for special recognition in society!

Whatever the goal of life... none was truly interested in God Almighty! Everyone wanted welfare of self... be one a commoner or an accomplished religious preacher!

In your journey of life you did what you thought best in prevailing circumstances yet you grieve over the matter... why? Committing errors and omissions is part of life! If we have committed a mistake... we shall definitely suffer consequences of the same... so says law of karma... the doctrine of karma given to mankind by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata!

The essence of forgiveness is detailed in various essays on my various websites yet things are not clear to you! Who can help you in the circumstances! Every single human being is master and controller of life... more so the present destiny! Still, we grieve and ponder! The human form is highest manifest stage yet human beings self-pity... why?

We do not want to dive deep into bottomless pit of spirituality! What stops us from proceeding ahead on spiritual path! Nothing... none can stop us in our journey of life... not even God Almighty! All depends upon our goal of life... our willingness to travel that extra mile... perform our karma... which is so much essential for traveling spiritual path judiciously and sincerely!

In my entire life of 54 years, I have yet to find a single person sincerely trying to reach God! Most do not want to understand even basics of religion or spirituality! I have yet to find a person who could clearly define to me meaning of religion or spirituality! Religious and spiritual travelers are many but sincere seekers totally missing!

During world philosophers meet in Pune in 1997... I was sitting right besides Dalai Lama and had I chanced to ask definition of Dharma from him... he would have appeared blank. Why? Understanding tenets of religion or spirituality is not forte of such religious preachers who follow rules of book! The meaning of religion and spirituality stems from within!

By your act of omission whether you have sinned gravely or not... who is the judge in present circumstances! Assimilate the definition of karma... Dharma and you shall understand meaning of forgiveness in entirety! If we err, God Almighty always opens a path to redeem ourselves! You have to realize the truth of life on your own!

However intelligent the teacher may seem... it is intelligence of student that is always at stake! Every teacher desires all students coming first in class but one always comes first and the other last! If a sincere seeker of spirituality follows my articles/essays on my various websites ceremoniously... one can definitely reach stage of enlightenment within one's lifetime!

Before everything else we need to understand meaning of religion or spirituality... meaning of karma and dharma! Bhagavad Gita... the gist of sacred Bhagavad Gita simply cannot be assimilated literally... it demands reading in between the lines! Understanding essence of all 700 shlokas verses contained in Bhagavad Gita is the real essence of life!

In a nutshell I have only to say that forgiveness is a very important aspect of life practicing which human beings finally forgave one and all! Unless we forgive one... we cannot assimilate the essence of spirituality! Forgiveness demands highest level of patience, persistence and perseverance that can ever be practiced by human beings!

Practice of forgiveness is necessitated on path of pure spirituality! If we have erred in present life knowingly or unknowingly... we can definitely undo our doings of present life by repenting for the same but what of deeds committed knowingly or unknowingly in previous lives! Unless all negative deeds of previous lives get negated... we never rise higher on spiritual path!

The doctrine of Prarabdha karma plays a vital role in traveling spiritual path sincerely and ceremoniously! It is only by learning intricacies of spiritual path one finally overcame negative residual balance of karma from previous manifestations! The moment negative residual balance of karma from previous manifestations becomes zero... one finally manifested destiny forever!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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 Full text of query: Gurudev namo namah, I am so lucky to have chanced upon your website today.. Niyati (destiny) indeed helped me discover you,Gurudev.. i feel so relaxed and believe that i can talk to God directly.. I wish to learn and learn at your feet Gurudev!

I wish to know how do i sincerely follow the path of Truthfulness ? What is the way to ask for forgiveness to mistakes committed knowingly ? My heart and soul continuously keeps worrying about the ADHARMA path which i have followed.. Gurudev, this feeling does not let me study other subjects..... i feel very very depressed. I feel have fallen in eyes of God and he will not forgive me?

Gurudev, will you forgive me? Will God forgive me ? Bhagwan Krishna forgive me ? I surrender to you Gurudev ... 

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