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Sri Kalki Bhagavan

Query: Sri Kalki Bhagavan... When is Kalki coming?

Vijay Kumar:
Sri Kalki Bhagavan... the messiah of present era shall be a phenomenon to witness! A one-man army... Sri Kalki Bhagwan would succeed in annihilating evil forces of nature forever! Sri Kalki Bhagavan would not be a military dictator but a humble human being... commonest of the commoner! One from masses... the messiah of present era has been awaited since long!

Why does mankind wait for coming of Bhagavan Kalki... avatar of present era (God manifest in human form)! As per Hindu mythology when society reaches a point of no return... faith amongst each other reached its lowest ebb... when evil forces of nature bared their fangs... in such times comes an avatar of era... one who succeeds in re-establishing Dharma (forces of righteousness)!

Kalki Avatar has been in making for long! Kalki Avatar already exists on mother earth... but he shall surface only at the opportune moment when pot of sin as per Hinduism is full to the brim! A duplicate of Lord Krishna... possessing almost equivalent powers that of Bhagwan Krishna... Lord Kalki would definitely be worth his salt!

The advent of Sri Kalki Bhagavan occurs at the end of Kali Yuga termed ghor Kali Yuga in Hinduism! The end of Kali Yuga always results in a mother of all wars that helps cleanse the society of all its ills! In absence of mother of all wars... nothing would improve on mother earth! Having reached point of no return... for nature to heal a full scale nuclear war is the only solution!

The present world war 3 is expected around 2012... The year of Bhagavan Kalki! Such would be the destruction in world war 3 that almost 20% population of world would wipe out! Death of above 1200 million people world over would bring the society to its heels! We have played havoc on nature for a long... now it is time for nature to hit back!

Such would be the fury of nature that thousand feet waves would become order of day! The seas and oceans swelling by about 10 to 12 feet... countries like Australia would be almost wiped off the map of world! More than one third of United Kingdom would go underwater! This is not a days doing... everything results from mass karma performed by society at large!

Our wrongdoings in past... our indulgence in bad karma shall be cause of our annihilation at the hands of nature! Australia has towed line of UK for long. Practices of UK in the past are world known. India has remained a slave of British for above 200 years! In the domain of God Almighty every action has equal and opposite reaction! Now is the time to suffer at the hands of nature!

United States of America has plundered poorer nations more poor! By extracting... exporting mineral wealth of poor nations... United States of America has indulged in a folly of which there is no forgiveness in the domain of God Almighty! Practitioners of Islamic Dharma have attacked peaceful countries of world again and again! They have to suffer at the hands of God Almighty!

Excessive rains... water clogging jamming drainage system of most countries... it would be a situation of do or die! Those living in higher reaches... mountains would also be badly affected! The fury of nature would be at its peak! Areas where humility has been practiced for long would escape the fury of mother earth!

The bad policies of United States of America and Europe combined have led to this precarious position of China taking advantage of the situation! Whatever has been done cannot be reverted back! Fully supported from all sides by China... terrorists world over would create havoc on the society! In its zeal to become superpower number one... China would leave no stone unturned!

When the ugly face of society bares openly... comes the time for common man! In such times Joan of Arc from all segments of society picks their arms! Guided by one-man army... the revered Bhagavan Kalki... it develops into a fight between commoners and the scavengers! The ugly face of China is exposed to the world!

As ordained by God Almighty... no Communist power can ever become superpower number one! The forces of Dharma (righteousness) take care of that! Powers that be... power of the common man comes to the fore. Surrounded from all sides... China finally succumbs to its misery! In the coming world war 3, world shall witness Chinese weapons in every corner of world!

Hoping to make a killing by selling arms to traitors... smugglers... terrorists China fails to realize that one could not be pardoned for long. In the ugly face of China is hidden a wish to control entire world! No point blaming USA and its allies any further! Whatever has been done is done! It is time to recover from previous follies by attacking the enemy head-on!

Guided by might of Bhagwan Kalki... the positive forces of nature... power of society would finally win the end! Bhagwan Kalki would succeed in re-establishing Dharma (forces of righteousness) world over! As the roots of Bhagwan Kalki lay in India... the spiritual citadel of world... in the aftermath of world war 3 world would witness India become superpower number one!

In the entire history of India it has never attacked any country... friendly or alien even once! Pakistan attacked India four times but was defeated every time! China in the guise of friendship attacked India in 1962 but such an eventuality would not repeat! The awaited Bhagavan Kalki... messiah of present times would take care of that!

If Bhagavan Kalki was to take care of everything... must we sit hand in hand! The downtrodden denizens of society who have never cared for mankind ever... can such people ever assist Bhagwan Kalki in re-establishing Dharma? The power of Bhagwan Kalki would emanate from commoners... masses who have been treated very badly in the past!

Developing a faithful following of above 2000 million people... Sri Bhagavan Kalki would be the most dared person on mother earth! People would flock to him like anything! One from masses... a commoner... the awaited messiah of humanity shall be a down-to-earth person! In times of Sri Bhagavan Kalki... judgment would be delivered not in hours or days... it would be instant!

It is Bhagavan Kalki who shall be termed Antichrist by Christian community! One who unveils the fallacies of Christianity shall be termed Antichrist! The evil forces of nature cannot sustain for long! With coming of Bhagavan Kalki... the two fundamentalist religions of world, Christianity and Islamic Dharma would bite dust... rather perish from face of mother earth forever!

In the domain of God Almighty as per Hindu mythology there can be delay not of months or years... but many millenniums! But when comes the opportune moment... an avatar of era surfaces... messiah of the masses! Coming of Bhagavan Kalki would announce end of Kali Yuga forever! Beyond 2014 lay dawn of golden era... the golden period!

Scriptures say the name of Bhagwan Kalki would be Vijay Kumar! Many people by the name of Vijaya Kumar have declared themselves Bhagavan Kalki. People fail to realize that by declaring self as Bhagavan Kalki does not mean anything. An avatar... a messiah is one who is declared an avatar... a messiah by masses!

Only an upright person... humblest to the core... one from the masses fits this description! And this upright person... the revered Bhagwan Kalki would surface at the right moment! Must we keep waiting for Bhagavan Kalki to come and re-establish order in the society?

Those with a cowardly attitude always keep waiting for Bhagavan Kalki! Those who desire re-establishing Dharma on mother earth never wait for anyone. In the power of common man lay power of God! When the society can no further bear the onslaught of corrupt politicians, administrators, judiciary and police... power transfers to masses at large!

So is ordained by God Almighty... none can change this order of society!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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