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Kalki Avatar 2012

Query: Kalki Avatar 2012... the coming of Bhagavan Kalki!

Vijay Kumar:
Kalki Avatar 2012 is not a layman’s precept... the coming of Kalki Avatar in 2012 is awaited by millions world over. Why? Why does the world community await coming of Bhagavan Kalki... an avatar of present era (God manifest in human form)!

As detailed in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism... when the world reaches its logical end... when cycle of life completes as per Hinduism (that usually occurred 3500 to 5000 years)... to re-establish Dharma (righteousness) against forces of evil (adharma... lawlessness)... coming of a preceptor... a messiah... God in human form becomes a reality as laid in Hinduism scriptures!

Bhagavan Kalki is born an ordinary mortal yet, owing to circumstances one dons the mettle of a Human God coupled with powers of Chanakya (the most able administrator in the history of mankind)! Such a lethal combination occurs every 3500 to 5000 years... when the society loses its sheen and one witnessed chaos all over!

Situation in some parts of the world may not be as precarious as in India where concept of Kali Yuga is deeply imbibed into the very fabric of society! There is no law and order situation in India... it is practically nil! Even in face of extreme adversities people do not face the enemy head-on... they keep waiting for a messiah to come and solve their problem!

Order in society almost reduced to zero... might is right becomes the order of day! Money power... goon power rules the roost! The weaker segments of society suffer most! In such circumstances it is only an Avatar... a messiah of present times who can truly solve the problem... re-establish Dharma (righteousness) that is so much necessitated in present scenario!

About 3600 years before now almost similar circumstances existed! Then came Lord Krishna... an avatar of his era... God manifest in human form! Right from very young age Lord Krishna exhibited supernatural powers... much beyond comprehension of most human beings! Lord Krishna finally succeeded in re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) against all odds!

When all seems lost... when masses look forward to God Almighty all the time... it is in such times humanity witnessed coming of an avatar (God manifest in human form)... a messiah of that era!

The life cycle as in Hinduism can be described thus: suppose we threw a lawn tennis ball and on first strike on ground it again bounced back only to take a second bump. This process keeps repeating until the ball goes flat. In such times it is only an avatar of era... God manifest in human form who could pick the ball and throw it again (re-establish Dharma... righteousness)!

In such precarious situations... even man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed would fail! Only an avatar of era finally succeeds in re-establishing Dharma! Bringing back order to the society is a gigantic task... something that is accomplished by the awaited Kalki Avatar!

But coming of Kalki Avatar is beset with preconditions! The end of Kali Yuga... dark times... metal age always witnesses a world war that can rightly be termed as mother of all wars! As the world gradually reaches a point of no return... it is only after the awaited world war 3... Things calm down forever!

China... kingpin of all terrorist activities world over... the mastermind behind curtain shall slowly precipitate world events to a stage that only a world war can solve the problem! It is in such times Bhagavan Kalki... the awaited avatar advent the scene! It is only the capability of Bhagwan Kalki that shall make people worldwide realize the gravity of situation.

Once people realized that China was the bad boy behind every nefarious activity world over... it would turn into a fight to finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma... the two fundamentalist religions of the world not willing to see eye to eye... no matter what! China... the ultimate supplier of technology and weapons to Islamic world hopes to make windfall profits in the melee!

With coming of Bhagavan Kalki... there is nothing to rejoice for China! Once the veil has lifted... none world over trusts China any longer! Cut from all sides... with financial embargo imposed by most countries... all strategies of China would reduce to farce! So much so that China wanting to gain number one position would consign itself to number two!

The monkey dealings of China exposed before mankind would not find a market thereafter! For centuries to come, China would remain contented at number two position! In the aftermath of awaited world war 3, the might of India would increase phenomenally... so much so that population of India would increase to 1500 million... even above!

All surrounding countries would lay their arms and seek solace in arms of India! India henceforth would be termed... Greater India... with a combined population exceeding 1500 million! With coming of Bhagavan Kalki things would be set in proper order! 1200 million people annihilated in world war 3... The aftermath of world war witnesses rebuilding of world from scratches!

The coming of Bhagavan Kalki... awaited world war 3 around 2012 can get delayed! As per doctrine of mass karma... the events in world shaped around karma performed by entire population of world exceeding 7 billion. As we sow so shall we reap... nothing less or more say the laws of karma! We cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree!

The awaited Bhagavan Kalki would never exhibit miracles! Mahavira... the 24 Tirthankara of Jainism (preceptor) rightly said... for an enlightened one there is no place for miracles in life! Miracles are never to be! Travelers of religious path believed in miracles. Travellers of path of jnana yoga... absolute wisdom believed in logistical reasoning all along!

We are slowly moving towards a point of no return! Trust amongst each other diminishing to rock bottom... it is only a fight to finish that reinvigorates society back on its pedestal! World war 3 has been in making for years. When it precipitates depends upon precarious relationship between followers of Christianity and Islamic Dharma!

Hinduism... the sacred Bhagavad Gita predicts coming of Bhagavan Kalki shortly! We are presently passing through end stage of Kali Yuga... termed ghor Kali Yuga! Jainism terms this period as Chatham Chatta! In layman terms the clock is striking 5 AM in the morning! We have another hour to go before dawn of a new era... the golden period!

Between 5 AM and 6 AM mankind shall witness the fiercest war of present era... a fight to finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma! Such would be the intensity of this war that for days one would not witness sunlight... pure air to breathe and drinking water becoming scarce! Albert Einstein rightly predicted that fourth world war would be fought with bamboos and sticks!

The complete development of society... advances in science coming to naught... the whole world shall have to be rebuilt in the aftermath of world war 3! In such circumstances even Bhagavan Kalki could not do anything! To heal the ailing mankind... to give reprieve to humanity... job of Bhagavan Kalki would be far-fetched... provide a soothing balm!

One single person... Kalki Avatar would develop a following of above 2000 million people worldwide! Such would be his clout that almost none world over dare resist his logistical and truthful approach. Truthful to core... Bhagwan Kalki would finally succeed not only in re-establishing Dharma (righteousness) but paving way for humanity to follow truth and only truth!

Bhagavan Kalki would exhibit powers almost equivalent of Lord Krishna! Avatar of modern era... a messiah... Bhagwan Kalki would be one of his kinds! Even though born an ordinary mortal... masses would term him God in human form... an avatar... a messiah! Christianity would term this messiah as Antichrist... one who unveils to mankind fallacies of Christianity!

In present times if we committed sin... it is quite possible that we bribe our way and go scot-free! But in times of Bhagwan Kalki... shall we witness the same scenario as of today! In times of Bhagwan Kalki judgment would be delivered on basis of eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth! The delivery of judgment would be immediate!

Only then society could usher into new era... the golden period!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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