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Query: The New Golden Age - Golden Period... Golden Age 2012 

Vijay Kumar:

The new golden age as per Hinduism scriptures is awaited around 2012! To be more precise... the golden period follows aftermath of a world war of highest magnitude! Unless world war 3 occurred... the new golden age would always remain a dream! The coming of a golden age announced demise of present Kali Yuga... the Dark Age... metal age!  


Many world over expected golden age 2012 being a distinct possibility... but such an eventuality is totally ruled out now! Why? When world war 3 occurs... it would almost be three years before we saw aftermath of world war 3. The completion of world war 3 would announce start of Satyuga... the golden period... the new golden age as anticipated in Hinduism scriptures! 


Why the period ending a Kali Yuga is termed Satyuga... the start of golden period! As per Hinduism scriptures... as per sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism... whenever the society went downhill... whenever humanity reached a point of no return... to re-establish Dharma (righteousness) came a savior... a messiah... an avatar of present era! 


With coming of this messiah... society witnessed drastic changes in human values! World war 3 would announce death of above 1200 million people. Such a massive destruction always results in complete overhaul of human thinking! This becomes possible through teachings of Bhagavad Gita... the most sacred scripture existing on mother earth! 


Mounted with power of wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita... Kalki avatar... the awaited messiah would bring a total turnaround in the society! This era... this period would be termed the golden era... the golden age! Such would be the might of India after world war 3... That India would remain superpower number one for centuries to come. 


That is what golden age is all about! As of present... the new golden age is not expected before 2016 but definitely before 2022! The emergence of new golden era would also announce demise of Christianity and Islamic Dharma as of today! Christianity and Islamic Dharma are two fundamentalist religions that do not see eye to eye! 


Americans by and large are wonderful people but what of American politicians that have milked dry most developing nations... underdeveloped nations! The politics of America is dirty... prime reason why major casualties in world war 3 would be in Christian and Islamic countries! 


As ordained by God Almighty... truth and justice can be delayed but not for very long! With coming of Bhagavan Kalki... an avatar of present era (God manifest in human form)... world would witness the most glorious period for mankind in coming times. Such would be the glory of the new golden age that a pot of gold found in the back yard would not find a claimant! 


Coming of Kalki avatar is no simple phenomenon. Many people world over declared self as Bhagwan Kalki! Such blatant declarations cannot fool the entire mankind. Bhagwan Kalki... Kalki avatar... a duplicate of Lord Krishna would be one without parallel! Upholder of ethical and moral values... Kalki would develop a peaceful reign for centuries to come! 


Terrorists worldwide... rogue nations could definitely trigger world war 3 in 2012 but the end of world war 3 would prolong beyond 2014! The whole system world over is waiting on a precipice... the moment patience of one country gives way... it might precipitate world war 3. From all angles world war 3 is not afar! 


To many it seems... triggering a world war is not easy! Yes... this is also true... prime reason why many countries world over are hesitating to start world war 3! No matter what... world war 3 would be triggered by any of the three countries... Pakistan, Iran or United States of America! One blast... the size of an atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima... and world war 3 starts! 


Alternatively... death of above half million people would trigger world war 3. Such a happening... such an eventuality is expected to occur in United States of America in the near future! One could never tame rogue nations like Pakistan. Financially supported by Iran and technically supported by China... a nation as small as Pakistan can cause absolute chaos world over! 


As human beings we must always strive towards truth... the absolute truth! We must always remain truthful in all circumstances of life! Only then humanity would find reprieve in the coming new golden age... golden era!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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