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Spiritual Paths of Hinduism

Query: Spiritual Paths of Hinduism... How is Bhakti Yoga different from JnanaYoga!

Vijay Kumar:
Spiritual paths of Hinduism are many but in present times one could reach God Almighty... stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) only via path of spirituality... path of jnana yoga... absolute wisdom! In present times one never reaches God via path of bhakti yoga... path of religion... path of rituals! The spiritual path of bhakti yoga is not prevalent in present times. Why?

Absolute faith necessitated for human beings to travel spiritual path of bhakti yoga does not exist in present times... prime reason why both Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana who initially started in search of God via path of bhakti yoga finally switched to path of jnana yoga... path of absolute wisdom!

Full submission to God Almighty in present times is out of question! Amongst 7 billion people existing world over none is competent to travel path of bhakti yoga... the spiritual path that demands total submission to God Almighty! How difficult is total submission to God Almighty... can be gauged from the fact that in the last about 150 years amongst 7 billion people existing world over only two persons succeeded in absolute submission to God Almighty!

Both Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana initially started their spiritual journey via path of bhakti yoga but both finally switched to path of jnana yoga... path of absolute wisdom! In the present scientific age contemplation on God Almighty was necessitated to reach stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)!

Contemplation on God Almighty simply means realizing our true inner self... our soul atman... the spirit within! As detailed in Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism we are not a physical manifest form that encases a soul atman within. In fact we are a soul atman on its cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations... an earthly life cycle of 96.4 million years! A soul is termed atman in Hinduism.

In the initial 7.3 million manifestations a soul atman manifests forms of insect, plant and animal life! In the remaining 1.1 million manifestations in human form... one is expected to reach God Almighty... stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)! Stated otherwise... total submission to God Almighty entailed an earthly journey of 12.4 million years!

1.1 million Manifestations in human form approximately required a cosmic travel of 12.4 million earthly years! Truly... spiritual path... path of jnana yoga... absolute wisdom is not that easily travelled or covered! One needs willpower demonstrated by Swami Vivekananda to traverse journey of spiritual path sincerely and diligently.

In his lifetime Swami Vivekananda did not reach stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)! This indirectly means Swami Vivekananda in his lifetime did not reach God Almighty. Why? When Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa... the able spiritual master and preceptor of Swami Vivekananda enquired why he had come to him if his goal of life was not self realization... Swami Vivekananda politely replied... he only wanted to confirm presence of God Almighty!

The absolute goal of life for Swami Vivekananda always was community service and in that Swami Vivekananda excelled! Swami Vivekananda always wanted to serve the community to its best! Swami Vivekananda never wanted to gain self realization... enlightenment in his lifetime! In 1894 Swami Vivekananda went to West to barter spirituality with money!

At this point of life Swami Vivekananda failed to realize that roots of spirituality lead in India... never in West! People in United States of America failed to realize what spirituality was all about. The famous lecture of Swami Vivekananda at World's Parliament of Religions, Chicago in 1893 won him world accolade but it was not what Swami Vivekananda pursued when coming to USA!

Swami Vivekananda simply wanted a small share from the material wealth of citizens of USA in exchange for spirituality he preached! Swami Vivekananda finally returned brokenhearted. This failure of Swami Vivekananda in getting money from United States of America finally took its toll... Swami Vivekananda died at the ripe age of 39!

Every single human being on mother earth who exhibited willpower demonstrated by Swami Vivekananda is the right candidate for travelling spiritual path sincerely and diligently! Swami Vivekananda may not have reached stage of enlightenment in his lifetime but I'm pretty sure that in his next manifestation he definitely would!

If one asked... can moksha be reached by bhakti or meditation... my answer would definitely be yes! But understanding definition of bhakti and meditation is necessitated. Bhakti also means total surrender to God Almighty! Path of meditation... path of self enquiry... path of Neti (not this, not this) as preached and advocated by Maharishi Ramana is a sure shot method for reaching God in one's lifetime! There is no dearth of spiritual literature on mother earth.

One can indulge in meditation yoga in different ways but all paths of spirituality finally led to God Almighty! Path of bhakti yoga... path of total surrender to God Almighty can only be exercised by one who understood definition of God Almighty in totality! Giving a literal reading to Bhagavad Gita... one can never reach God Almighty... one needs reading in between the lines!

The gist of original Bhagavad Gita with English transliteration... the doctrine given to mankind by Lord Krishna is available for mere $.60 (rupees 30/=) at most railway stations of India or directly from Geeta press, Gorakhpur, India but how many people world over truly fathomed the wisdom contained in sacred Bhagwad Geeta of Hinduism!

The gist of all sacred scriptures can never be fathomed literally... all demand reading in between the lines! It is only through path of contemplation... self enquiry human beings finally reached true essence of life... finally realizing that we are a soul atman on its cosmic journey and not a manifest physical form... form of human being!

Right from first manifestation as an amoeba... to last as human beings... the sole purpose of a soul atman remains regaining its lost original pure prime pristine form at the earliest! Human beings reaching stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha) announced one reaching abode of God... kingdom of God (termed Vaikuntha in Hinduism)!

The path of bhakti initially taken by Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and also Maharishi Ramana has its pitfalls! Unless we eradicated dross impurities within our soul atman by indulging in good karma... positive karma all the time... one could never negate karma to zero. Absolute control over five senses and mind can only be established after reducing karma to zero!

Absolute control over five senses and mind announced one finally reaching stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi... state of absolute nothingness when not a single thought entered our brain uninvoked! Absolute control over five senses and mind also required one practising Brahmacharya Vrata... practice of absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation!

It is only by practising absolute celibacy for a period of 14 years in continuation I finally reached portals of God Almighty in 1993 at 37 years of age! This is my last manifestation on mother earth... nowhere else to go further... I shall but attain salvation (moksha) moment I leave my mortal frame!

Having realized God in 1993... Details of various spiritual paths are absolutely clear to me! In present Kali Yuga... Dark Age... metal age one could never reach God Almighty via path of karma yoga or bhakti yoga alone! Paths to God Almighty are many but God can only be reached through process of self enquiry when one negated presence of everything other than God!

The fundamentals of path of karma yoga, bhakti yoga and jnana yoga are available in Bhagavad Gita in explicit detail! It is Bhagavad Gita that advises to follow path of jnana yoga in the present scientific age! Bhagavad Gita also advises one to follow path of absolute truthfulness always and ever! One who is never truthful could never reach God in one's lifetime!

Path of bhakti yoga... path of total surrender to God Almighty demanded one living life as a true trustee of God Almighty! Unless one dedicated fruits of karma performed to God Almighty all the time... total surrender to God Almighty was not possible! In the present materialistic age dominated by a bloated ego most human beings pursued earthly goals of life!

How can such people ever be expected to travel path of bhakti yoga... path of total surrender?

Working nishkama karma way of life is what total surrender to God is all about! Total surrender to God Almighty does not mean praying to God, singing praises and hymns all the time! Remaining immersed in rituals... one never gets to understand anything related to God Almighty! When we worked with a detached attitude practising nishkama karma way of life... one finally reached God!

JRD Tata... the most able scion of Tata industry... a Karma Yogi par excellence always remained a trustee of God throughout his life! Not for once JRD Tata felt he was owner of all wealth that was termed Tata Empire by Society! JRD Tata truly practiced nishkama karma way of life. Although JRD Tata did not practice spirituality or indulged in Bhagavad Gita yet, his practice of nishkama karma way of life was above all... he truly was a fine exponent of bhakti yoga!

If we truly desire reaching God in present life time... we must never worry about different spiritual paths of Hinduism! Our concentration should be on forming an absolute goal of present life! In absence of a fixed goal our life was like a rudderless boat going round and round in the ocean! Forming an absolute goal in life is journey half covered.

When six years of age I was fascinated by God Almighty and the path of absolute truthfulness! Not knowing what God Almighty and path of truthfulness was all about... I just started searching for God in every event of life! By 13 years of age my simple desire to see and meet God finally turned to firm conviction... no matter what I shall see and find God in this very life!

It took 25 years of yoga meditation but in the wee hours of third of August 1993 I finally landed in laps of God Almighty! I had reached summum bonum of spirituality... end goal of cosmic life! As of present I am in direct communion with God Almighty every second of life.

In my 54 years of spiritual travail I have yet to find a person who could explain to me definition and meaning of spiritual terminology like God, meditation, yoga, karma, Dharma, spirituality, enlightenment, moksha and what not! I again repeat... unless we had the ferocity of character exhibited by Swami Vivekananda... we could never make it to God Almighty in present life!

Just by venturing into Himalayas (deep dense forests) ... establishing various ashrams (hermitages)... one never reached anywhere! Running after material pursuits of life... no religious seeker ever truly understood what God Almighty was all about! Those who valued pearls and diamonds... for a wise these were just stones brightly polished!

Essence of life truly laid in wisdom gained on spiritual path! Never by indulgence in karma did one gain anything on spiritual path! It is only by annihilating karma to zero human beings finally crossed all barriers of ephemeral life... finally reaching God in their lifetime!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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