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How to Come closer to God Hindu

Query: How to Come closer to God Hindu... Becoming One with God!

Vijay Kumar:
How to Come closer to God Hindu... become one with god is the question that disturbs many but the journey... spiritual path that is necessitated is difficult to travel! One can never come closer to God via path of religion... path of rituals! For becoming one with God one needs travelling path of jnana yoga... path of absolute wisdom!

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana... the two spiritual stalwarts who gained enlightenment in the past about 150 years amongst 7 billion people existing world over started their spiritual journey via path of bhakti yoga! But finally both switched to path of jnana yoga (path of absolute wisdom) to reach stage of enlightenment in their lifetime.

In present times one could not reach God Almighty via path of bhakti yoga alone! The path of karma yoga never leads one to God Almighty... no matter what! One reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) only by cutting across shackles of karma... Samsara (worldly life) forever! As long as single trace of karma remained one could not realize god... reach God!

Removing dross impurities within our soul atman is what spiritual path was all about! For removal of dross impurities within our soul atman... travel of spiritual path was necessitated! It is only through path of contemplation (self enquiry... as preached and advocated by Maharishi Ramana) human beings finally reached stage of self realization... God realization!

Coming closer to God meant our soul atman finally merging with God Almighty forever! This became possible when complete dross impurities within our soul atman removed forever! A soul atman in its purest form finally liberating self from cycle of birth and death forever... entered abode of god... Kingdom of God (termed Vaikuntha in Hinduism)... a point of no return!

Coming closer to God meant one reaching stage of enlightenment... also termed self realization... God realization! As is the common belief... one could never come closer to God by indulging in path of rituals... path of religion! Coming closer to God meant our soul atman after gaining absolute purity finally merging with God Almighty... the ultimate source of life in cosmos!

God Almighty... the cluster of all pure souls atmans in cosmos at a given moment of time cannot be realized that easily! In fact, we are primarily a soul atman on its cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations that entailed an earthly travel of 96.4 million years! As a soul atman we have manifested human form to work out our karma... remove dross impurities within!

Human form is the highest manifest stage in cosmic life cycle! It is only in human form our soul atman finally succeeded in reaching stage of enlightenment... kaivalya jnana! Enlightenment... self realization... God realization could never be reached in any form of manifestation other than human beings!

Of itself no soul atman could purify self... it needs a medium... a body to work out its karma... remove dross impurities within! Right from stage of amoeba (single cell formation)... the first manifestation in cosmic life cycle... effort of every soul atman remained rejoining the source from where it emanated... which was God Almighty himself!

Coming closer to God is not propriety of selected few human beings on mother earth! Every single human being... in whatever stage of manifestation one is... has the power and potential to reach God Almighty in one's lifetime! But how many people... more particularly Hindus came closer to God in their lifetime... perhaps none or a maximum of one or two!

In my 54 years of travail I have yet to come across a person who sincerely wanted to become one with God. Only those who exhibited willpower demonstrated by Swami Vivekananda are fit enough to travel spiritual path... reach end goal of life... stage of self realization... God realization! Spiritual path is not that easily travelled as many world over thought.

Remaining immersed in rituals... one could never gain a closer relationship with god... no matter what! Nearing end of life also does not mean one gets closer to God! The essence of life never laid in rituals... path of religion! Unless one indulged in wisdom contained in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism... one could never think of getting closer to god!

The wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita sufficed for human beings to come closer to God... become one with God! In 700 shlokas verses contained in Bhagavad Gita are hidden those pearls of wisdom realizing which human beings can truly get close to god... try becoming one with God! Apart from Bhagavad Gita... wisdom contained in Upanishads and Vedas was not necessitated!

If human beings could truly realize the essence of wisdom contained in 700 shlokas verses of Bhagavad Gita... one finally reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)! Reaching stage of kaivalya jnana announced our soul atman finally liberating self from cycle of birth and death forever and reaching kingdom of God (termed Vaikuntha in Hinduism)!

Dominated by a bloated ego... glare of material riches most human beings pursued materialistic goals of life! Can such people ever be expected to communicate with God Almighty... reach abode of God in their lifetime?

Following materialistic goals of life is distinct from travelling spiritual path! Though materialistic goals of life were necessitated for physical manifest domain of life yet, for reaching God in present life time... one needs indulgence in path of Neti (not this, not this)... path of self enquiry as preached and advocated by Maharishi Ramana!

If Ramakrishna Paramhansa can do it... so can others! If Ramana Maharishi succeeded in reaching God in his lifetime... so can we! Becoming one with God in present life time is difficult yet, not impossible! If we have the will, God Almighty always shows the way! Having a distinct goal of life is very important for becoming one with God in present life time.

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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