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What will happen in 2012

Query: What will happen in 2012... End of the World 2012

Vijay Kumar:
What will happen in 2012, the year humanity feared doom for mankind! Does mankind predict apocalypse in 2012... Hinduism treating 2012 as year of Bhagwan Kalki... the awaited messiah of present era... God manifest in human form! All in all year 2012 predicted calamity for entire mankind! Why?

Why do Mayan calendar end in 2012? How come Mayans predicted doom of mankind so much in advance! Why humanity fears coming of an Antichrist in 2012! Are we all supposed to die in 2012? Planets realignment... Mayan prophecies... doomsday forecasts... all predict failure of mankind at large in 2012!

Truly mankind has reached a point of no return. We have exploited nature beyond its capacity to replenish self! We have permanently damaged the delicate balance of nature! Now it is time for nature to strike back. The vengeance of nature would be with untold fury! Mankind would not be able to withstand rigors of nature!

What will happen in 2012 is still a guess of many! Nostradamus... the famous seer of 16 century predicted doom of mankind in 1998 ~ 1999! But nothing happened. World witnessed WTC episode in 2001... Which was only a preamble to shape of world to come? Prayers definitely delayed coming of world war 3 in 1998 ~ 1999 but for how long!

Situation world over took a downturn in 2003, then 2006 but nothing untoward happened! It was around 2004 ~ 2005 I had an intuition that something would happen in 2012! My calculations lay bare year 2012... That totaled to number 3... The number of Bhagwan Kalki! 12 year of 21 century... year 2012 truly spelt doom for mankind!

Going to frequency of Nostradamus I observed... matters would become worse by 2012! Situation almost out of hand... none world over would be able to restrain mankind forever! With masses... commoners taking power in their hands... true democracy would be practiced world over... for the people... of the people... by the people!

Such would be the intensity of public revolution that destiny of mankind would change forever! Until 2012 humanity practiced... rather indulged in materialistic tendencies! Beyond 2014 lay golden era when a pot of gold found lying in backyard would not have a claimant! Between 2012 ~ 2014 is expected fiercest war of present era in which 1200 million people are expected to perish!

The after-effects of world war 3 would be felt for decades to come! With glare of materialistic riches becoming passé forever... year 2014 would announce a new beginning for mankind... a new era devoid of material compulsions! Mankind would truly realize potential within. The worth of India would finally come to fore!

Spirituality all around... beyond 2014 world shall witness an absolutely perfect governance at hands of Bhagwan Kalki... the awaited messiah of mankind... who shall deliver justice not in days or months... justice would always be delivered hands on... in matter of seconds, minutes or hours! Such would be truthfulness practiced by this perfect gentleman... he would develop a following of above 2000 million people worldwide!

In 2012 world awaits a full scale nuclear war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma... the two fundamentalist religions of world! A cat and dog fight has always ensued between both these communities... in 2012 would arrive Day of Judgment! Society truly has reached a point of no return. Faith amongst each other at its lowest ebb... one cannot see eye to eye!

The intensity of world war 3 expected in 2012 can be gauged from the fact that Albert Einstein... the famous physicist predicted world war four would be fought with bamboos and sticks! As per Albert Einstein complete developments of science in the past millennium would come to naught! No Internet... no computers... the whole society would have to rebuild again!

This is what Kali Yuga... Dark Age... metal age of Hinduism is all about! We are presently passing through ghor Kali Yuga stage of life when clock is about to ring 5 AM in the morning! It is pitch dark... it is still another hour to go before world witnessed dawn of new era... the new morning! Between 5 AM and 6 AM lay world war 3... The fiercest war of present era!

This period in Jainism scriptures has been termed Chatham Chatta... a period of total tribulation! It is in such times coming of an avatar... a messiah as per Hinduism scriptures is necessitated! As detailed in Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism... about 3600 years before came Lord Krishna... an avatar of Dwapar Yuga! In present humanity awaits coming of Bhagavan Kalki... avatar of present era!

The coming world war 3 in 2012 would result in melting of glaciers galore... so much so that water level of seas and oceans would rise by about 10 to 12 feet! Thousand feet waves becoming order of day... the massive tsunamis would create havoc world over. Countries like Australia would be wiped off the map of world!

In the middle of Australian continent lay dense forests. The entire population lived on the periphery! In the aftermath of world war 3, there would be nothing left one could call Australia! Water will make inroads more than 50 km from the periphery! The fierce gales and storms would completely ruin the habitat for long times to come!

A region in the range of 200 km along the coasts would be badly destroyed... 200 km measured in roads! It would be like thousand feet high waves striking day and night about 200 km inward from beaches... the peripheral boundary! Gales with a potency of 300 to 400 km an hour would almost annihilate the entire region!

About two thirds of Britain would go underwater! Slavery has been practiced for long by British. Now it is time for nature to repay the same! Australia... who has the same queen as UK has always sided with wrong policies of British government! They shall be the hardest hit in the aftermath of 2012... The karma of entire nation bid it so!

We cannot remain a mute spectator to wrongdoings of nations that we support! If we have erred in past... we shall be paid in the same coin by God Almighty... so says Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism... the doctrine of mass karma! The workings of karma can never be reversed... no matter what! Prayers can delay workings of karma... but never postpone it forever!

If predictions of Nostradamus 2012 spell doom for mankind in the years to come... none can reverse the course of history... workings of karma as ordained by God Almighty! If Mayan calendar predicts end of mankind in 2012, then it shall be! Mayans were a very advanced race much ahead of their times!

Instead of finding solution to 2012, people are busy making 2012 movies world over! The ignorant moviemakers failed to realize that essence of life never laid in moneymaking but travelling spiritual path that directly led to God Almighty! When material wealth could never be transported to next life... why indulge in ephemeral affairs of life that carried no meaning!

The coming 2012 did not announce end of the world 2012 but only a paradigm shift in thinking process of society! Human beings remaining same... all other conditions remaining same... only thinking of human beings would change from negative to positive! Diamonds... that were no more than stones polished would no further attract mankind forever!

Some say in 2012... Planets alignment was in cards... some predicted apocalypse... that would never be! All would result from karma of mankind. The complete calamity in 2012 would be man-made! If mankind witnesses tsunamis and earthquakes... all shall result from mass karma performed by community in the last many decades!

Why blame God Almighty or nature for karma indulged by us! If we destroyed the basic fabric of nature... we are bound to reap fruits of karma performed! Without wasting time further... humanity must indulge in healing process! Mother Nature... mother earth needs a helping hand of mankind to heal self! Unless we helped forces of nature at this stage... we are bound to witness apocalypse 2012!

We have landed self into this predicament! We are totally responsible for our karma! Unless we improved our karma... unless we indulged in positive karma all the time... the awaited happenings on December 21 2012 could not be avoided! To heal or not to heal has to be decided by humanity jointly! Only then mankind could expect a reprieve from Mother Nature.

Every single human being who has a negative residual balance of karma in ones Kitty is bound to suffer at hands of Mother Nature in 2012! Not all shall die in 2012... But a major chunk of population... exceeding 20% would be wiped out in coming world war 3. In some countries situation would be more precarious... up to 40% population getting wiped out!

Nations that have a dubious past shall be most affected! Peace loving nations like India would finally govern mankind! As perceived by Nostradamus... India would become superpower number one in aftermath of world war 3... So was directly ordained by God Almighty! Not willing to attack enemy head-on... India has badly suffered at hands of invaders in the past millennium!

The workings of India shall not be repaid in blood! In coming 2014 and beyond world shall witness a feeling of bliss all around! Spirituality gaining ground... materialism would finally find its grave!

2014 and beyond is also termed enlightenment era... the golden period when human values would peak! However everything depends upon karma performed by mass community! As the karma of 7 billion people... accordingly manifested destiny of mankind! No matter how thorough an astrologer is... one could never predict correctly shape of world to come! Why?

The predictions were based upon residual balance of mass karma of community at time of predictions... prime reason why predictions sometimes differed from actual results! If mass karma performed by community changed drastically... accordingly molded our destiny! Why wait for the inevitable... why not indulge in good karma to thwart impending danger on mother earth!

The combined power of community as a whole can change destiny of mankind forever. But the lurking danger of terrorism world over would not let that happen! In the circumstances taking a precautionary measure is the only way out! Rightly interpreting Nostradamus... Mayan prophecies we can always take remedial measures... the best in existing circumstances!

Not all astrologers world over agreed with 2012 theory! Bejan Daruwalla... the famous Indian astrologer did not predict world war 3 happening before 2022! Maybe he turns out right! After all... who wants a calamity of disastrous proportions in prevailing circumstances! We are already suffering at hands of nature... a further downturn could completely ruin existing faith!

What will happen in 2012 is not for us to judge! Every single human being on mother earth must indulge in ones karma without caring what others are planning or doing! Indulging in ones karma we not only manifested our destiny... but also greatly contributed towards welfare of world community at large!

The mantra to come out unscathed from 2012 episode is indulgence in good karma... positive karma all the time! Sincerely and diligently praying to God also reaped its rewards!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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