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Query: End time prophecies- your viewpoint on this?

Vijay Kumar
End Times Prophecies... What a wonderful subject! Talking of times to come for the whole mankind. Be it an earthquake or a tsunami... even a comet hitting our dearest Mother Earth... every event leaves a scar within every Human Being that cannot be undone by any means whatsoever except the grace of time. (Kaal in Hinduism).

The prophecies and predictions are two different things. Seers who have divine powers make prophecies. On the contrary those having developed psychic powers as their forte make predictions. Does it mean prophecies are more nearer to truth than predictions... yes, it is so!

Every prophet after reaching the highest related manifest stage in life (not exactly the 8.4 millionth manifestation) visualizes shape of things to come exactly as shown by God Almighty. The prime reason why prophecies of Nostradamus hold good even after passage of 500 years? This is not a simple phenomenon... It carries within the seeds of unimaginable visionary powers that nostradamus exercised. Imagine nostradamus visualizing what was going to happen 400 or 500 years thence!

Psychics on other hand are pundits (teachers) in their field, their knowledge limited by the books of their subject... Their conclusions and interpretations based on surmises they conclude logically from happenings of the past! Whatever is experienced now is expected to happen logically hereafter. Their conclusions were not mere hypothesis... every conclusion of a psychic is a logical interpretation! Nothing is deduced based on hearsay or otherwise.

Nostradamus, the visionary... Why was he so famous? What made him visualize and quite accurately predict events that were yet to occur in distant future. The only reason seemed his surmises being based on subtle truth from within. The more nearer to the truth a person is... the more correct would be his readings of the times to come. There are numerous examples in the society when saints and sages of the earlier era quite accurately predicted shape of the times to come. This made them an indispensable tool within the society they belonged!

It is also true that such Seers normally stayed away from society... to avoid getting into complications not of their making. The prime reason why writings of nostradamus were in form of quatrains quite difficult for mankind to decipher. Nostradamus feared for his life at the hands of the King. He always spoke truth and the King, who gloated and found pleasure in false praise shunned his sayings.

Whatever is available to Humanity in form of writings of Nostradamus is in form of quatrains... and in these quatrains is hidden the wisdom of the times to come, the essence of End Times Prophecies and what not.

The example that I am quoting below is a known fact yet, the sage involved could not get out of the impending danger because the matters were not entirely in his hands. He ultimately suffered at the hands of his Fate.

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A sage who had powers to see the future was passing through a village and preferred staying under a tree not far from the the nearby village. There was a reason why he did so. The fame of this Seer reached the ears of the King. He immediately sent for his trusted lieutenant to bring the visionary seer to the kingdom. The Seer politely refused.

The King on hearing this got infuriated and again sent the senior most member of his Cabinet to receive the Seer on his behalf. He was also instructed otherwise that no matter what the Seer was to be brought to the palace. The Seer knew of the future happenings in advance. He could foresee the reason why King was insisting on his personal appearance in palace.

When the Seer refused to go to the kingdom it was more likely that the King pay obeisance to the Seer at the place of his stay. But such an event did not happen for that was not to be. The Seer on seeing the retinue of uniformed officers along with the member of the Cabinet understood all and without murmuring a word or showing any hesitation started his journey to the palace.

The King was a very ambitious person and did not believe in mortality of life. He somehow desired to become immortal within his lifetime. On having learnt that the Seer has the power to see the future... he hoped that the Seer would bless him with long life. The Seer who could foresee everything in advance and knowing well that the King was not to continue his mortal frame for more than two years hesitated in going to the palace.

The sooner the sage reached the palace... the King enquired of him that for how many years the King was going to live. The King expected that the sage would bless him with an unending lifetime. The King lived in a cocoon of his own making and was not at all worried about truthfulness or the falsehood but he wanted self-praise for himself in form of unlimited life tenure.

The Seer who was always true to his words clarified that the King was not to live for more than two years. The King who was expecting otherwise took out his sword and beheaded the Seer. This was the moment the Seer had feared when he showed his disinclination for going to the palace. For no reason or rhyme the Seer lay dead. All members of the Cabinet hailed the King for this deed for they feared for their lives at the hands of the King always and ever.

Now on the earthly domain, one Human being had lost his life prematurely. The Seer who was supposed to have lived for 60 years had his life cut short by 20 years and was unmercifully beheaded by the King at the ripe age of 40 years. In the mortal World it was an act of despair for everyone who knew about the truthfulness of the Seer but were unable to do anything because of the fear of the King.

On the contrary in the cosmic system none had died. atman the soul within the body of the Seer and which was supposed to have manifested the body of the Seer up to 60 years of age was cut short by 20 years. Now, this atman the soul within the body of the Seer will again manifest a body for only 20 years. Whatever knowledge or the wisdom the sage carried at the age of 40 years would be available to the Seer born in the next life for only 20 years and that too from the beginning of life.

Does it mean that all jnana and wisdom which was available to the sage at the ripe age of 40 years in the previous life would now be available to the Seer in the next life right from the beginning... yes, this sage would have all the powers of the previous life right from the beginning of life in the new manifestation which was only to be of 20 years. Similarly as Lord Krishna had miraculous powers when he was a young child and Adi Shankaracharya having the complete knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita at the young age of five years.

In the cosmic realm nothing was lost... the atman soul which would have manifested the body of the Seer for a life span of 60 years would now have to undergo two spans of life... one for 40 years and another for 20 years. Looking at the whole scenario there would not be a loss of even a single second in the cosmic system of life. But, on the earthly realm... the life of the Seer was cut short by 20 years at the ripe age of 40 years and this would have caused a lot of pain to the followers of the Seer.

Now back to your query-
The moment I realized God in 1993... and having known the level that I had reached on the Spiritual plane... I inquired of God Almighty to bless me with a vision of the shape of the things to come. And lo... he presented to me the picture of the Nostradamus and I was immediately transported to the frequency on which lived the famous Nostradamus. The moment I reached the frequency of Nostradamus... I could extrapolate further exactly from the point where Nostradamus had left.

Based on the residual Mass Karma of the 6000 million people living on Mother Earth I could foresee in 1993 that somewhere in 1998-1999... a World war would be triggered between the Christianity and the Islamic Dharma. And it would not be within the might of any person to stop this. We reap what we sow... Nothing more or less! We can never expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree. At least 1200 million people were expected to vanish during this war. And 20% of the Humanity getting wiped from the face of the earth... it would almost become meaningless to live further. The life itself would lose its meaning...

In the present Materialistic World none would be further attracted towards the materialistic riches after the occurrence of the World War Three. It would exactly be a fight to the finish. Both the communities... the Christians and followers of Islam Dharma would wipe each other from the face of the earth. The life having lost it's meaning... it would come to a full circle again.

It would so happen that people after the World war finding a pot of gold lying at their door would not find any claimants for the same. The wanton desires having perished forever... people would have learnt the true meaning of their life. People would realize the ultimate truth that it is our atman the soul within that has manifested the body and not vice versa. Life would not be the same again after the World War Three... a nuclear war that would annihilate the science, as it exists now. It was rightly predicted by Einstein that after the third World war... it would again be the start of the Stone Age. He predicted the end of the science after this World war. He seemed right.

I could foresee 1200 million perishing in the World War Three. What a great prophesy by Nostradamus and that too about 500 years back from now. The prophecies by Nostradamus are an art in itself. Nothing expressed by Nostradamus can be defied by any. He spoke and wrote truth and only truth. He was ever right.

The prediction... the prophecy by Nostradamus has not come true. Why? Because of the feeling of the imminent catastrophe facing the mankind... the prayers world-wide increased. Every human being has within him an atman the soul within that is but a minuscule part of God Almighty. It always knows the truth... and also guides and prompts us on the right path always and ever. Even a normal Human being having been prompted from within can judge for himself the shape of the things to come.

All is the result of the law of Karma that cannot err. As we perform so shall be the shape of the things to come. The prayers delayed the coming of the World War Three but not for ever. The episode of 9/11 is only meant to be an eye-opener. The final is yet to come. None in the World can neutralize the animosity that now exists between the Islamic community and Christianity. The Bible and the Koran also confirm this theory.

The triggering of the World War Three... the final World war of this era... a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam... and the subsequent usage of nuclear weapons, powerful bombs and the so-called weapons of mass destruction (WMD) would result in Mother nature getting affected badly. This would lead to triggering of massive and unprecedented earthquakes, eruption of volcanoes, unfathomable tsunamis and finally the whole atmosphere getting heated.

The rise in global temperatures would result in causing the seas and the oceans to boil and also the massive glaciers to melt. The water level in the seas and the oceans is expected to rise by an average of 10 to 12 feet. This would cause waves of the nature of 1000 feet in height getting created and which would smash the coastal belts all around the World by waves reaching the height of 300 feet. What an enormous loss these tsunami waves would create cannot be anticipated nor imagined by the sleeping and materialistically oriented mankind?

No one suffers at the hands of Mother Nature without a cause. Only when the balance of the Mother Nature is affected by the doings of the mankind... does we experience the fury of the Mother Nature in form of earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and what not. All is the result of a law that cannot err. We only reap the fruits of our Karma of the past. As is Karma performed by the total Humanity comprising of 6000 million people... so do we reap the fruits of our Karma. Nothing less or more! Why blame the Mother Nature for the acts committed by us knowingly or unknowingly.

Everyone knows that the center of the Mother Earth is a boiling lava... liquid in nature and the upper crust of Mother Earth on which resides the total mankind got hardened and became livable as was intended by God. If we disturb Mother Nature beyond a certain limit then the inner core of Mother Earth gets disturbed and this disturbance causes creation of earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and melting of icecaps.

For how long can the mankind continue blaming Mother Nature! It is not long from now that we shall face the fury of nature and also God Almighty for we have ourselves indulged in wrongdoings from a very long time. The accumulation of CFC gases which resulted in puncturing of the ozone layer beyond repair (the layer which protected the mankind from the hazards of radiation emitted from the surface of the Sun)... the felling of trees which provide the vital oxygen to mankind in absence of which no living being can survive... the wanton desires of the Materialistic World... desire for the unknown which is not due to us... has led the mankind to a situation which is difficult to come out of.

Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues
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We shall all face the fury of Mother Nature and God; the Almighty Creator a short while from now for it is not within the means of mankind to repair our relationship with Mother Nature and God Almighty. No Human being can reverse the happenings of the nature. We shall all jointly face the fury of the Mother Nature and which shall be guided by the individual Karma of every being. Who shall survive and who shall die shall be only related to the balance residual Karma of our past lives and the present life.

May God bless us all?

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993! Send your query!

A to Z of End Times Prophecy explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on nostradamus predictions can be found at End Times Prophecy ... Vijay Kumar - 13 June 2010.

 Full text of query: On the Internet one can find prophecies by psychics/prophets (both modern day as well as going back to Nostradamus) that predict end of times for most of the Human Population and Civilization by a comet hitting earth soon. It would be preceded by great devestation and destruction due to natural disasters (earthquake/volcanoe/tsunami) which will change the map of the World (There are maps of the "new World" showing how coastline of the continents will change on the Internet. ) One notes that Biblical Prophecies also mention similar things in the Book of Revelations.

What is your viewpoint on this ? Is this true ? Will the World end like this?

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