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World Ending in 2012

Query: World Ending in 2012... End of the world 2012... End of the world Predictions... Are they true?

Vijay Kumar:
When I first saw end of the world 2012 in 1993... It was so ghastly a picture that it would completely dwarf present happenings in Japan... a massive earthquake followed by 30 feet high waves from tsunamis tearing into mountainous households in coastal belt of north-eastern Japan!

What I saw in 1993 was projection of thoughts of Nostradamus! I could clearly see a full-scale nuclear world war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma... a mother of all wars that would produce thousand feet high waves completely destroying coastal belts 50 km inroads all around the globe! Such would be the intensity of this man-made calamity that almost 1200 million people would lose their lives world over!

Humanity as it exists today would lose its shine forever! We have played with nature for long. It is time for nature to strike back with full fury! Almost 20% population of entire world wiped out... life would find a new meaning in aftermath of world war 3! Life as we see today would be lost forever in the coming world war 3... The calamitous effect of which could not be fathomed by humanity!

What have we to lose further! No fresh air to breathe, no water to drink... sunshine would not be visible for weeks!

The precipitation of world war 3 would not owe existence to acts of nature... as predicted by many scientists... physicists... astrologers’ world over! Solar flares, planet line-up only work as a catalyst... but the eventuality results from workings of mankind... mass karma enacted by 7 billion population of the world at large!

Mankind has stooped so low that at times it becomes difficult to differentiate human beings from animals! Animals killed for sake of food... human beings killed for sake of pleasure, just to satisfy their basic instinct... the inherent ego!

By disturbing delicate balance of nature... we have disturbed mother earth beyond repair! It is in such times world witnesses earthquakes, tsunamis... thousand feet high waves becoming order of day! The onslaught of mankind at hands of Mother Nature would be with absolute vengeance... so much so that glare of material riches that fascinated mankind in present would take a back seat!

World ending in 2012 is not a remote possibility! Nor is it a hoax similar to Y2K as presumed by most! End of world 2012 would become a reality if human beings continued plundering nature unabated any further! Unable to follow path of absolute truthfulness... human beings found solace in unethical... immoral means of life! We presently lived in a corrupt world.

In every country of the world... situation is not stable! God Almighty ordained transfer of power in such times to ordinary... commoners... masses! For the people... of the people... by the people would be truly practiced in coming times! This is what pure democracy was all about! The essence of life never laid in whimsical attitudes of power mongers that are!

Hungry for money and power... such traitors of humanity have taken mankind to ransom! We failed to realize that governor of life in all matters earthly was our soul atman... spirit within and never the manifest human form! Whenever situations went beyond control... Mother Nature took over! This is how the cosmic system was ordained by God Almighty!

Why did most human beings remember God only in times of sufferings! In times of peace... in times of happiness... those who remembered God were true sons and daughters of God! The essence of life always laid in tidbits of life... small affairs of life! Helping the community... helping our brethren... our neighbors, friends and colleagues was the call of day!

What value of richness that could not be carried to next manifestation... next form of life manifested by our soul atman... the spirit within! We are in fact not a human body manifesting a soul atman! We are prime consciousness... cosmic consciousness... a soul atman... a spirit... on its cosmic life journey of 8.4 million manifestations (an earthly travel of 96.4 million years)!

Only by indulgence in karma... souls' atmans finally removed dross impurities within! But in present Kali Yuga... dark age... metal age indulgence in vice has become order of day! We are glued to material riches of life as if today was our last! Our increasing indulgence in material riches of life is pushing society towards end of the world 2012... A point of no return!

Why blame God Almighty all the time for karma indulged by us! If Japan is suffering in present because of massive earthquakes... tsunamis... everything resulted from karma performed by all Japanese as a large community! The doctrine of karma is governing in cosmos... as we sow so shall we reap... nothing less or more! In domain of God Almighty there never are free lunches.

We do not expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree! If we truly desire manifesting life in present times... our indulgence in good karma... positive karma all the time was necessitated! The power of good world over can push back coming end of world 2012 but practising truthfulness in all walks of life in present times almost seems impossible.

The nefarious activities of few are affecting entire world community! Unless we react... unless we acted faster for good of society... unless we learnt to eradicate those who indulged in vice... world would not experience peace in coming times! Time is running out fast... we have to act now! We have to work in synchronization with mother earth... Mother Nature... otherwise, it may be too late!

Humanity failed to realize that essence of life laid in spirituality... never religion! We being a soul atman have to follow certain established norms of cosmic life! Travelling spiritual path was a necessity of our soul atman... never the manifest human form! We had to travel spiritual path... no matter what! In Hinduism a soul is termed atman.

Whether we do it now... in present life... or leave it for future manifestations is the sole prerogative of individual human being!

God bless all!

Always there to clarify your queries (send your query),

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of World Ending in 2012 explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on end of the world predictions - end of the world predictions can be found at End Times 2012 ... Vijay Kumar - 15 Mar 2011.

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