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Query: Your query relates to year 2012... 2012 predictions... the coming nuclear war... world war 3 in 2012!

Vijay Kumar:
One cannot take the contents of sacred scriptures literally. Everything in cosmic system is primarily governed by karma... law of karma that acts as accountant general of cosmic system! Even the minutest action indulged by human beings whether physical or in thought gets recorded in books of karma! As is our karma... accordingly we manifest destiny!

Every single prediction... every happening that occurs in world directly relates to mass karma performed by entire mankind! Our destiny shapes according to karma performed. As is the mass karma of 7 billion people... accordingly shall be the future of mankind!

If the mass karma performed by humanity in the past few years or decade demands mankind experiencing a world war 3 in 2012 then even God Almighty cannot change it! However prayers world over can definitely delay the looming world war 3 around 2012 but for how long!

Nostradamus predicted a massive revolution world over in coming times. Almost 20% population of the world getting wiped out... means about 1200 million people perishing from face of earth. In the circumstances who could help... not even man gods!

If our karma demands mankind suffering at hands of God Almighty... then even prayers... worships would not be of much help! Worshipping God... offering prayers with due diligence can delay the oncoming bad event but not forever!

The looming world war 3 was expected around 1998 ~ 1999 but it did not happen! Perhaps prayers world over delayed the event! Mankind was in fact not prepared for it. A lone human being... a dictator in making has to precipitate karma in a manner that world war starts!

The coming world war 3 expected around 2012 would be a mother of all wars... a full-scale nuclear war between followers of Christianity and Islamic Dharma. Both these religions are fundamentalist and fanatical in nature. Both these communities have blindly deployed religion for enhancing their vested interests! In the house of God such things are not to be.

Prime reason why China and India will be onlookers... not directly involved in world war 3! It is a different matter that China acts as monkey of the world... wanting to encash every opportunity even at cost of mankind... human beings! The massacre of above 10,000 students at Tiananmen Square is a living example of what Chinese authorities can do or accomplish!

Excuse or no excuse... Chinese authorities brutally killed above 10,000 people in the Tiananmen massacre. Killing their own... the innocent students speaks for itself! The brutality with which Chinese authoritarian forces crushed the democratic expression of rights is visible even in day-to-day events indulged by Chinese.

The Maoist regime is hell bent creating trouble in India and the surrounding nations... but for how long! In the aftermath of world war 3 China will experience an authoritative defeat at the hands of India... which shall finally become superpower number one of the world! India is destined to become superpower number one... no matter what!

China needs to be taught a lesson... and it will be aptly taught this lesson in the coming world war 3! The spiritual supremacy that India has maintained till date shall take care of this! India is the throbbing soul of Mother Earth... planet earth! Mother earth cannot survive in absence of India... the spiritual citadel of the world!

With passage of time, India will experience takeover by an executive president exactly like United States of America! With no political interference at any stage of life... this authoritarian rule by an executive president shall reap its fruits! Acting with a firm hand... this lone crusader of spirituality... a Chanakya in making shall prove his worth!

If you say... your country Malaysia would be destroyed in the coming world war 3 around 2012... You are definitely wrong in your interpretation! How can that be? No nation would be fully destroyed! Only the society would be cleansed of its ills! Those with a bad karma only would get destroyed... not others!

At no stage of life must we think like that! Migrating back to India is your personal choice! No human being world over can guarantee what is going to happen in the aftermath of world war 3! All depends upon political equations of that time and the changed geographical scenario! 10 to 12 feet rise of water level in oceans coupled with 1000 feet high waves shall spell doom for mankind!

Take your decision wisely with lot of contemplation! Switching over family from one country to another must be done with utmost precision and thinking! Whatever you think best in your present circumstances... do it! Whatever the sweet small inner voice of your soul atman commands you to do... go ahead and do it! But do not repent your workings later on... no matter what!

The fury of world war 3 shall be so great that there would not be anything left to repent! Pure air to breathe not available for days... no drinking water in sight... the situation would be so alarming and distressful that for a moment the whole mankind would seem lost! Ultimately mankind would reap fruits of its own karma performed in past... none other being at fault!

In India not directly but indirectly there would be more than 10 million dead. Those with irreparable bad karma would bite the dust! In the aftermath of world war 3 as destined by God Almighty... the society world over would cleanse itself of its ills! Barring few exceptions... everyone with a bad karma would get annihilated... no matter what!

This is how a Kali Yuga ends! The start of a Satyuga (golden period)... a new age in the aftermath of 2012 would be a completely changed scenario! The glare of gold and diamonds... materialistic riches become passé forever... Mankind would have learnt its bitter lessons! Spirituality would finally take over the complete world by storm!

A famous astrologer from India Bejan Daruwalla has predicted that world war 3 is not expected before 2022! What if his prediction comes right! According to Nostradamus... the looming world war 3 shall not prolong for so long! With broken ethical and moral values... how long shall the society survive in present circumstances!

My inner feeling tells... between 2012 and 2014... We are bound to witness something drastic... something that changes the course of mankind forever! We have to wait and see how the residual balance of mass karma of complete humanity takes shape! During world war 3 in 2012, not a single soul world over would feel comfortable yet, there are some who never change!

It is such people who plunge the whole world community into a nuclear war... the likes of which none can imagine even in worst of dreams!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

A to Z of Year 2012 explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. More on advance spiritually - spiritual growth can be found at 2012 End of the World ... Vijay Kumar - 31 Aug 2010.

 Full text of query: As per your predictions in the year 2012 the world is going to see wars and turmoil. So my goal in the next one and a half years is to advance as much as I can on the spiritual path. Can you please advise me on the best course to achieve my spiritual goals?

I live in Malaysia which is a Muslim country. You mention that India will not be affected in the coming world war 3 in 2012. I am afraid that my country will be destroyed in the coming nuclear war. So should I migrate back to India with my family in 2012?

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