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Query: 2012 happening... It is said by the Spiritual Heirarchy that majority of population will get washed away and only one with 5 dimension will survive for the New Golden Age? There are several groups in the society claiming to stop the war and natural calamities stating they are raising the world consciousness to 5 dimension.

Vijay Kumar:
How does one claim that majority of the world population wipes out in 2012! In the cosmic system everything moves logically... primarily governed by the doctrine of karma as preached and advocated in the Sacred Bhagavad Gita. It is the law of karma that rules the roost. In the cosmic system everything moves in accordance with the doctrine of karma. As we sow so shall we get... nothing less or more... so says the law of karma!

If 1/5 population of the entire world is expected to be wiped out in 2012... All shall owe its existence to the deeds committed by humanity in the past. Whatever be the karma accordingly shall be the result! If the residual balance of karma of the humanity demands annihilation of 1200 million people in 2012... It shall be so! No bigger calamity is expected in 2012. The question of entire population getting wiped out does not arise!

2012 shall witness the fiercest war ever fought by mankind on Mother Earth. A full scale nuclear war between Christianity and Islamic Dharma would result in almost 20% population of the world getting wiped out. A fight to the finish between Christianity and Islamic Dharma... Triggered by unrest amongst nations who suffered at the hands of USA and its allies... The world would witness a massive destruction!

A total upheaval of the society is the call of the day. Almost 6% people are governing the system world over. It comprises of the politicians, bureaucrats, the policemen and the hard-core criminals. This nexus will be totally rooted in 2012... The year Bhagwan Kalki... the Avatar of the modern era surfaces... the upholder of ethics and values in the society!

None in the present times is capable of raising the consciousness of the masses to the fifth dimension. Had it been so easy... one would have witnessed an era of Satyuga... the Golden period in present times! Every atman soul is independent of the other. None can influence the other atman soul... come whatever may! Bhagavad Gita. The most sacred Scripture of Hinduism clearly states that none in the cosmic system can interfere with the karma of other.

Raising the consciousness of the masses to fifth dimension... establishing of a golden era in 2012... The new golden age can be claimed by many... but the absolute truth reigns supreme! It is only Bhagwan Kalki who shall re-establish Dharma (righteousness) and root out adharma (lawlessness) forever! None other than an Avatar of the modern era can do this. Such a feat is only possible to be accomplished by the showman of the present era... the revered Bhagwan Kalki... the 10 Avatar of Lord Vishnu!

Wars and natural calamities are not a doing of an individual! It takes years... sometimes ages for the exact momentum to build up... Resulting in a full scale nuclear war or a natural calamity of unprecedented scale! When the workings of the mankind go haywire... it often results in the nature releasing its pent-up fury! The punching of the ozone layer... the global warming issues is a precursor of the events to come!

If we have disturbed the balance of nature... the strike of nature would be with vengeance! No society or a country can stop the workings of nature at any stage! We are bound to suffer at the hands of destiny. The mass karma of humanity... the karma enacted by 6500 million people existing on Mother Earth would find its logical end!

In the present circumstances to come out of the clutches of wrong deeds performed in the past is extremely difficult... nay impossible! In 2012 the entire mankind would reap the fruits of mass karma performed until 2012. All is the result of a system that cannot err! In the cosmic domain nothing is left to chance by Almighty God. Although God Almighty acts as a Dhrista (onlooker) but the whole cosmic system moves flawlessly like a super computer.

Whatever be the karma performed by us now... the fruits of the same becomes available to us in the present manifestation... or few manifestations henceforth! If a person dies... it has not resulted out of nowhere! The life and death of every living being including human beings is controlled by the doctrine of karma... the inevitable law of karma that controls the destiny of mankind as a whole!

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May God bless all!

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Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... The Man who Realized God in 1993!

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 Full text of query: I have a doubt related to 2012 happening. It 's said by the Spiritual Heirarchy that majority of the population will get washed away and only the one's with the 5 dimension will survive for the New Golden Age. But there are several groups in the society claiming to stop the war and natural calamities stating that they are raising the world consciousness to the 5 dimension.

I wonder how one can raise the consciousness of the general humanity when each one is at a different level of evolnos God Almighty We know as God Almightyution? Is it really possible to avoid the calamities and what is the need to avoid the happening when the atma is only moving towards progress even by physical death?

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